Resource integration profiteering, beginners can do a simple sideline


To do a side project, we must first have a business thinking of tapping the market demand. Only when we can solve the demand can we make money. If several aspects are involved, we can also integrate certain resources and make full use of resources to make money for us.

Like the project I’m going to talk to you about today, resource integration and rapid realization

In the first two years, we often heard the words crossover and resource integration, but there was no problem in the actual landing.

In today’s project, we will integrate the resume of the applicant and the HR of the company through the form of network, and then the resume template

And modify the resume service to sell to job seekers for cash, here involves two steps.

Then why do users have such a demand? Today is June 1st, and the college entrance examination is coming soon. The recent projects about the examination or graduation season must be based on the needs of these students


College students near graduation, will soon go to find a job, whether it is college students employment, or some office workers leave and re-employment, he has such a resume needs, this is the normal stepping stone to enter a business.

So let’s go to a treasure, look at a specific situation of the resume, by searching bubble net

We found that many stores are selling well, not only resume templates, but also resume revision services and so on.

So from the Google index, we can also see that there is a recent rise in demand, which represents a part of the precise user group has such a demand. Here are some college students’ resumes, excellent

Resume keywords.

From this, we can infer that we can do resume projects like this, and resume self-evaluation, and our user groups are job seekers, employees who have left the company and college students, as well as HR staff of recruitment companies.

Well, we analyzed the entire industry market

We need to think about how to make money out of this project and how to make money out of it. This is also a problem that people are concerned about. I will explain it to you in two columns.

Obtaining Traffic

First of all, we need to figure out the target users of this project, job seekers and employers, then we need to analyze where are these target users, us

What kind of hook should be taken out for drainage.

In fact, the core demand of these job seekers is to find a relatively ideal job, and their ultimate goal is to work for a large company. What is their demand, at least at the moment, is a perfect resume, because how many of the resumes written by themselves may have one

Some problems, they need HR help to modify and improve.

So which platforms are the main hangouts for job seekers? For example, some campus forums, wechat groups or college part-time QQ groups, tie bars can be found in these groups with relatively large demand.

In fact, the specific approach cannot be separated from the classic old three, she

Swarm, bait, fission, right? You want a resume template, forward my AD, I’ll give it to you, and then bubble net will make money and we will make money from personalized and refined customized services.

For job seekers, what I recommend here is wechat group and public number, which can be said to be a better combination of drainage

For HR, perhaps they will gather more on major recruitment websites and public accounts.

For job seekers, we can offer a large number of resume templates as gifts to attract them, such as wechat for free, or some of the above platforms, we walk some internal promotion groups, or job search communication groups, to passive

Precipitate our fan users.

For HR, industry communication groups or job hunting groups are also more attractive. As long as you have a large number of targeted job hunting fans, you can invite some HR members to join the group, which will attract more job seekers.

Cash out by transformation

By doing this, we can attract some of them

For HR, maybe one of our realization is to provide resources, because HR only cares about the candidates and then makes money by providing resources or advertising for the company.

The realization of job seekers is divided into two parts. The first part is that job seekers buy our resume resource package.

Resume template these virtual resources, the second is the applicant’s resume customized, refined modification.

Here I recommend the community, the front to join our community of users must be free, behind the number of people, we set the payment threshold, there are fans, you have a certain say, such as the follow-up 9

.9 or 19.9.

The services provided by the group are still the same, or around the previous resume template, and some resume modification services, guide them to add our wechat for cash, there is also low-cost resume modification services from time to time, limited time modification and so on.

That personalized resume, we can send out

We have some business contacts with the HR, let them help to modify, so that you can also have a certain commission with the HR, or we can order this service in a treasure after receiving the order.

In fact, this project is the use of a real need to extend out, just this project

There is a certain peak season, every year from June to September is almost the peak season for resignation to look for a job, like the beginning of the season is also a peak season, the end of the months basically business will be relatively cold.

People want to be stable. Even if they have the intention to quit or find a job, they will settle down until the end of the year, which is

It is a mentality problem of the public, so this project is better to do in the peak season of recruitment, off-season can be dedicated to drainage, not to consider cash.

Resource integration profiteering, beginners can do a simple sideline


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