Snack to make money project, the use of platform traffic profiteering


The most popular medium on the Internet right now is short videos,


These two platforms, Kuaishou, account for most of the traffic in the field of short video, and many profitable projects are based on the operation of these two platforms.

I used to hear the word Nan


North fast hand,


While Kuaishou’s culture is more urban, Kuaishou’s is more

Many are mixed with some old iron feeling of Jianghu culture, in fact, I prefer to brush fast hands.

Because it is close to life, open Kuaishou are some jokes closely related to life, and the project we are going to talk about today is related to Kuaishou, and it is a snack project compared with life.

For the snack program, I’d like you to

Are not strange, e-commerce, wechat business platform, all kinds of money making projects for snack training emerge in endlessly, and these projects are relatively high profit, after all, belong to virtual resources.

So today we are going to talk about the use of short video way to drainage to do snack training, at the moment is very popular, you look at the snack training search

Line index to know, search this kind of keywords are more accurate fans.

Then use the fast hand to do snack training, using the flow of the fast hand, like


There is a boss specializing in teaching paper-wrapped fish, there are 20 or 30 matrix accounts, every day the same jokes keep remaking, is not just for traffic.

Now I’ll take you

Ask you a question, what kind of snack training can attract traffic attention on short videos?

The answer, no doubt, must be the network red snack training, right, now as long as it is a little bit better snacks, all like to add two words in front of the network red, since it is a snack, must be roadside stalls, stalls or a

Some good food from the snack bar.

A lot of people think that if I don’t have this skill, and I can’t make any snacks, is this project impossible?

Of course not, we think about the ramen brother some time ago to know, why everyone is scrambling to shoot ramen brother, in addition to use him to rub the heat, there are still people want

Go get the ramen guy to work with.

Then we can shoot some local food stalls and send them to him from the boss’s point of view. After accumulating certain fans, we can find the boss to talk about cooperation. For example, we are in charge of enrollment and the boss is in charge of teaching

Information is more transparent society, teaching is a chore, really can learn and useful things, just a little.

Here we can dispel a few concerns of the boss, won’t grab business after learning, because our students are all over the country, the boss can not do the national chain business, secondly, take more money can also be less valuable, apprentice

Is the miscellaneous, this truth is understood, there is no harm.

This is also an important point of snack training programs, that is, to talk about cooperation, if there is an offline team, you can also talk about cooperation with a number of special snacks, which can be copied in bulk, what we have to do is the front-end flow.

Just like last year for a while

Between Shandong fried chicken, their advertising word is a pot of fried chicken to feed a family, and then a lot of numbers are in the publicity of fried chicken, but look carefully, you will find that in fact, the scene is similar, this is the matrix drainage, let people learn fried chicken technology.

So how do we make this snack video?

It’s very simple here, just shoot every day

Some daily, or one-time, multi-day shoots, here are some tips we need to know.

The cover of the video

Cover must be able to attract attention, good-looking food, queuing crowd, production process display are good materials, the cover itself determines the click-through rate.

Second, the one on the cover

Text is also more important, bubble net earn I here to give you a few examples, “today and earn 3000, hard and happy”, “by hard work to maintain a expenditure, not a shame” or “hot new snacks in the city, see the team neat is not” and so on such a copy.

A gimmick is a concern, do short-sighted

Frequency must remember this sentence, some people are playing short video, and some people are playing mass psychology.

Updates to the video

The video of Kuaishou must be updated in a fixed time period every day. The first time period is at noon and the second time is in the afternoon. Basically, it is enough to ensure that two video contents are updated every day.

Another video

Must be original, every platform like original video, this is no doubt, we go to collect the video of peers, will make our own video before and after the coherence, the best is to shoot.

After sales of training

Since there is training, there is after-sales, in business this is a must encounter things, not

Is to say that every student’s ability is the same, the general treatment is to ensure that it can learn, learn not to continue learning later free of charge, learn until.

About snack training, various industries are in a layout, randomly open a short video brush, like summer is coming, crayfish training has been put on the agenda, and

There’s a lot more I know that you can teach on your own.

If you have this convenient resources you can use fast short video drainage, if you do not have this resource, try to find some small snacks to do content, talk about cooperation, such a small eat we talk about a few, by enrollment training can also earn a lot.

Former stage Guangxi Liu

The Luosifen in Zhou became popular again, and a large number of netizens traveled far to eat a bowl of Luosifen in that woman. Therefore, the video category of snacks is the most likely to explode. If your video becomes popular, not only you can circle the noodles, but also the business of snacks will become popular.

Short video is a rich platform, as long as we can in

Platform to get traffic, no matter what industry, making money is very easy.

Snack to make money project, the use of platform traffic profiteering


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