Foreign net income: zero cost of sideline money project, novice daily passive income 180


Friends who often do overseas online income should be familiar with Google, most of some overseas projects, we will deal with it, after all, Google has a large share in various overseas platforms.

I use Google almost every day, but I didn’t know Google would stretch out to promote its own products

There are a lot of wool projects, and almost all of these projects are to build promotion channels in the early stage, and make money automatically in the later stage.

The one I’m going to talk to you about today is a very good money maker owned by Google


The channel supports the same platform globally, you can do a project anywhere.

Of course I will today

Let me show you a free channel to help us make money, of course it is completely free, our purpose is to passively promote to others, then we can make money, and I will show you step by step how to start until you make money.

Ok, so let’s go to Google, the Digital Garage

A website, which is a platform owned by Google to learn all kinds of skills for free, this platform is very formal, you follow its courses, Google will also issue a certificate to us, and all the courses are free.

Although it is said to be free, the information on the Internet is very poor, most people still do not

Know this platform, then we have to do is to promote it, let more people download learning to make money.

Here we do not need to understand the courses one by one, because this platform has a lot of content, we can not understand all, you can follow my operation below.

We click Online here at the top of the home page

In the new page of Coursee, you can see that there are a lot of courses here. As long as there is a star above the course, it is a course that can obtain the certificate, and the certificate of this course is recognized abroad, you can see that there are more than 100 courses.

So let’s copy one

Follow the link to this page,

Then you open your word document, here I have prepared a document for you, which is also a promotional copy edited by myself. The general meaning of these sentences is: here is a Google high-quality free online course, which is 100% free, and

And has been recognized by the major industry qualifications, below this is the link, need friends can ask for me.

You copy this into your document, you replace my link with the link you copied, you export it as a PDF, you name it, you have to do that,

The more detailed the name, the better. For example, “100% free Learning Resource Library,” where you can write your name, translate it into English and then fill it in.

Now we’re at JP4EVER, a file-sharing cloud site, and we’re going to make money


It’s all on this website. I do my own research

After a period of time, we found that the conversion rate of this website is relatively high. As long as we share the file on this platform, as long as someone downloads it, we can earn money. Moreover, this is a resource-based website biased towards learning.

We don’t recommend buying it, we recommend it for free, and Google has a great reputation,

It is easy to attract a large number of people to download our PDF files.

We click on the revenue proof here, here you can see the daily promotion revenue of this platform, the total commission has accumulated hundreds of thousands of US


Okay, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna throw it out, and then we don’t have to do anything else, as long as someone downloads it,

We’ll make money. We’ll have a beautiful platform


You can withdraw your money.

Ok, now we click sign up to register an account, then enter the user name, password, repeat the password, enter the email, PayPal here is very important, PayPal email do not enter the wrong, wrong

Then the cash will not be raised, and click the man-machine verification.

When we log in, here we can see how much money we made, and as long as it’s greater than or equal to 1, we can click on the blue down below to withdraw the money directly, and the money goes directly to our PayPal account, and on the left is what we upload

PDF file.

Then we go to this page, and we click on the CHOOSE FILE in the middle to do the local upload.

The important thing to note here is that when we upload the file, we are not given a second chance to change the file name, so write it before uploading

The name of the file, XXX online courses or free courses, high value, etc., be sure to write clearly.

The more clearly we write, the more the website knows who will like this kind of content, and then it will help bubble net earn our recommendation out, do not write clearly, the website is no way to help us recommend.

After we upload it, what do we

Do not need to do, the website will automatically help us promote, of course, not only the above I mentioned Google free courses, you have good PDF learning files can also upload, of course, also have to choose a good category.

After we upload it, we don’t need to manage it anymore, we can come back and withdraw it later, it’s a zero

Invest in passive money-making projects, as long as your documents are attractive enough to earn beauty


It’s a very simple thing.

Foreign net income: zero cost of sideline money project, novice daily passive income 180


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