Middleman thinking money, low cost monthly income of 30,000 projects


Yesterday I saw a question on Quora:

“What have the rich people around you taught you? ”

Read the first hundreds of answers, in fact, most of the message:

Make a lot of money,

To learn to use resources, to heart heartless, to no moral burden.


The essence of shovel-selling culture is to use everything

I heard that Quora is going to

It’s on the market.

The news is mildly ironic in every way.

At the beginning of the product, the starting point was a high-quality content communication community.

Now ten years of accumulation, and indeed in the cultural value APP this piece of unique.

But these two years all kinds of commercial operations, financing round after round.

Among them are Tencent,

Google, Toutiao these big guys.

The intellectuals, who boasted a per capita annual salary of one million dollars, eventually became secular.

In a sense, Quora is just a merchant selling shovels.

Products are the realization of people’s thoughts, so people are products.

On the one hand, he created a utopia for literati to aspire to, attracting traffic

Pay attention.

On the other hand, he combined a lot of resources with the creativity of those who believed in the good life.

This is similar to the logic of our personal brand /ip today.

The development of big V is also inseparable from value output, traffic attraction and commercial realization.

The output of value can be original, can be carried, can be


No matter what you share, as long as the purpose is clear:

What can others get from you?

Who holds the flow, who is the king.

With the flow, projects can cooperate, goods can be realized, advertising can be placed.

This is the essence of shovel-selling culture.


Wealth accumulation can be fee-for-service

Again these two days

To a marketing call to make a map.

I wrote about a similar project called Bubble Money last year.

Why year after year, there are still many peers?

Because of the unequal access to bad information, the business has been profitable.

This is something that individuals can do, but many people don’t know or bother to do.

So someone would say

Relying on this niche project, the income is still full of POTS.

Considering the “resume for sale” incident exposed by the 315 Gala, it is easy to understand how these advertisers can obtain the contact information of various business owners.

The method is nothing more than 58.com, Qiachai, Skyeye search a kind of website collection.

So this 0 becomes

This service, in Google home page search is bidding advertising.

Is it profitable?

High, can make hundreds of profit at a time



The more maps on the shelves, the more expensive the service fee.

In the image below, open one at random and you get 280


The set meal.

Would anyone be stupid enough to pay for that now that information is so plentiful?

Then I

Why would anyone want to spend money on advertising?

No money, he is doing charity, do public welfare.

The answer is obvious: it must be profitable.

This virtual product, the cost is very low, why not?


Wealth accumulation can also be charged for information differences

Short videos have been a big thing for the last year,

I closed

Note a few bloggers are up 30-50W powder.

Many of them, the realization of half a year net profit millions of myth.


Tuyere, benefit mankind, has become a consensus.

Some of us bring goods,
Some people do it by tipping,
Some of them are trained,

There are

People are relying on poor information to sell



The project is


Provide traffic support for business owners of win-win cooperation.

But if you have in-depth to understand, will find that the channel information is really very poor.

Step 1 Pass


Official certification, price 600





Service provider certification, price 500




Need service providers to help its promotion policy, so the reward is also rich, a single commission 420


So there will be a discount on the external price.

3. The service provider’s agent certification, the price is 400



Ordinary individuals, looking for services to negotiate cooperation, on commission.

4. Information flow advertising channel, price 100

Above 0+.

For example, the price of this platform is around 2500.

Apparently, he’s paid for bad information.

At this point, bubble online income reminds me of a joke in the e-commerce industry:

A good, the factory comes out with 1



Wholesale network selling 2



Pin-duo sell 5



10 on Amazon.com




Sell 20



Jd.com sells it for 40



Jumei Youpin 80




Users of different channels have different cost of information acquisition and different cognition of price.

It’s a great way to save money.

Take a picture of a product and try it on each platform.


To break the information gap depends on reverse thinking

The selling points of the project are many

The order thinking is easy to understand.

The difficult thing is how to get the traffic smoothly out of the order.


Do any project, research what advertising.

Get traffic, nothing more than two ways: pay and free.

Pay not much, directly to open the bidding of various platforms advertising.

Free and simple, we follow others in reverse

Just walk through the marketing copy.

Quora search keywords: Blue V certification

Search keywords on Google:


Blue V Certification

Public account search keywords:


Blue V Certification

There are many similar platforms out there.


The volcano
B station


Social networking Sites

Sky eye survey


You go where the users are.

Wherever you’ve seen a marketing AD, make a habit of walking through it.

If you want to make money, you must learn the “middleman mentality”.

Learn to integrate resources, learn to use force, learn to see the big


If the essence of making money is:

Choose product + make flow.

That’s in”

Middle man thinking

“Even the” choice “is omitted.

All you have to do is learn how to handle traffic, and you have everything.

Dig a deep well, focus on a single point,

Next year on this day, see what’s different about you?

You get it!

And that’s it for today


Middleman thinking money, low cost monthly income of 30,000 projects

Middleman thinking money, low cost monthly income of 30,000 projects


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