Share a novice sideline, zero threshold for a niche short video money-making project


The Internet is never short of knowledge, and there are a lot of good project content, especially some zero investment or relatively low threshold of the project is more favored by the new, I share today to make money project is like this.

In fact, there is a great opportunity for us to make money in an Internet business nowadays, especially one

Some projects, such as short videos, have been completely integrated into our lives, which is basically an indispensable entertainment activity.

At present, one of the biggest entertainment activities of our generation of young people is to watch short videos. They will watch video when they are idle or can’t sleep, which is also imperceptible to our short video creators

We’re doing very well.

With the maturity of short video, the way of cash is more and more rich. In addition to live delivery, soft and wide, but also extended a lot of projects that can make money, so today we are going to talk to you about a short video twice


Wallpaper number money item.

The project exists online

It has been a while, and each has its own strengths. Now I will talk with you about the specific operational steps of this project in several directions.

What is the wallpaper number?

First of all, what is a wallpaper number? Simply a mobile desktop wallpaper, but the wallpaper number is very wide, and we are talking about this wall today

The paper number is a single type, quadratic



Then we operate the wallpaper number, what kind of an advantage?

The first is that there are a lot of materials, because we all know that shooting short videos, audio or writing requires certain materials. If we do not have materials, it will be difficult to create by ourselves

It’s very big. The wallpaper project itself requires a lot of material, a lot of beautiful wallpaper, and there are so many free wallpaper sites on the Internet that can provide us with so much.

The second wallpaper number is relatively simple, a picture or a few pictures, import and add music can be, there is no threshold operation,

In addition for the novice can also matrix operation.

Third, this type of account, fan attributes are more extensive, like two times


A lot of wallpaper, basically a lot of brush to our video users should be more like us, account suction suction drainage is faster.

Two, operation steps

First of all we have to focus on the type of operation,

Find the source first, we just talked about the wallpaper number in one direction, second


Wallpaper, such as Chinese comics, animation movies are our goal, that we can get more channels, animation movies, posters official website and so on.

In addition, we have a number of websites or apps can also get

There are a lot of wallpapers, and I will give you a few examples of platforms, such as Shore, Petal, lofter, NewOld Stock, these are all good platforms.

On the other side of the word, a dollar can be rewarded under the HD wallpaper, also very cost-effective, these platforms have a very high definition

Graph. Let’s find these first.

To make it, I recommend it to you


If there is a design basis, I still recommend you to use PS or PR to do, at least these software is relatively more professional, for the use of functions, also very comprehensive.

Sure, we do

Short video with pictures still needs a certain soundtrack. Here are three directions for you to choose. The first is to use popular music.


There’s a lot of popular music on the Internet, and you can use any music collection.

The second is the wallpaper image itself music, this is because our classification is quadratic



That some animation music is generally very good, and the story is very strong, like the Slam Dunk master’s theme song, has been sung until now.

The third is light music, wallpaper class is different from other videos, with a light and comfortable music put out, and then look at a few exquisite wallpaper, feel particularly comfortable.

Three, cash


The purpose of doing all accounts is to monetize, how to monetize the fan properties of our account.

The first is wechat business. For our group, we are relatively young, especially those who specialize in profile picture wallpaper. We explore products according to the character attributes

It’s the wallpaper.

I hope you don’t put the eyes are limited in the script, I do music number can only sell U disk, do wallpaper number can only sell wallpaper, not necessarily, those who do wallpaper number drainage to wechat to sell fashion shoes, fashion brand, watches and so on are very popular.

The second is to create a community that shares great wallpapers and avatars

With altruistic thinking to retain users, the community profit model is very much, such as activity fees, light payment community, promotion of good products and so on.

The third is the operation of the public number, the traffic into the public number can do a lot of cash, diversion way, you can let them to the public number to reply to the relevant keywords


In this way, the value of one of our fans is double realized, the public number and private domain traffic twice realized, followed by the surrounding products, such as avatar T-shirts, mugs and so on.

So as far as we know, quadratic


Wallpaper number, the work is the core content, only the work is good, front-end flow is stable

In fact, most of them are details. Paying more attention to the operation is the key.

Share a novice sideline, zero threshold for a niche short video money-making project


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