Monthly into tens of thousands of local we media number money project, novice can operate, thinking is the most important!


Most of the time, whether in making money or cooperation, many can operate the project, in fact, is not that kind of very lofty project.

But close to our lives, fairly down-to-earth projects to find the possibility of cooperation.

So today, let’s talk about how some local “we media” accounts make money and their operations

What’s the idea.

First, information type of public number

This is generally some local news information, are the public are more concerned about some information content.

Because it attracts some local fans, fans are relatively accurate regional fans, so the probability of reading and opening a natural public account is

Very high.

The name is more diverse, but it is important to note that people can see the past to understand what your public number is.

For example, NewYork Tong, NewYork News and so on.

Where are you from, so you can use a name from where, easy to understand, to get to the heart of the story


As for how to attract fans, write soft text that must not be, because the local public number, the need for fans is more accurate.

So it is best to use wechat to send the circle of friends, send gifts to fission is the best, early the main thing is to expand the flow, let some local people to forward friends

Circle and wechat group, to receive gifts.

So what about the content side? In fact, it is very simple, to pay attention to some local peer number, or local news platform to collect and forward, every day is the most fresh information.

So how do you make money?

This is actually a relatively easy one, since you do

Is the local consultation, then some local advertisers will certainly find you, let you soft text promotion, or to pick up the advertising Tencent line, are determined by the number of your fans reading and fans.

2. Local recruitment public accounts

This year’s epidemic has greatly affected everyone’s economy and daily life

In many places work is not allowed for months.

There are also a lot of companies because they can’t continue to operate, the number of people looking for work is more, but whether it is in some of the more well-known recruitment platforms on the information exists, it seems that you are only a few companies.

The reason is also because of the recruitment platform

Is the need to promote the cost, do not pay will not give you the flow show bubble net earn, the high cost also let a lot of companies or need shop assistants turned to the public number, the price is cheap at the same time also let more local people need to work to see.

The name is the same as above, region recruitment concise and easy to understand

At the same time, you can also capture some of the natural search traffic.

As for how to make a profit that is relatively simple, no matter you are directly in the public number to publish recruitment information, by the enterprise to pay you advertising costs, this kind of price is relatively expensive, can also attract fans to your wechat, to send circle of friends, is a good choice


As for the drainage techniques are much the same, and the most important is that this kind of fans are very accurate fans bubble net income, so the operation is proper so fans introduce the flow is also a lot of people.

In fact, the most important thing to make money is to find a pain point, people who need to find a job have no channels, this is their pain point,

We give them the opportunity to solve the channel problem, then we have the opportunity to make money.

Monthly into tens of thousands of local we media number money project, novice can operate, thinking is the most important!


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