Zero – based novice money – making projects, just need product sideline play


To do an Internet project, not only depends on whether a single product can make money, but also depends on the size of the market. As a niche market, you can’t make too much profit no matter what you do, and we can’t do it alone.

The most important thing to do a project is the entry point, no matter how big the market is, we can not find the point to make money, and it is difficult

Stand your ground.

Today, our project is a project based on the wechat terminal and realized by external traffic. It is a very good project whether it is long-term or profitable.

So we will officially enter today’s project to share, just need hair loss to make money project, more suitable for zero based novice

A novice

Learning, because this market is really relatively large, competition is normal.

At present, with the increasing pressure of social life, many young people are facing the problem of hair loss, not only the above and you talk about the size of this market, but also a lot of users a pain point.

There are a lot of lucrative programs around hair loss,

For example, bidding to sell hair loss prevention products, or hair transplant, especially hair transplant, this everyone knows, the price of a hair transplant is tens of thousands of dollars, already belongs to very profiteering.

Of course, not all alopecia users are willing to do hair transplant, we have the living space of the project, the following bubble net earn I will teach you step by step such as

How to get into this project to make money.

First, the choice of products

If you want to do this project well, there is no doubt that you are selling products. As long as you have products and can develop front-end traffic, it is very easy to make money.

First of all, the choice of products, we must go to some formal platform, product effect is not to mention, but

Must not be three without products, formal qualifications must have.

In 1688 purchase online, many with the quality of business products, the price is very low, but also support a generation, we also save the trouble of hoarding goods.

But what we are talking about today is not directly using their products to sell, but OEM.


Therefore, we ask people to go to OEM, because many people are doing the same brand, and some e-commerce platforms such as Bao also have, the difficulty is very high, we need to find manufacturers to talk about OEM cooperation, as long as we tell them that there are a number of hair loss users, want to cooperate with their own brand of OEM goods, this general cost is not big

And manufacturers are happy to do so.

Then we will find one of many hair loss products to explain the operation method of this project, such as hair rogaine. It is not a brand, but a series of products. The products are the same and the marketing methods are much the same.

Second, the way of promotion

1. Advertorial

To generalize here

From two aspects, because we are an online brand, we don’t talk about how to do offline promotion or distribution and cooperation.

Our first way of promotion is advertorial promotion. The reason why we choose advertorial promotion is that our OEM product is a new brand, and the brand word is unique

Sex, very suitable to be a screen.

Search engine screen principle is in some very high weight platform to do soft seo, title and label and article constantly explain their own brand keywords, so that users in the search for similar keywords, these articles are in the first few, the basic formation of screen.

And do soft text

There are many platforms, such as Quora, Toutiao and Google Post Bar, which are all good platforms. Generally, such advertorials are story-type articles with imperceptible placement advertisements in the middle.

For example, I was a young man with hair loss, and then I shared my painful experience and the feeling of being despised by others, for the last chance to use it

This product, like changing a person, is such a story of the article, and then naturally to talk about your product.

Use this method to direct the fans to your personal wechat, and then through the circle of friends and sales of words to sell our hair solution products.

2. Short videos

Now when it comes to traffic, of course short videos

The traffic is maximum, and if we’re going to do short videos, we’re going to do our own videos.

Of course, the video is mainly around hair loss to unfold, here I teach you a fastest way to find material, is to find pain points, this needs us to go online to find out a variety of hair loss problems.

Like post bar, forum have each

These are the questions about hair loss, so we will use these questions to record a short video, organize these questions, and then find a better set of responses.

Share a hair loss prevention tip every day using a short video feed that will attract similar questions

Topic attributes of user attention, when your material is vertical enough, your fans will be more accurate.

Then we can also use the short videos of our peers to intercept them in the comment section and directly intercept them on our own account. This method is always excellent.

3. Second hand goods trading platform

Second hand goods trading platform is recommended because Second hand goods trading platform itself

Is a flow platform, followed by it a bit of the taste of Amazon, but also more suitable for beginners to operate, because it is relatively simple, simple upload baby someone browse.

Here, we can also use the no-supply mode of Second hand goods trading platform to operate this project. There are two directions, the first is to hang part of our products, and the second is to hang drainage documents

Case, guide wechat transaction.

4. Do a search on wechat

We search wechat, we know hair loss or hair loss prevention of such words, in the wechat search index, if we have a public number, the use of wechat search function, also can put some users to the public number.

The public number itself is a close

The ecology of the ring, we need to continue to drainage, and wechat search a search can be done directly on wechat.

To do the public account and the short video mentioned above, the way of acquiring the material content is the same. You can write an article about science popularization and hair loss prevention every day, and you can also slowly precipitate the attributes of your fans.

It’s actually easier to do projects

Single, as long as the master of the operation of the method, it will be very easy to make money, many projects change from its zong, those who sell goods on the Internet, a product is good, can be copied to another product above.

Zero – based novice money – making projects, just need product sideline play


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