Tao Bao no source store group project, suitable for beginners, quick effect, can be done for a long time!


Shop Amoy customer also known as no supply store, belongs to borrow chicken lay eggs, suitable for beginners, especially without resources, no technology, and want to make a little money to improve life, shop Amoy customer is very suitable, trial and error cost is low, quick effect, can be done for a long time

Putting aside the good stuff, let’s talk about the bad side of the project: the lack of shape

With compound interest, there is no accumulation of customer resources, so I have to do something every day, and my income will be affected every day when I relax. I work hard on the platform and data every day, without too much technology to speak of, which is a brainless job of moving bricks. However, there are also excellent peers who do the work of moving bricks to the extreme, and their monthly income can reach

If one day the platform falls down or the rules change, the income will be directly affected. If you can tolerate and bear these shortcomings, you can have a bold try. The barefoot are not afraid to wear shoes, not to start again

What is shop scrounger: Shop

Shop Amoy customer is also known as the store in the store, the Amazon, fight on the night, the existing goods, inexpensive small and medium-sized sellers store shelves to sell their own stores, known as shop Amoy customer

They don’t have their own supply of goods, which depends on small and medium-sized sellers, and 90% of small and medium-sized sellers also like to help them sell their goods.

However, some sellers, due to the copyright of the picture and long-term planning, do not want to distribute it. They will report other stores that sell their products and use their pictures. After being reported, the products will not be sold, and the general system will remove the products from the shelves

First, the bottom logic of shop shopping:


: A lot of people are shopping

Treasure to buy things just to buy things, will not open more pages, and then to study the goods, usually do not buy things time will not open Amazon, is to buy things installed software, in the price of the wrong 10-20 dollars is not very concerned about, bought to buy

The Solution

: The nature of the project is poor information

Plus handling behavior, it produced profits, adhere to the update of shelf goods every day, to the quantity of victory, daily work is to load goods, delivery, copy more stores to increase profits

Composition of revenue

Not to mention the high income, 100-200 goods, 20% more price, is 30-40 profit, plus Amazon

Customer rebate will be more, a day 2-3 orders, the profit can reach 100


Starting, a single store can achieve 3000 starting, more profits need to refine the operation of stores and batch copy more stores

Ii. Specific implementation

Like this shop to sell a variety of things, become a grocery store, behind the shop

Sales of a certain category are good, and then refine the operation of this category, so that the income is more stable, gradually increasing trend

This store put thousands of products on the shelves, and then remove the junk links without weight or delete them. The benefits of deleting them can also reduce the probability of violations and better guarantee profits

So let’s take one separately

A commodity to say, and then say the specific implementation, in place

Knee pads (this winter is particularly cold and in high demand)

If you find a Amazon C store, Tmall store will be excluded. Tmall cares about the copyright of the pictures, and the probability of complaints will increase if the pictures are put on Tmall. Therefore, you will try to avoid Tmall store, but Tmall is also willing to accept some products

Meaning screening, this needs to be judged screening

We find this 29


Monthly sales 5000 a shop, click to find the same style

The first one is the original seller, and all the others are shop scouters. We offer the lowest markup of 39.8


Minus 29, there’s a profit of $11. It’s still on the shelf

Coupons and Amazon customer rebate, the price difference will be higher, multiple SKU, high price, higher profit

When a buyer places an order in their own store, you use your own Amazon account to go to the shelf store to place an order, there are Amoy customers walk down Amoy customers, do not use their own Amoy customer account, to use a different ID card Amoy customer, or a third party

The rebate software of APP can be used, and Amazon search and self-push and self-buy, which has an impact on the store and account. When the customer returns the goods, we also carry out the operation of return, and the customer consults the questions, we take the questions, and consult the home. It is purely handling work, which cannot generate compound interest, but can improve life and increase income

It was ordered yesterday

Screenshot, shop Amazon bubble net to earn 16 years played, now not in doing, a single screenshot to ask friends to, convenient better understanding, the higher the customer price, the higher the profit, basically most customers, people who buy things generally don’t ask, ask people generally don’t buy (large probability, not absolute)

Tell me how to do it

Registered shop
Buying Software
Question of risk

Registered shop

You can use your Amazon account to open a shop in the seller center. The goods on the shelf need to pay a deposit. The amount of each category is different, and the minimum starting amount is 1000, like the outdoor category is 2000


A security deposit

There is not enough gold to put this item on the shelves. The price for furniture is 5000


Margin. Margin is refundable. $1,000


The deposit can be used to purchase an insurance replacement at a cost of 30


But 30


It is non-refundable, and the duration is one year. It will be deducted in proportion for less than one year to reduce the initial cost

Into the

Buying Software

There are a lot of miscellaneous software on the market. Basically, you can find the goods you want through keywords, and then put these links on the store through the software. Every day, you can ensure that the new links on the store can have more traffic

The goods transported may be

Amazon, or other platforms, can earn money with poor information. Similarly, the goods of 1688 can also be transported to Pinixi, or the goods of Amazon can be transported to Amazon. These are all unsourced operations, not necessarily limited to Amazon

The cost of software is generally 20-50 dollars a month, specific software

Bubble net to earn not to say, their search

Usually the phone is hung with thousands of cows, there are orders and messages can be dealt with, usually should go to work, what should do

Question of risk

Question 1: It is better to hang one store for one IP and one computer. If two stores are hung, one store generally sells well while the other one is poor

To use more cables, you can hang two, three is a bit dangerous

Question 2: Goods should avoid 3C category, food related goods, 3C needs to have 3C certificate, we can take the 3C certificate, but this operation risk is too big, do not recommend to play like this, such as mobile phones and computers belong to 3C digital products, but

Some toys are 3C goods, to distinguish clearly, into the mouth of the goods do not touch, into the mouth need to have a food circulation license, big goods do not, such as Nike Adi, Lenovo and so on, do not appear in the title of the big words, appear is a fake off weight, three times the store, all efforts are wasted, theft

The deduction or other effects of the picture are not significant. If the shop is sold on January 1 every year, it should be cancelled and registered again next year

Problem 3: Use the software to check the potential violations in the store regularly and remove the offending words in advance

Problem 4: The shop must be refined, not a grocery store that sells everything. The more miscellaneous it sells,

The higher the risk

Iii. Project Evaluation

Suitable for the crowd

: E-commerce practitioners, and work to form complementary, to enlarge the skills, to enlarge the income

The cost of

: Software costs, store deposits, and money to place orders and ship goods. Just use a flower or credit card to get the cash flowing

Risk and Control

: Be sure to pay attention to sales

False, avoid brand words and illegal goods, go to check more, and the price of the goods on the shelf will be adjusted, our cost of taking goods is high, and we even lose money. The SKU information and price of the goods should be updated regularly


The monthly profit of a single store starts at 3000, and 30,000 people also have it, but the corresponding time and cost are higher

Extension of project

: On the basis of the shop Amazon to see more rare goods, blue ocean goods, such as climbing stairs, cbd oil, some have heard of goods, but the profit is particularly high, profit can be added to 300% or even higher, take goods 30,50, sell a 200,300 is very common, such as fish feed, many very


Iv. Conclusion:

The store felt that it came out of 2015 and 2016, and became popular in 2015 and 2017. At that time, it was collecting money, collecting tens of thousands of dollars a month, which also created many studios and millions of income. After 18 years, the whole industry is also lukewarm now, but it is not a problem to make a small amount of money

After all, hard work may not make you rich, but it can improve your life, it is real.

Tao Bao no source store group project, suitable for beginners, quick effect, can be done for a long time!

Tao Bao no source store group project, suitable for beginners, quick effect, can be done for a long time!


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