Profiteering product station of adult products, zero basis can do long-term money making projects


About adult products, I think many people know, and friends who have done Internet projects must know the degree of excessive profits of adult products, any small products, profits are several times or even more than ten times.

This industry has spawned a lot of lucrative selling points, such as the e-commerce of adult products and the distribution of adult products in the same city

And unmanned adult products stores, and even the current popular adult experience museum, and so on, are inextricably related to this industry.

After all, this industry involves people’s livelihood, and almost everyone in all walks of life will have demands and are not willing to bargain for products. Such a product series can be done on the Internet

It’s a perfect fit.

So what we’re going to talk about today is the use of adult supplies station, profiteering money project, as for how much profiteering, think about the Valentine’s Day a treasure of a product directly sold out.

When we do this project, we need to understand the background of the project, the method of customer acquisition, product selection and back-end optimization. Here I

I’m going to tell you all about it.

I have talked a lot about the background of this project, and the trend of this demand is still growing exponentially, so there is enough market space for us to develop.

As I said before, if you want to make a million dollars, you have to find a market that’s worth a million dollars

Obviously, the adult product market is in the billions, so it’s big enough.

The way to get customers

The customer here refers to the effect of drainage, no matter what you want to sell online, no traffic is what can’t sell out, the greater the flow of the better the market, so we do the project, is to expand the flow

The process of

Here I for the customer drainage method, made a summary of three directions, because do this product drainage, almost will be resisted by various platforms, which I think we also know the reasons, but not more explanation.

Only by building our own traffic platform can we continuously get customers, so think about it

Go, the website is the best platform, do not have to worry about drainage, the same content, as long as the search engine can include you, that your content can be exposed.

Do the website, I suggest here to take pictures as the main, to create a picture automatic drainage transaction system, to build an 18R content of the picture website, of course

There is no big scale here, we just made a detailed integration of some beautiful photos.

Every day to share beauty photos, and will be interspersed with some photos of female stars everyday and so on, but there is no dew point, this is actually like a designation station, itself this kind of station development speed is very fast.

Or like a blog,

We only do information content, information site, content like some micro blog Vicky, AV actress personal information, work introduction, etc., evaluation of porn stars, Internet celebrities these are counted.

Because our purpose is to drainage products for potential users, potential users are what, is male toner, only such content can

Drainage color powder.

There used to be a kind of grey play, directly to the major video websites upload video, many websites, download video to recharge members, but upload video is free, so many people upload some XX works, directly use this to do accurate flow, but we must not do so.

If you want to fuck

Video drainage, a better way is to go to YouTube, carrying some similar to jump eggs reading this scale is not very large, but more interesting video.

Generally, this kind of video is very easy to find on YouTube, and there are very few domestic drainage videos of this kind, more attractive, here

Some videos we mixed cut their own contact information or product introduction and purchase link can be.

Choice of products

About the choice of products, general supply stations are mostly in the highest profit and best sell middle take the average, like bubble net earn we all know adult family planning supplies, although this is said to be in large demand, but

We don’t have a primary source and the price won’t be very cheap.

In fact, this little thing is completely accompanied by running, the profit is not the highest, such as adult wawa, sexy underwear and other disposable consumables, but the heat is very high.

Like lubricants, essential oils, health products can be used to sell, adult products station although

However, there are many kinds, but the real money still depends on the few products, but generally there will be collocation sales.

Back end optimization

Build an adult supplies station is not a little difficult, with the source code to do line, with the theme can also buy a payment platform theme, that the theme can be used directly on the product, late

Get converted by natural search traffic.

In addition, the goods on the website should be replaced in time, the popular products with the test flow and the styles with relatively large profits should be counted.

In fact, our own adult products station is an independent e-commerce, not attached to any platform, that requires us to have a strong drainage ability

Force, this ability is we said above designation station, information station.

Do independent e-commerce this personal station effect is relatively good, as long as you can build the whole framework in the early stage, get natural search traffic, is a completely passive money-making project.

Profiteering product station of adult products, zero basis can do long-term money making projects


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