Foreign net earn: sideline basic project, novice brainless repeat can make money


I have been a little busy these days, and I have been slow to reply many of my friends’ private messages. I hope you can forgive me. I have been testing some random small projects recently, and I will tell you about them one by one when I have time.

In fact, if I come to this state of mind, I would be more willing to do some challenging or even unknown projects, and I don’t like those very much

Mindless play, feel very boring, I prefer to do some creative projects.

However, some projects are very interesting, like the one I’m going to share with you today. You can make money simply by moving bricks. Although it is not a lot of money, it is not difficult to stick to it for a long time and passively earn pocket money every day.


Day to talk to you about this project is to carry pictures to make money, just a simple upload pictures we can make money, everyone can do, and can do well, very simple.

Below I will share with you a very few people know about the high quality image site, and completely free, this channel is enough to make you easy money

To the money.

Ok, so let’s start with shutterstock, which is also the website that’s going to pay us.

This is a photo download website. Users can download the pictures by signing up for a membership on this website, and the downloaded pictures can be used anywhere.

Of course, I will not let you go out with a camera to take pictures or go to some download the flood of no copyright website to download pictures, all you have to do is to sit in front of the computer, blowing the air conditioning, handling I give you the channel, you can.

Because I’m giving you this picture channel today, very few people know about it, and the picture

The quality is high and the number of downloads is very small, so there is a greater chance that the image will be downloaded by the members of the site. Of course, you don’t have to worry about the image not being downloaded, because the site is so popular, with over 70 million views a month.

So when we see this website, it’s a lot of people uploading pictures

And the site has partnerships with Google, fcaebook and more, so every image downloaded gets a share of the uploader revenue.

But the revenue varies from image to image, so I can’t go into the details of how much money you can make uploading images, things like that

Website, as long as you upload good pictures, the revenue generated by the download is related to you, then we need to do is to keep uploading pictures.

So let’s go down to the bottom of the site, and on the right we can adjust the language of the site, and then we’ll find the content for sale, so here we go,

After clicking, we will enter this sales picture

Here we can see that it takes 4 steps, in Chinese, and you can see this step immediately.

So let’s click on red, go,

Here comes the registration interface, very simple, all in Chinese, click on the next page, you will be asked to fill in some home address information, this you can fill in at will

Because this site does not need a ladder to access, support global download.

Ok, and then we go to, which is a website where we can get a lot of high-quality images that few people know about.

Click on the red icon in the navigation on the site to start the registration process, which is also very simple

Single, I’m not going to talk about it here,

If we put the mouse over the product, we can see that there are a lot of categories, so we only select the pictures, select the first one under Graphics, be sure to select the first one, because the first one is that we have the right to sell these pictures, there will be no copyright problems.

So let’s go in

Of course, these are not just pictures, but a picture package, is a collection of pictures, the website has helped us to classify, we can download a group of pictures at a time, rather than one.

So let’s just pick a picture package and open it, and there’s one thing that we need to pay attention to, make sure we’re sure

The English words I circled in the picture below mean that they can be sold, because foreign websites pay great attention to copyright issues.

Then we can click Download to download, all downloads are free.

After downloading, go back to the first site and upload our pictures. Up

Then come back here and download it, keep doing it, we will certainly get a good passive income.

Another many friends with bubble net earn my feedback do not understand English, the project is very boring, here we can use Google browser, translate the website, the first website does not need, itself can

Display in Chinese.

Doing projects, especially moving bricks, seems simple, but it is more laborious, and the early stage needs to keep repeating this work.

A lot of net income projects are relatively simple, but it looks simple, do not necessarily, if you don’t want to use the brain, go to the hands, thought lazy, action must not

Be lazy, or you won’t make any money anyway.


Foreign net earn: sideline basic project, novice brainless repeat can make money


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