Zero cost monthly earn 30,000, everyone can do profiteer project, professional praise division to understand!


It’s perfectly normal to give a review after shopping online.

But the quality of the review is very important to the store business, directly affect the customer order rate.

So the business will generally put some good reviews in the express package cashback card, let customers write good reviews. The amount usually ranges from one to five dollars.

The store is available

After the praise, on the one hand, you can give the store a reputation, on the other hand, you can also increase the weight of the store, conducive to the store ranking.

Some businesses will even design some “careful machine” in the card, guide customers to add wechat, private traffic secondary transformation.

Because of this interest, there is a “professional praise

Teachers “, they specially go to some Amazon shops to write praise to make money.

Then today bubble net to talk to you

【 Professional praise division 】

It’s a money-making project that teaches you how to do it.

What is a professional reviewer?

Compared with the bad reviewer, to earn freight insurance, cheat order and other negative behavior, the good reviewer stands in the bad reviewer

On the contrary, its significance is similar to the public relations of Amazon merchants, which is relatively positive.

“Reviewers” just as the name suggests, after shopping, to give the seller all five star reviews, it also has another title called “webshot model”.

To be specific, their job is: after the goods sent by the merchants, they are responsible for the beauty of the photos

View the picture or video upload, and write a heartfelt praise, imitating a real buyer’s review. Then get a commission and send the product back to the merchant.

In a word, it’s a parody of a real buyer’s show.

Sellers need to get a good rating, so they will pay a team of reviewers, people

To create some good reviews. At this point, you might say isn’t this fake?

Actually, there are two kinds:

One possibility is that there are a small number of vendors, and the product quality is not up to par,

Hope to use a large number of people praise to confuse customers, but this will not be long, sooner or later will be a large number of real bad reviews drowned!

And in the second case,

Is to actually sell

Merchants of the real thing,

They hire reviewers for the “cold start” of a new product to create buzz.

I give an example, as in the queue of milk tea shop, it is said that there are always a few “props” in the queue. When milk tea tastes good and is produced well, then this “props” are helpful. And if the milk tea is bad,

So, soon this team, will only be left with “Tuo”, milk tea shop is not far from closure.

In fact, this phenomenon in marketing, there is a proper term called “crowd effect”. Before we make a purchase, we look at the reviews, and the more positive the reviews are, the more authentic they are, the more credible they will be, which will prompt us to place an order.


Search on Google

“Buyer’s Show”

, you can find many related platforms to do bidding advertising, indicating that this is a very popular market.

On the question of remuneration, generally speaking, there are two ways for businesses to give back to reviewers:

① Send the shot.

If the price of expensive products, generally use the way to send the shot, the user will treasure after shooting

Shellfish sent back, the merchant gives a commission as a reward.

② Direct delivery.

If it is a cheap product, in order to save time and cost, the business will give the baby to the user filming the buyer show as payment.

These two forms of return are the same as

Social networking Sites

The promotion model is the same, but the barriers are lower and more suitable for us ordinary people to operate.

How do reviewers make money?

First of all, we have to understand, the way that the business let the good teacher praise, according to the current situation, there are three kinds:

One is pure text praise.

Just write a simple description of the truth on the line, usually 5-10


One order.

One is picture + text.

This price will be slightly higher, requiring you to really

People take photos and share the buyer show on social platforms is 30+


Each one.

Another is to send a small video praise.

This type of bill is the most expensive, some can be as high as 50


The above order.

For example, people will know how to comment.

Comments like the one below with good pictures look good

Real, beautiful, some even more beautiful than the model pictures, is very attractive to buyers to place orders.

As far as I am concerned, when I buy something on Amazon, I will generally look at the comments, especially those with photos. I will deliberately go to the open point to see, because it gives people a more intuitive feeling and more real.

If you see a new

Shop, no single sales, no evaluation, no good reviews, no buyers show pictures for your reference, do you dare to buy such a shop?

So don’t worry about no list, as long as the online shopping platform exists, the demand for reviewers will always exist.

Of course, how much reviewers make depends on the number of assignments


It is also related to the credit level of your Amazon account, the price of the goods you auction, the number of trumpets you own, your proficiency and so on.

I can only teach you two tips to increase your commission.

The first tip is:

Switch the trumpet multiple times to make a list.

One Alipay can be associated with five Amazon accounts, one

A Amazon account can do 3-4 orders a day, a number can do 50 orders a month.

Simple calculation, a month can easily earn 1000+, plus Pinduoduo, Jingdong multi-platform operation, a month’s living expenses can be earned.

The second tip is:

Make the most of everything.

Everyone knows there are many on Amazon

The same product, but the sales of these same products are different.

So we can use different Amazon accounts to contact the customer service staff of Amazon shops, and then send the photos we have taken before.

Try to put some attractive images, this will be very high pass rate.

It just takes you a little while to get it

You get double the payoff.

Later, if you are familiar with the situation of this industry, you can also set up a studio batch copy, expand the scale of dry.

Because this operation is not very difficult, it is still very easy to get started.

There are some companies that specialize in professional reviewers, with a single volume of up to 500 per day. This industry already exists

A mature system is in operation.

You might think this project is only for women, but it’s not.

Products such as men’s clothing, shavers and so on are men’s just-needed products, which are suitable for male friends to operate.

Where can I take the order?

1. Find your own business

Think their appearance level can find clothing merchants

; The treasure mother of a child at home can find some children’s clothing, toys and other businesses.

By analogy, you can directly contact the merchants on the praise cashback, generally they will release the demand in the circle of friends.

I have a friend who likes to take selfies, so does the technology.

She got into this business in the first place because there was a business

Friends circle saw her posted selfies, contact her to be a good critic, so as to have a stable source of sideline income.

2, public account or QQ group search buyers show

Many businesses have their own established groups, such platforms are free to enter.

If you need to charge, you have to be careful!

When everyone is on the platform, the end

Once you know your identity information, you can take the order.

3. Leverage the platform

In fact, there are many such praise platform, the use of a good search engine on the line.

Including post bar, micro blog,



Social networking Sites

On any popular app, just search for “webphoto model” and you’ll find relevant content.

To find these, we need to

It’s up to you to execute.

4. Build a buyer show part-time community

The game above only makes a small profit.

Do the middleman, side docking merchants, side docking buyers, with the increase of resources on both sides, you will find that the difference is more cool.

Bubble money has seen some of the circle or former engaged in the “webpose model”

Close to work, will be in the circle of friends to send “praise teacher” advertisement.

Once someone joins, she gets a hefty introductory fee per head.

For example, if the merchant’s commission is 30+10 (postage), they will give the buyer 20+10 (postage) and make $10.

Don’t look down upon just making $10, it looks like a small profit

. But they just sell a message in the middle, don’t have to operate themselves, save time and effort.

When you can docking dozens of, hundreds of a day, this is not a person to do a good review, operating buyers show earn more?

Of course, the praise division is not only needed Amazon, Pinduoduo, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms are needed. The only need

And the thing to note is,

Let you pay money, will be blocked!

As for some of the platforms that can be “reviewers”, this is not recommended.

Write at the end

For many entrepreneurs, the Internet is a cheap way to get started.

A lot of profiteering projects, in fact, do not need technology, not to mention the need for education, the key is to see whether you know

Tao, can you understand.

Like this reviewer, you may have only heard of bad reviewers before, but you didn’t know that reviewers can make money. Bubble net to earn that, relative to the bad reviewer, the good reviewer is a more sunny project.

Of course, when operating, we can completely choose, some inferior products, sent to

No matter how much money we have on hand, we won’t take a single order. You can’t make money in bad conscience, can you?

Well, the above is a zero-cost monthly income of 30,000, anyone can do the profiteering project, professional reviewers understand! All the content, today share here!

Zero cost monthly earn 30,000, everyone can do profiteer project, professional praise division to understand!

Zero cost monthly earn 30,000, everyone can do profiteer project, professional praise division to understand!


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