TikTok money making project summary, zero base can also operate, there is always one you can do.


Short videos make a lot of money for a lot of people, but a lot of people feel like they can’t do short videos without editing. But in fact, many short videos are very simple to make money. Because of their replicability, we can see them so frequently. Today, I have sorted out some ways to make money that can be done on a zero-basis


1. Wallpaper emoticons

Now people, no matter who as long as the chat phone must have some emojis, do not publish the packet feel unable to express their feelings.

But the popular memes are the ones that follow the buzz, constantly updating, constantly updating.

Some people noticed this aspect and naturally made money

This is where the opportunity comes in.

How do you get the material?

1. Google to find emojis

2, a treasure can also have, a few dollars thousands of cards

3, a key to generate emojis on the website, there is a search online.

4, pay attention to peers, peers is your best teacher, but also the biggest source of goods.

How do I get the paperwork?

1. Major music software

A warm review of

2, Quora, post bar, micro blog

What about short videos?

1. Dubbing a joke with several emojis from the same series.

2. Use memes to chat, with funny and popular voice acting.

How to monetize?

1, the introduction to leave contact information, paid to give emojis, drainage to the public number deal.

2. Open the window and sell

Snacks, small widgets in the car, etc.

3. Teaching and selling courses.

Two, film editing

There’s a lot of film editing going on, so what does it mean that we all know a lot about it? It means there’s enough traffic, it means there’s real profit. The clips on the market are divided into simple clips, film and television mixed cut, film and television

Commentary, these three categories.

Film and television commentary belongs to the advanced gameplay, there is a certain threshold, not recommended.

1 Simple clip:

Download the highlights of TV series or movies, import the clip, with popular BGM, directly upload.

2 Film and television mixed cut:

Use similar clips in multiple movies, import cut film, text box input copy, such as “disk

Click “10 embarrassing Moments”, “High energy moments” and so on, you can add BGM to export, such videos can not be directly put the video sound bubble online profit, must add BGM, otherwise it will be judged as infringement by the platform.

How to cash out?

1. Open the commodity window, sell film and television related small goods, film and television original books, etc


2. Enter Star Map to receive advertisements such as “New film promotion”.

3, personal introduction to wechat, do video editing teaching.

Three, classic quotations

There are a lot of classic quotes these days, famous people, celebrities, the direction of choice. Remember two things: Men like to hear about business, women like to hear about the Declaration of Independence, or how to be beautiful.


“Nonsense is the most popular, a lot of traffic.

Where did the material come from?

1, from Quora, public number to find inspirational, chicken soup on the line

2. Look on film review sites.

3. Peer.

How to do that?

1. Celebrities subtitles hot music

2, film and television clips copy, but pay attention to eliminate the original sound

3. Books

Background static text popular BGM

How to cash out?

1, window selling books, bookmarks and other book peripheral products

2. Sell courses

3. Do private domain traffic

The money model is much the same, but the specific operation is very different, each small project has its own tips and experience to earn bubble net, these are zero investment, low door

Sill projects, no stable side business friends can try.

TikTok money making project summary, zero base can also operate, there is always one you can do.


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