The sheep of the sheep’s party? Tip group project analysis, long-term accumulation easily earn tens of thousands a month


After the appearance of red envelopes, many people have a situation.

That is to see a dollar outside you do not necessarily pick up, but inside the wechat red envelope you also rob a dime very happy.

Some people do it for fun, and some people actually start making money from it.

Most of them believe that a gain is a loss


That’s what we often talk about as the wool party.

At present, the wool party mainly comes from treasure mothers, students, office workers and so on, and some wool is relatively small, and some wool is indeed a lot of profit can be obtained.

Today we’re going to talk about projects that use the wool party to make money.

The informant group is a gathering of the current wool party

On the ground, whether it is above wechat or qq, can have a large number of fans.

You can see that there are a lot of groups in it, and many of them are even done in batches. There are a lot of groups with the same head, and then they are labeled as a group of two groups.

This shows that there are not many such markets.

All we need to do is the same thing

Create a flock and then divert the fleece party into the flock for conversion.

The first thing we have to solve is the problem of these resources, if you don’t have the resources, then others will come in and leave, because you don’t have the wool they want.

The first way is to pay more attention to the community of peers, many of whom are like that

They don’t make money, but they can get a piece of wool, such as what to follow the public account, or do what questionnaire, download what software and so on.

The second method is to directly Google, we can see from the figure above, there are a lot of such information websites, are updated in real time, we need to do

Is to go to a large number of such sites, and then send to their own group on the line.

After solving the problem of resources, bubble net income we need to do is drainage, drainage in many ways, this will say two kinds.

The first is more stupid but also relatively simple, is to intercept the flow, add the peer group

After that, whenever new people show up, you just pull them into the group.

Of course, although this way is accurate, it is more troublesome. Every day, we need to pay attention to who is new in the group, and there are records of entering the group. It is good to directly add one by one.

The second is to do soft text drainage, is generally in Quora to do

The article focuses on some questions of collecting the wool and collecting the waste, and then answers them for drainage.

Presumably friends who pay attention to this area should have seen more or less such articles, or in

Social networking Sites

Do some promotional videos in it.

Where do you move your hands every day now? Eighty-one thousand a month

Income, this kind of figure is quite attractive to some precious mothers and students, you say you earn more than ten thousand dollars a month, but they don’t believe it.

When it comes to the liquidation, in fact, many woolen projects have promotion commission. We just need to change some wool links into our own, which others can download or click

We can also get commission.

Or, after sending some free wool, find some discount and cheap commodity links on some rebate platforms, and you can also get commission if someone buys it.

The sheep of the sheep’s party? Tip group project analysis, long-term accumulation easily earn tens of thousands a month


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