Audio suction money project, simple operation into more than ten thousand a month


I think a lot of people know about the audio project, which has been very popular in recent years, and I often listen to audio on Himalaya FM, but many people don’t know that this project is very simple and easy to monetize.

A lot of people look for money every day in various projects, ways to make money, but there is no way

Calm down to learn a point, the real money project, most of the time is we don’t look up to, silently make money.

Ok, let’s go directly to today’s share, audio absorption monetize project, the threshold of this project is very low, even if the novice, as long as the heart for a period of time, like more than ten thousand a month is very


Now I will tell you the operation steps of this project in detail, and I will also mark out the key operation details.

First of all, we have to apply for a wechat public number, here you are not and bubble net earn I have a common feeling, as long as there is a project, is basically inseparable from wechat, good, because

Wechat can provide us with all kinds of convenience in traffic and conversion.

So we apply for a subscription number just to do back-end private traffic. In addition, we need to determine the type of audio. There are many kinds for us to choose from, such as fiction, small languages, self-help, psychological counseling and so on.

We have to choose the easiest thing to do

“, and the public generally prefer, such as novels, then what kinds of audio novels can arouse users’ interest more, such as tomb raiding, ghost stories, historical insights and so on are all good, so we will only take one for operation here.

Ghost stories, for example, are the most popular series in audio fiction,

Then we need to find this kind of material, on the Internet can find a lot of ghost story sites, these sites provide us with a lot of audio material.

So what we do every day is to use our own voice, to find some good audio recording, upload to the major FM platform, this project

It is a little hard in the early stage, because you want to improve the quality of your account on the FM platform, the content must account for more.

After we upload a dozen pieces of audio, we go to brush some plays, brush some likes and comments, this is a very important point, because the ultimate purpose of brush these plays is to improve the weight

As long as it is not crazy brush, the platform will turn a blind eye.

One thing to pay attention to here is the use of keywords, you do some audio can be directly thrown in, because reading is not high, but after the late flow slowly up, the title and profile will need to match the keywords.

Only on the title add

Related keywords, so that users can find you when searching, the platform can be repeated, such as Dragonfly FM, Himalaya FM, NetEase cloud music radio and so on, audio platform can be one-to-many.

Personally, I recommend Himalaya FM as a platform. For one thing, the platform has a large flow rate and users

The number is huge, which is very good for us to market our own ghost story content, and the second is that the platform’s new talent recommendation, to a large extent, can help new creators get traffic.

In other words, the platform has a traffic-enabled program that allows audio writers to find a niche in their work

Of all the paid audio, mystery stories are also the most paid.

In fact, if you carefully listen to the content of several platforms, you can see that a lot of audio although not an author, but the content is very different, are original, this is also because of the platform’s original review mechanism.

It doesn’t look inside you

As long as it is recorded with different sounds, it is the original content. It doesn’t matter whether the content is the same or not. In addition, when we look for audio materials, we should not use the famous ones like ghost blowing lamps.

We’re aiming for stories that aren’t as popular, that aren’t as well known, but have the same content

Because of some famous material content, we did not obtain the authorisation of the author, only to find some unknown content.

The last step is the audio processing, recorded audio to add some music, or some points to the door, thunder, rain, screaming or breathing, stairs, etc., these can

Make your audio sound better.

Some equipment and software about dubbing and audio can be bought in a treasure, early as long as some simple equipment can be, do not need to invest too much, if you really can not record, you can also find someone on a treasure record, or record an opening sentence.

When we do this series

Is in order to make money, the audio traffic into the public number for cash, this is the most traditional approach, although the main traffic income is not high, but as long as insist on doing, the larger the flow, the flow of the main income will naturally be higher.

On the realization of the word, in addition to the public number of the flow of the main realization, and like comic distribution, small

Distribution can be done. We hang a distribution link on the front page of the public account every week, or we can do distribution under the audio platform works.

The distribution of comics is generally divided by 40 to 60 points with the platform, and the distribution of novels is generally divided by 20 to 80 points. The profit is still very large, suitable for the large number of fans

Do no.

Finally is to pick up the advertisement of the business, here is a sub-platform to pick up, according to the amount of reading, the price of a public number of the third party advertising is about 50 cents, 1000 reading, the income of an article is 500.

So it doesn’t matter which platform you operate on, it doesn’t matter if you do audio or video

Important, we just find a point, and then cut into it, the real money is to have fans after the conversion.

Audio suction money project, simple operation into more than ten thousand a month


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