Circle of friends sideline money project, 3 steps to teach you zero basis can also earn 6000 a month


From the beginning of Wechat business, everyone basically marketing eyes to wechat, not only can store their own private domain traffic marketing, but also can directly collect payments, very suitable for us to do online projects.

Especially with the increasingly strict management of some e-commerce platforms, it is very convenient to sell some products or services on wechat

After all, more than half of the projects that work on the Internet are virtual.

So today I want to talk to you about this project, is a simple wechat selling product tutorial, tutorial is small, but the start is very simple, the threshold is relatively low, suitable for no experience of the novice.

Because wechat sells products, it is an extremely popular

Because of the different products, some other projects or services are extended, so we choose some relatively simple ones to do, so as to reduce our pressure in the early stage.

Ok, so I want to talk to you about wechat selling virtual class project, virtual course I think we have heard, but you may understand

And relatively one-sided, virtual classes cover a lot of areas, all walks of life have virtual classes.

Like the typical tiger course, which we do design all know, right? Like some traditional fields do better courses, Wan men is also a good platform, but the price is super high bubble net earn, Wan men members

The price is more than 20,000 dollars, which gives birth to the development of online courses.

We are not selling genuine courses, nor do we have any after-sale. We only have such a course, and the price is naturally cheap. If people with strong self-learning ability are more suitable to buy these courses.

All right, without further ado, go straight to the dry stuff. I’ll handle it next

Hand to teach you how to do this project, as well as some problems will be encountered.

1. Preparation

Here we are to drainage on wechat, naturally to prepare wechat signals, according to the number of accounts you can operate, as far as possible to prepare a few wechat old number, the old number in the collection of relatively small restrictions.

And prepare the Second hand goods trading platform

Here you may be very strange, why to prepare the leisure fish account, leisure fish has not been unable to do virtual resources, here I will tell you in detail.

The Second hand goods trading platform account, I here is a word, the more the better, although said a Second hand goods trading platform account has 50 baby position, but we are sure to use up

, only 5 locations on the line, so later heap account is still very necessary.

Finally, we prepare a Google web disk, the purpose of the web disk is to store the course content for us.

2. Practical operation steps

First we need to find a few peers, and then we need to copy and reference their circle of friends, which is what most peers are doing, and

Have a period of time to do the course is valuable, you can recharge a member in the peer there, directly handling these courses, they can also be found on the Internet, is more trouble, but also their own sorting.

The price of membership courses like this is usually relatively low, such as 98


Per year or 198


/ year so, no

There will be too high price, after all, are copies of the product, cost performance is the first condition of purchase.

Peers can find more than a few, because the course content is very different, just like many people see a selling class, sell the original painting class, sell network Z class, sell small language course is like this, they are also trying to do the course

Do it in large quantities.

Then we have a course, the next step is to package wechat circle of friends, because wechat circle of friends is our display window, in the wechat circle of friends to our courses continue to send out, show to the user, this is also a very cooly step.

Every day we have to update a lot of courses on the web disk, and then put this

The detailed summary of some courses will be updated synchronously to wechat circle of friends, and their own price tag, the best is a little cheaper than peers, and then set their own VIP price.

3. Drainage promotion

This is the most important part of the project. Above, I ask you to prepare the Second hand goods trading platform number, which is used for drainage. Why

Use Second hand goods trading platform to drain, because the flow of Second hand goods trading platform is very large.

One thing we need to make clear here is that publishing courses in Xianyu is not to sell courses in Xianyu, but to use Xianyu to divert.

We all know that the chance of selling the class title directly in Xianyu is very large, so we will avoid these rules, only in Xianyu drainage

When we release the specific baby in Xianyu, the title can not be the full name of the course. This is very important. We only release the keywords with the IP related to the course.

For example, for example, “Tomtang Teacher breaks through Japanese N5 course with zero foundation”, we only post “Tomtang honey ketchup @Japanese sweet

N5 soft and slippery “can be used to drainage by keyword search.

Here is the release of Second hand goods trading platform title, first prohibited words do not touch, second, try to publish only the IP content we want to show, third, the title interspersed with other words, add at will only to disturb the platform detection.

Never send it directly


, tao

Baoke, Wechat business, courses, tutorials, make money, such as any text, this kind of text is basically in the Second hand goods trading platform platform is to see will seal.

As long as you can avoid this kind of words, the release can basically do more than 90% of the safe bubble net income, but there is no absolute, in the Internet to do projects, face black situation is often happened

If there is a minor violation, we will wait for the account to be restored and continue uploading with a new baby.

If it is a serious violation, the loss is not big, because we only require you to upload 5 or so babies for each Second hand goods trading platform number. If the 5 babies are normal, the exposure is OK, then the account should not be touched, to avoid the cause

Period of illegal operation, resulting in the previous passive drainage of the previous work wasted.

Then the drainage of Second hand goods trading platform, the last point is to induce plus micro, this we must be sure to set in the automatic reply you “I am not in, if necessary, please carefully look at the baby’s first picture”, then we in the first picture, handwritten V signal can take photos.


The project is very simple, as long as the early operation, there will be a continuous flow of traffic.

These obscure drainage content, for friends to find information online, understand all understand, do not need to worry about others can not see, do not understand, the whole is too straightforward, only be blocked a road.

Circle of friends sideline money project, 3 steps to teach you zero basis can also earn 6000  a month


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