The most popular project on the Internet recently: TikTok9.9 course project, you can sell classes without followers, 300 cash per day



The world has no way, walk many people, the road will come out.

The prevalence of each project is stepped out by predecessors, and then upgraded, mutated.

Last 9,9


The whole network course, very popular ah! 9.9


Here’s a tutorial on G’s money-making projects.

Someone gets through


Drain 300 precision powder a day. Press

At 10%, it’s 300 dollars, but it’s too much.

That’s 30 people a day.

The account name is simply 9,9


The course is aimed at this group.

So let’s see

Social networking Sites


It’s almost a full-platform layout, the account name goes straight to the core, it doesn’t ink,

It attracts people who need it.

Let’s take a look at where to get these data, habitually open Amazon.

Search keywords, can come out of a lot of these resources, you look at the amount of Amazon above the purchase, as well as these brainwashed title, I want to buy.

This is a complete information gap closure item

, a selling point, is definitely feasible, otherwise there would be so many people to follow.

Let’s not talk about the program today, let’s talk about the people who bought the program.

All the projects with poor information depend on your execution power. You can operate when you see them, and you can always make an order, especially if the information is poor across platforms

This thing.

The program will continue for as long as there are people out there who want to make money.

Recently 9.9 the wind is very evil charm, it seems that you can’t wake up without scolding.

9.9 course, is to use people’s greedy, crazy, eager mentality to capture such mentally immature people, quickly occupy their

A pathological obsession with making money.

Those who buy 9.9 courses will keep buying them, especially if they are cheap.

Since traffic comes and goes, there is no need to worry about traffic at all. If you look at the graph above, it attracts people with immature intelligence, especially those who rely on a large volume of traffic

Taiwan as a support, also worry about what flow.

I have run three 9.9 courses before, but the important thing is that my courses are unified in the group, there is delivery, there is a back end.

Do you buy those 9.9 project courses with a back end? Has it been delivered?

All undelivered project data is just a cut of the leek

You can’t make money at all.

It’s just a lonely look.

Online often have what sell big blue course, sell a big guy’s project, others project developers will provide back-end, there is delivery ah! All you get is a body. It’s garbage.

Why did I stop working on the 9.9 project group because I found one

Point, the delivery is very tired, the project teacher is also tired to do the back end, not worth it! The value I’m releasing doesn’t match the price.

And a lot of people don’t think so! The finished material for the 9.9 project is almost one percent.

The 9.9 people are playing with human nature. The people who buy the project will always buy, buy

They will not give up until the end of time or the end of time.

Carnival only belongs to the lonely, you are just to play.

As long as in the traffic gathering place, you do not worry about the flow, generally based on the flow as the premise, now this world, do nothing without the flow.

In this world, cognition is free, but contacts and resources are

There is a fee.

The logic of leek cutting is: I can sell you something for free, but my contacts and resources, I want to keep.

Those people will not tell you, these rubbish project materials, I don’t even read, I just sell you to make money.

The most popular project on the Internet recently: TikTok9.9 course project, you can sell classes without followers, 300  cash per day


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