Micro headlines fool operation, short-term daily earnings hundreds, long-term monthly tens of thousands of projects


There are many different video platforms.

And watching video does occupy a lot of our daily time.

So is there no way to make money other than short videos?

In fact, in addition to short video, graphic platform is still a big opportunity.

Because the same video and the same article, the thousand-word article,

You can make five or six minutes of video.

And if we want to finish an article, we can finish it in three minutes.

Reading articles is always faster than video absorption speed.

This is why many people prefer to read the text, but do not want to listen to the voice.

In fact, video also has its advantages, is able to more

To show some more



But now people are going to the short video track, less people compete more bubble net earn, so it is actually very suitable for us in the video track.

Today’s project is Toutiao’s micro-headline project.

What are micro-headlines? Actually, Microheadlines is a little bit like me

Our wechat circle of friends, relative to the article it for the number of words in terms of the requirements are not so strict, the way of creation is more casual.

But the same is that they are profitable, and the flow is a lot, also not because of the number of your fans limit your views, and the number of releases is not as strict as the article.

Micro headlines only need to meet 100 followers to activate micro headlines revenue, other limits can be seen in the figure below.

So let’s look at the restrictions and see how we do it and how we do it.

It’s hard for most people to keep being original, not that others can’t write, but to keep writing, to keep writing

The output is very difficult.

And our first problem is to make money, if you use your own articles and content, then it is not easy to make money.

So what we need to do is to imitate, and transport, as for what is the content, let’s look at the picture below.

We can see the image above.

The two

We can see whether such content is a little familiar, like those street magazines bought a long time ago, the story will meet these content. And such content has such likes and reposts, then it means that there are more than one hundred thousand people read.

They actually made it up themselves or

It was transported. From where? All kinds of magazines, stall literature, in Pinduoduo and Second hand goods trading platform above not too much.

Just bring it and move it.

If you are afraid of infringement and handling, then change some of their own on the line, anyway, the general copywriting direction is the same.

Why use this kind of stuff, because this kind of stuff

There are stories, emotional conflicts, all kinds of family problems.

In fact, it is quite eye-catching. It is like reading gossip. It is controversial and eager to know.

But in addition to that, we can actually upgrade the gameplay in this way.

If we look at the figure above, this is

A is an emotional category of yellow V blogger, he marked above is he is a third level psychological consultant.

But look at the copy of her content, we can probably be clear, in fact, and the above things are similar.

So for some friends who have channels, it is completely possible to authenticate an emotional aspect

Of the yellow V.

Then learn from this peer, after sending this kind of copy, start to express their views on this aspect of the relationship in the following.

As long as you see more people, see you are a yellow V, with the degree of trust, then the people looking for you to consult will be more and more, the follow-up charge cash is very simple, there is

Compensation consultation can be done.

But also can contribute to the public, so the material is completely do not have to worry about, just need to send the real thing on the line.

Micro headlines fool operation, short-term daily earnings hundreds, long-term monthly tens of thousands of projects


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