No threshold to make money projects, earn thousands of dollars a day group traffic alternative gameplay


The Internet Fleece Party is a very large group, which can be seen everywhere. Most of the crowd are from students, treasure mothers, office workers and so on. They usually either use cash and wool to earn pocket money or get coupons to buy practical goods

Where did this information come from? A crowd that big, there must be some leaders, some bigwigs

A few or dozens of QQ groups with 2000 people can be calculated. Ten groups add up to 20,000 people. Even if the income brought by a tip is only a few cents, the income brought by any tip is thousands of dollars


And there is more than one tip, the general tip group information is sent from early to late

So let’s break it down

How do I get started on this project

One: informant resources

The first and most important thing is to find information resources, you can refer to the peer qq group, how do they do

There are roughly two points

① Cash wool activities

② Discount activities in kind

Cash activities: such as some small program activities, public account activities, or some cash

Taiwan new users to send cash activities, for example: a few months ago very popular flower pig pull new activity, introduce a registration to send 5


Money, or some chicken, dragon app, new user synthesis can withdraw 30 cents, or some public number answers can get a few cents of some information activities, as for some activities

There is no revenue for the promoter, but these are fan benefits that will stabilize your fans and create a stickiness

Physical activities: like Amazon Union app, is a distribution of goods software, each product has promotion links, coupon links, when others buy, you will get the corresponding

Commission, of course, the premise is that things can not be too expensive, must be very cheap, very affordable goods, such as Amazon 1


Masturbation goods, duplicate Amoy password sent to the group on the line

Two: fan flow

Pay attention to this traffic resources how to get, I share three points with you

① Fans intercept stream

② Platform promotion

③ Throw money at fission

Fan interception: Can

In order to add more wire groups, you can directly pull into your group when you see new people entering the group in the wire group. This method is more tired, you should keep an eye on it, or you can find some project groups, such as some block chain groups on the market, or Bao Ma groups. These are OK

Group link, attach a paragraph of text: welfare group, cash activity group such text can be, or there are some groups, the group master did not close

Platform promotion: You can go to post bar,

Social networking Sites

Douban these platforms Posting promotion, of course you can not directly send your qq group these words, can be disguised Posting, such as send a cheap buy

To the product picture, attached to a paragraph of text, as long as your product is really cheap, there will be a lot of people private message you, and then you put qq group to others on the line

Spend money fission: in front of the bubble net to earn I see there is a team, registered a public number, as long as the public number to pay attention to a dollar, promote a person to pay attention to 3

Ten cents, the AD is paid attention to can get 1 to 18


Just a gimmick, of course, 1


The money is still available, if you want this


Money, is to add his qq group, it is conceivable to throw money to promote, that this project is very profitable. This method of fan-fission is very fast, a 2000

The crowd could fill up in a day

In addition to qq group, of course, there are also do wechat group, in order to fan stickiness is higher, some people will occasionally release activities in the circle of friends, such as: like the 8th, 88, get red envelope 5


Cash activities

Points to note:

A lot of tips are time-sensitive, so send them in time, which

The sample is conducive to the stickiness of fans and better fission

In conclusion:

The operability of the project is still very strong, and this project has always existed. Those who want to practice it need to know more about it and combine more experience to do better

No threshold to make money projects, earn thousands of dollars a day group traffic alternative gameplay


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