No brain copy money project, net earn novice novice a day guarantee 200


When I talk to you about various projects, I always follow one principle: low cost.

These small projects cost little or no money.

Such as punch card groups, gift cards, virtual resources, etc.

Low cost means manageable risk.

If you invest tens of thousands of dollars, the cost of silence is very high


It is not conducive to the state of mind, and it is not conducive to the calm execution.

Take small steps. That’s what I do.


Making money is altruism.

The generation of the project must be based on the needs of a large number of people.

A small point, scaled up to more than a billion people, that is a big project.

For example,

These days, many businesses need to have a license year

A lot of bosses are too busy working to do that.

Would it solve their problems if they had a charge d ‘affaires?

For example,

How to get the contact information of the business owner is the demand of the agent.

If an aggregation platform discloses the contact information of enterprises, can we solve the problem?

Like this

Is there a platform?

Job website: 58, Zhaopin, Qianchun, pull hook, boss

Enterprise publicity: sky eye check, enterprise check

Group-buying platforms: Meituan, Ele. me, Nuomi, Ctrip

Search engine: official website, e-commerce platform


A company to operate normally, how many will leave traces on the Internet.

How to integrate this

Resources are things that take time to do.


Put yourself in the user’s shoes

Because of community service,

I often help friends to do project evaluation, often come into contact with some enterprise information report and data analysis platforms, the most used is Tianyan research.

This site contains basically all the notes

In addition, through the combination of big data, the enterprise executives’ network is linked, which is very conducive to data analysis.

These information is not only an important reference for job seekers to judge the entry, but also the analysis data of enterprise investment or cooperation.

The function of the website, can be said to be very powerful.

But for a platform to be profitable, not all information is free.

Some basic data platform will be open, want to see more details, you need VIP access.

Just cut a few members to see:

Without a doubt, paying is the most effective way to connect.

You pay, I give you the information you want.

Platform Member 360


/ year, 720


/3 years.

The price is still relatively affordable for the common people, less than 1 a day



But for occasional users, maybe a dozen times a year, the cost will be high.

How to enjoy the same service with the least amount of money is also the urgent need of some people.

What would you have done?


Is this:

Search for cheap or free channels.

So here’s where it gets interesting.


You see what someone else wants you to see

What users want, do what advertising.

Google search: Someone has done a good job of seo.

A treasure search: someone to do a good resource store

With the power of the big brands, it’s very

Many stores have achieved monthly sales of hundreds of orders.

Even a single profit of a few dozen


The profit of a single product is thousands.

Sure enough, under the tree good shade.


There is nothing new under the sun

There is a law of the market:

There is no free lunch, any marketing is for subsequent cash.

Enterprise low price, is to pull

New or lock the user’s future consumption space.
Market low price, may be the official and channel double spring, let people have the psychology of picking up cheap.
Personal low price, may be by drainage to attract traffic, there are more products to cash.

When we look at problems, we should think more


Why is the other person doing this?

Is there an alternative?

Can you find his product channel?

The more you think, the more you disassemble, the more you get used to thinking.

For example, the above mentioned Skyeye members, why the channel is cheap?

Early officials in order to attract new, there are invitation activities.

Like inviting friends to become members

It’s 15 percent cheaper.


The inviter gets 30



In order to encourage orders and enhance competitiveness, bubble net earn we return another 10


Red envelope out, a single profit still has 20



Ten orders a day, 200 no problem



The best thing about the project is that it’s simple and easy to do.

You’re just negative

Responsible for sales and after-sales platform.

Cheaper channels on the market, where do they come from?

Maybe the level of the account is related, the higher the level of the commission is higher.

Perhaps it is to get the official channel cooperation agent, responsible for helping the official run.

Maybe it’s crowdfunding the account, buying a member and giving the account to multiple people.

Perhaps this product is just a diversion, there are many other membership services can be monetized.

It’s also possible to think differently about other products, such as:

Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud,
5118, Qingbo Index, new list
Ekuteng film and television member, music platform vip

Cnki member, Takeout member, Haidilao vip

Any high – impact platform, can be used to make money.

As long as the rebates are enough to cover the cost of acquiring customers, the business is profitable.

What? Can’t find traffic?

Look at a few of your peers and change your language.

To Second hand goods trading platform,


Social networking Sites

Douban, post bar, information group, etc.

As long as your AD is consistently delivered to a variety of places with traffic.

It’s only a matter of time before the exposure goes up.

See here, understand the basic understand.

So much for that

No brain copy money project, net earn novice novice a day guarantee 200


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