Alternative short video cash, long formal money project


With the increasingly rich social life and the development of the Internet, we now live a colorful life. With the increasingly full spiritual level, a variety of complex needs will gradually highlight.

Just as there are many sub-health aspects of the body that need to be adjusted, such as exercise, the career of nutritionist is gradually in great demand

Arrange three meals a day of diet and nutrition, such as emotional counseling, such as spiritual needs are growing.

We can see from some variety shows, such as XX Defense Battle, gold mediation and so on. It is not only about love, but also about family affection and friendship, which belong to emotional counseling. Of course, the biggest market is also

It’s about relationships between men and women.

A lot since last year


Small IP are doing this kind of channel drainage, for an entrepreneur without background and network resources, doing the Internet may be the best way.

At present, the market for emotional counseling has developed very large, and the future will increase with the pressure of social life

And the demand is only going to get bigger, especially when there are so many men and so few women.

We want to enter an industry, or to do a project, we need to split the peer first, for the relationship consultation can be divided into several categories, such as family disputes, husband and wife relationship, love conflict and so on, so we just

Just run a category well.

For example, in the entertainment programs of love, the most famous teacher is certain Lei, right? As long as you like to watch emotional variety shows, you all know that if you don’t say it, you will have a string of golden sentences when you export it.

To tell the truth, in fact, Teacher Tu is also our peer, because he is doing one thing

It’s also relationship counseling, just like us, except he gets his traffic from variety shows to monetize it, while we get it from other media, like short video platforms.

The fastest way for us to gain customers on the platform is to block fans, fans of some celebrities. As we all know, there is a professor in Fudan University

Granted, some of her life philosophy quotes were transferred to


It’s draining hundreds of thousands a day.

If we calculate according to the lowest conversion ratio of the industry, about 1000 short videos will be played, almost 30 to 50 readers will read, and then about 10 people will come to consult, and finally 3 will be concluded. This is the most conservative

For statistics.

Then let’s take a look at the specific operation of this project. Here we only talk about the drainage on the short video platform. Two methods are recommended for you.

Cut off weight

We found some classics of relationship counseling on the Internet

Quote or video, and then edit it to fit


The original video released is mainly based on the deep processing of the material, so that we can ensure the quality of the premise but also to ensure the quantity of content, because there are a lot of such videos online.

Any variety show about relationship counseling, we can clip the climax of it

Multiple video content, it is best to keep at about 15 seconds, this is a feature of short video, too long will affect the overall video playback rate.

Or we directly put some beautiful scenery or pictures, and then add some classic words dubbing, which is also a relatively simple and effective way.

Selfie mouth casting

This requires individuals to have a certain sense of the mirror, using the form of selfie mouth broadcast to complete the video, so that the video is completely original, which is a point of comparative advantage.

In addition, their own mouth video, also conducive to creating their own personal IP, because the effect of portrait is sometimes better than a ten seconds of video

A lot, and they tend to stick more over time.

The material of mouth broadcast on the Internet to find, there are a lot of copywriting for us to choose, like some emotional vertical websites, bubble net earn I often see the selfie mouth broadcast are talking about inspirational, what “girl, you want to refuel, what is very expensive, you are also very expensive” and so on

Most of these things are the same. These are all unified copywriting, some do matrix number operations.

Realization of drainage

About drainage, the best is to go to Fuzhou peer, peer in the personality signature to leave contact information, you also in accordance with the same way to leave it, peer leave contact information in the message

And put it on top, and you get a small critic and put it on top.

There are many ways to drainage here, I will not be specific and you speak, but drainage copy must be to make you feel very worthwhile, worth to add your friends, that is to have a certain gift, this everyone to find, or you can consult a free

An emotional problem this service and so on.

There are several ways to monetize this project, such as consulting service. The service itself is charged, and it is the most reasonable to monetize.

A lot of people say that I will only go to the execution, to the late cash bubble net earn I will not do, because there will be no emotional consultation, in fact, completely

There is no need to worry, information poor this thing to when as long as the use of good money.

We can search for emotional counseling on a treasure and find a bunch of services, users pay us, we just need to find a cheap emotional counseling, we can send the question to a treasure.

This project is currently a regular

As a long-term project, plus the bonus of short videos, this project will reach a peak in the next few years. As long as the living standard of the public is improving, emotional problems will definitely become just needed, so our consulting service is just needed service.

Alternative short video cash, long formal money project


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