A short video project that can easily gain followers for half an hour every day without showing your face




The above items are all over the map.

So most projects really fall into one of two categories.

One is to take the boutique route, need to invest in quite a professional team to do.

For example, the egg solution business, Crane teacher said the economy and so on.

Basically have a solid basic skills, and has a relatively professional group

Team to make it.

But these are difficult for some ordinary people who have no team and no foundation.

The other is to rely on quantity to make, no matter what, is fierce dry, batch operation on the line.

For example, list number, copy number, wallpaper number, etc.

Don’t think about anything. Just get the accounts in bulk

Just do it. It’s important to do it first.

And both are actually pretty hard work, but one requires a lot of brain work.

One needs a lot of hands on, in a comparable amount to find a fire under the opportunity.

Don’t try to make a video go viral, without a professional team, Kee

It’s not supposed to happen.

So since we ordinary people can’t do boutique, then to do more batch things, can batch operation, for us may be a little better.

Today’s project can be completed in five minutes.

This is the Bedtime joke project.

Funny videos are comparisons all the time

Popular, while telling jokes and bedtime jokes are consistently popular.

We can take a look at the account below, it is a bedtime joke, play can get 5 million likes, which means this thing is working.

Bedtime jokes have three advantages as far as they go:

1, rich material, casual online

Can find, there will be no problem can’t find the material.

2, do not show your face, this is quite good for many friends who do not want to show their face, you can see that the following project is basically a black screen without showing your face.

3. Easy to make, basically easy to make 45 seconds to a minute and a half, just

You just need to say it with a little emotion.

Say a good story, is quite attractive, for the video broadcast rate is very important, just like listening to crosstalk bubble net earn, although may have heard several times, but encountered will still stop to listen to a period of time.

One and a half minutes of video. Want to

Okay, just try it a few times for five or six minutes.

And if we batch operation, an hour can make a dozen of such videos.

When it can attract the audience, there is a certain amount, then the account is basically no problem.

As for the follow-up cash, is to receive advertising, also

Is to do training, or is to sell the number, are quite good choice.

But no matter what kind of cash, the most important thing is to have the flow, how to cash can be.

A short video project that can easily gain followers for half an hour every day without showing your face


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