How to build knowledge paid online course system? Knowledge payment system to build a tutorial


Knowledge pay outlet has come, are you ready?

Many people like me do not want to do mining or selling water when operating any project, but want to be the owner of a mine, which is a bit ambitious. In the current economic environment where it is more and more difficult to make money, only by choosing this road, can there be a chance of survival, otherwise, it will only be rejected by The Times

The wheels roll!

What makes money on the Internet? Resources? Network? Accumulation?

These are essential, of course, but so is holding onto the air! That who said standing in the mouth of the typhoon, pigs can fly to the sky. But when the wind blows, are you ready to take off? 2021 one of the tuyere, knowledge pay network course, missed

Regret for life.

Because of the epidemic, the physical industry is depressed, resulting in more and more people into the Internet industry, increasingly fierce competition, a variety of head players are also increasing. New to the Internet

A novice

It’s hard to make money if you don’t know anything. Potential must first learn, can be on the road. But they don’t want to learn from teachers

Art, tuition is expensive, not to mention the teacher is not reliable can not guarantee. Therefore, the use of knowledge paid online course self-study, has become a lot of people’s choice. These are all potential customers.

That’s how I always think about making money. Others look at the customer, I look at the agent; Others watch the agent, I watch the platform; Move by others

Bricks I panned for gold, others panned for gold I sold water, others sold water I sold pumps, others sold pumps, I directly contracted the entire mine. Never think with the public, always think very people think, always higher than others, so that your income is several times the others! Everywhere you look on the Internet, the so-called

Traders, who has lost money, who is not worth millions.

Most Internet novices, no supply, will not drainage, will not transform customers, will not train, will not be after sale, nothing, take what to make money?

But if you have your own paid for knowledge automatic monetization system, it can be completely realized

Automatic fission drainage and realization, can not only learn for free, but also share money, to achieve their own dream of team leader, boss dream, do you move?

Everyone knows that I am doing knowledge payment system to build a one-stop service. So, a friend asked me: can you help me build a set of free knowledge payment system? Free? You’re kidding! However,

I can share the method! Those who have skills and ideas can learn by themselves and be free of charge. There is no free lunch. You either pay for it or you earn it through your own labor. Choose one of the two.

Next bubble net earn I will tell you how to build the knowledge paid online course system? Share your knowledge with a paid system

Build tutorials.

1. Server: more than 1000 a year, more than 300 for activities;

2, the domain name: the common dozens of dollars, a few dollars also have, but the application for the domain name needs to be put on record, although not money, but a little trouble, less than a week, more than a month;

3. Business license (preferably individual business) :

Their own, more complicated, not recommended, you can find someone to do, what reconciliation tax these, you do not need to consider, others will help you get it done, the market price of 300-500 or so!

4, apply for the service number, and then the service number to apply for official certification. Certification prerequisite is to have a business license in front of the official collection

Certification fee 300, one charge per year;

5, the merchant number application, audit is more strict, their own application is generally more difficult to review. You can find institutions to help review the package;

6, knowledge pay platform source code, is also the core of this system, source code without data of dozens of dollars, with about 500 data, few people are willing to

Sell source code, the reason, you know;

Server: 300

Domain name: 100

License agent: 300

Public number authentication: 300

Source code: 500

Course update: If you don’t buy a course, you will open one or two high-quality resource forum members, which can be counted as 3001 years.

Total: 1800



It’s just a match

To build the most basic things, that is, the lowest cost, if you build it yourself, first of all, you have to go to the Internet to look up information, to learn how to build, to create your own database, to understand the whole set will take at least a week. The only good thing about it is that you learn to build for other people, which is a kind of money making skill. Can be

Will only build, but not drainage, can not find customers, that is everything. Even if you can build, you can drain, unless you just want to do a one-shot deal, build and then leave people alone, it seems a bit unethical, the word of mouth quickly stinks, do not last long. To make it last, you have to do system maintenance for the rest of your life

A system is attacked, the platform is reported by the peer, how should do? System too many people, too card, not smooth, how to do? That’s all you have to do to make this project work.

Seeing this, do you already want to give up? Build their own, is indeed such a process, both trivial trouble, and delay time.


Is there a faster way? Yes, that is to join as a webmaster, using someone else’s subdomain, someone else’s server, someone else’s database.

The advantages of this are:

1. Save time, build at least 7-15 days by yourself, now the fastest 1-2 days;

2, domain name and server costs, maintenance costs are all saved


3, resources can also be directly uploaded by others, there are new resources directly background one key synchronization update, not only save time, but also save you to open resources forum members of the money;

What are the disadvantages?

1, if the builder is not reliable, in case he does not do this line, shut down the server, your previous efforts are all in vain


2, later your platform has a problem, to repair and upgrade, if the other person’s character is not good enough, directly can use this to blackmail you, give money to do things, how much money he says, this is very passive;

Therefore, many systems on the market now charge one or two thousand, the cost is 1300, he sells you 1000

-2000 Do you think that’s possible? Why is it so cheap? To put it bluntly, it’s a buyout, a one-time fee, a one-time service, a one-time deal. He never wanted to have a relationship with you after he set it up.

Every year, you have to pay for the server, every year you have to pay for the members who buy the courses and open the resource website, and there are people

Labor costs, post-maintenance, etc., but also to prevent others from attacking the server, one or two thousand dollars can be taken down? Let’s just say he planned it from the start, built the platform and ran.

If, after building the platform, but also teach you how to use the platform, teach you how to drainage, one-to-one coaching training you, daily to your various problems

To solve the problem, you need to help you maintain the system, help you update the course resources, you recruit students also need to help you with training and after-sales service, how much do you think this service is worth? This is why a lot of companies on the market now do knowledge pay, their stationmaster charge is at least six or seven thousand starting reason. Ten thousand

There are many.

Because the company is a team operation, the company staff, venue rental, publicity costs, everything costs money, if other people charge low is also unrealistic. The wool comes out of the sheep, this truth we should understand! If the other side is not a team operation, there is not so much extra expense, but to

On the service but at the same time to meet it, is the price can be pressed down? Sure!

The venue, the staff or the contract, is nothing more than to prop up the facade, open the door, the inside of the thing is actually the same. It’s not like it’s offline, you have to be online eventually, if not for publicity

As a business, don’t have to make so extravagant waste. As long as the quality of teaching is good, everything else is irrelevant. For the teaching side, it can save a lot of extra expenses, and for the student side, it can reduce the tuition fee, killing two birds with one stone.

We make money alliance online course system, is such a model! Before the entity company

Yes, but it does cost a lot of money and extra effort to manage the company. Simply shut down the company and go directly to the online mode! At half the cost of a corporatized operation!

Find others to build the system, the only worry is to build a good, people will not ask, then you find a, a dragon service, on

As mentioned before, everything is included. The most critical point is that the builder himself is also operating the knowledge payment project. And look for someone who is experienced in operating projects, at least he is doing it, he will not set up the system and leave it alone, maintenance, upgrade, he cares more than you!

How to build knowledge paid online course system? Knowledge payment system to build a tutorial

How to build knowledge paid online course system? Knowledge payment system to build a tutorial


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