With a plan to earn more than 30,000 dollars a month by photographing cars, TikTok has officially launched a money-making mission


May Day holiday, free to brush


Oh, brush brush to see a student in the broadcast room to share business opportunities: shooting car money plan. This is the Knot-Chai-dee Alliance


The official launch of a car talent cash reward activities, making money tasks, how to operate?

One, the entrance. in


Search goes straight to cars

Money plan is fine, there will be a car shooting money assistant account, the homepage of this activity has detailed instructions. Find the mini program in the video to participate in the activity.

Two, choose the model. It depends on what you find.

Iii. Method of settlement. The number of clicks is usually 3-10 per click, which is a CPC item

The eye.

Four, the source of material. Just carry the mix shears, from


, watermelon, Toutiao, B station and so on. How do you mix it? Just change the number of frames on the video, Max the number of frames, the background canvas music, all of that.

5. Release. Add a video understand car Di small program can be released, released

When you need to pay attention to the copy to hit the heart, arouse curiosity, improve the number of clicks, usually make friends, mutual flow, praise, boost the video on the popular.

This kind of small project in


And a lot of cutting platform. The key is that the student who shared business opportunities is indeed excellent in attracting investment through live broadcasting. He then shared several categories

I want to be friends with him even if I don’t want to do the project.

How do you make a friend? You pay for his classes and join his community and follow the project. It’s all one service. On the same day, he charged 20 people to join the group, one person charged 300, and realized more than 6000 dollars a day. Shall not be

It is possible to make one hundred thousand a month with diligence.

His main thing is to make money on the people, teaching

A novice

Ordinary people do


Entrepreneurship, the audience group is mainly treasure mother.

He himself is a 700,000-follower blogger, a hardcore post-90s wannabes who has been doing it since 2019


It’s a trick

Long is a special clip, all kinds of shooting editing skills can be dazzle, with the treasure mother is also family style, the name has left behind the label of mobile phone photography. This way does not have to be a real person, is really suitable for ordinary people to learn.

Have a skill, kill yourself for a year or two, do quality content suction powder access to flow, pass

Live investment and sale course community project cash, this is the underlying logic of his success. Worth before you make money. Are you ready to kill yourself?

With a plan to earn more than 30,000 dollars a month by photographing cars, TikTok has officially launched a money-making mission


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