Share a zero-cost project, and you can decide how much money you make


Two days ago, I shared with you a project that needs funds. Today, I would like to share with you a project that does not need funds. After all, the original funds need to be accumulated.

This is also an older project,

Amazon Customer Project


I said the original intention of this project, because recently too many friends left me messages, and

I decided to write this project after thinking for a long time that I just wanted to earn a living allowance, or that I could earn some pocket money every day without any cost.

Divide the following steps to explain the operation to you:

The previous life of Amazon customers
Amazon customer launch preparation

Seed user acquisition
Improve the activity of the group

1. The past and present lives of Amazon customers

Amazon customer originated from Amazon Alliance, that is, we often say Ali mother, Ali mother was founded in 2007, at that time is not thinking to do Amazon customer treasure for you, later due to a variety of reasons

Ah, or return to Amoy department, that time is also 2010. So this is a very old project of the Internet.

What is the profit point of the project? Why did it take so long?

Profit point is because businesses need their products to have large sales, need to have enough exposure.

Business meeting

Set up coupons and commissions to encourage shoppers to push.

Merchants get a lot of traffic, that is, get a good profit.

Tao customers to promote out, get commission, win-win.

So it goes on and on.

Don’t say why the merchant doesn’t directly reduce the commission price to everyone.

In addition to bringing your own

Flow of businesses, all businesses need to promote traffic.

2. Preparation for the launch of Amazon customers

I have been working on this project for many years, but I have always heard that few people around me have done it. Why?

Some resent the low commission, some are embarrassed, some do not know to do so, of course

Those who make money don’t make money, and it’s hard work.

Well, back to the point, Amazon customer preparation needs wechat old number.

This is a must, can not use the new number, because we need to add a lot of people, add groups, with the new number is easy to be blocked.

Download register Amazon Union, will own commission level mentioned senior, method

Look for a treasure.

Prepare five or six wechat trumpets for support in the group.

3. Acquisition of seed users

I’m going to show you how to play a very basic community.

Community, we need to get torrents, and torrents are there to bring you more users.

Torrent user acquisition, we go idle


Social networking Sites

Quora and other platforms, send some found loopholes and other articles, those articles I believe you see a lot, basically are Amazon customers to drainage, copywriting we copy it. This method, operational, depends on the attractiveness of everyone’s copy, as well as the number of the post account, and finally to see

People’s ability to execute.

The easiest way is to just buy it.

4. Group operation

To prepare for the construction of the group, first prepare a batch of free and preferential products.

Where can I find these products? Is to download the Amazon alliance before you.

All of these are classified, and we choose the quotient we want to return according to the classification

The product is ready.

We usually do it on a free basis


Single, ten


Single, and then push the high price of such a pattern in progress.

The group is dominated by women, who are many times more likely to buy than men.

But also to build their own people, people basically love life, like shopping and so on.


During the group, we need to pay attention to the trend of the group. We need to grasp the rhythm of the group by ourselves and adjust the play of the group according to the trend of the group.

This group, there are a lot of peers come in to make trouble, don’t let others bring rhythm chaos, so it is easy to blast the group.

For example, you go up and introduce the free order

The goods, there will be someone in the following said to lose the link, at this time you do not pay attention to his bubble net earn. That’s when he’s disrespecting you, not bringing you value,

99% of this kind of peer came to trouble, he said a few more words directly ask out.

Generally speaking, groups have an active period, the first few days active than

Better, more of the big discount, one


Buy, let everyone get benefits, so that the survival cycle of the group will be much longer.

After a month of operation, we will list the groups that frequently consume within the group separately in half a month to form a high-quality group, in which we can send some high-commission goods.

This is a play

Law, if you really want to go on, there are a lot of content to say, the general gameplay is said here.

To sum up

Tao Ke is one of the most interesting projects I have been involved in. It has fast results and a long profit cycle. Once you do it, you can earn something, and it can be scaled up without limit. This project can really take a person

The application of execution is incisive. It’s basically a do-it-yourself, do-it-yourself, do-it-yourself, do-it-yourself kind of thing.

Of course, there are disadvantages. If you want to earn more, you still need to have strong executive power and strain ability.

Share a zero-cost project, and you can decide how much money you make


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