A day of net income of 15000, Master Tarot Divination project 2021 comprehensive analysis [Valuable must read]


In 2021, a lot of gameplay and channels are changing. Based on the recent trends and prospects of various platforms, I have rewritten an analysis of the project of Tarot Divination, which will be of great help to beginners and friends who are exploring.

Bruin, division of Taro

Recommended index: ★★★★ ★

Earnings index: ★★★★ ★★

The cost of

Index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Difficulty index: ★★★ ★

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Fortune-telling and divination have been practiced in China since ancient times. In fact, they are also practiced in the West. They are called Talo and astrology.

Nowadays, young people are becoming more and more fashionable, and the acceptance of the eight-character fortune-telling of the older generation is not too high, but they will be keen on astrology and tarot divination


When you talk to your friends, you don’t say: How small are you? That’s weird, but if you’re a star sign, then people will be interested in talking about it.

There are a lot of people who don’t believe this, but let’s not judge the world by what we know.

If even 1% of China’s 1.4 billion people believe in astrology and Tarot, that’s one

A huge market.

Now the average Tarot division has 30 paying customers a month, and the monthly income can reach more than 10,000 dollars. A good monthly income can reach 100,000 +

(A taro division in the article revealed the income situation)

◆ The realization of Taro division has the following four ways:

1. Divination consultation

The usual unit price is 50-

Between 300, the famous Tarot division even reached 1000-2000 a price

2, crystal bracelet and other accessories

Between 300 and 1000, the profit is in the hundreds.

For example, the purchase market of the crystal bracelet can choose Alibaba, if you directly find a primary source, the East China Sea crystal market is the country

It’s a name.

The cost of a bracelet is about 100. If you customize a box of your brand on Amazon, you can sell it for three or four hundred. The profit is two or three hundred.

Don’t say good black, this is normal profit, on the jewelry industry alone, a lot of cost after add a 0 to the takeout.

It’s important to note here that selling accessories is selling

Ornaments, do not say what transport effect, love to save the effect.

It is important to note here that selling ornaments is selling ornaments, do not say what transfer effect, love recovery effect.

It is important to note here that selling ornaments is selling ornaments, do not say what transfer effect, love recovery effect.

3. srt therapy

Generally between 2000-5000 price, to help customers calm the mood, purify the body and mind.

4. Receiving or Tarot training

After you have some experience in divination and clients, you can open a course to recruit students and do Tarot training. Price in 2000-8000, out of the Tarot division even tens of thousands.

After all, these days, internal problems are serious, many people want to have a side business, or have their own independent business.

Then the soothsayer is a good choice, regardless of location, online service.

Do not need the entity industry, shop decoration so huge decoration.

The main cost comes from learning tarot materials, buying Tarot cards,

The cost of scenery, crystal and other accessories, but not much

If you want to learn Tarot technology, the general market training is four or five thousand, but if you through Xianyu, Amazon, Pin-duo, in fact, you can find a lot of 9 dollars 9 packages of internal Tarot courses.

How to quickly get started with Tarot Divination?

I’ll give it to you based on my own experience

The following five steps are recommended to get you started in one week.

1, Amazon to buy a deck of tarot cards, remember to choose Waetaro

2. Buy a book of Taro Sunflower.

It was written by Taiwan’s Talo Division. Just remember to look at the basic rules, and you don’t have to look at 78 cards because you can’t remember them.

Of course if you are late

On insomnia, you can take out a look, keep you asleep for a while.

3. After one day of understanding the basic rules, go to Tarot card club or Tarot card Douban group to open a free divination post.

People comment on the question, and then draw cards based on the question: p.taluo.com/, draw cards, or from

I have drawn cards with the tarot cards I bought.

4, draw the card, Google search brand + positive/inverse

For example, to draw six inverse star currency, search: six inverse star currency, and then find the title with strange Pavilion website to view the card meaning analysis.

Combined with the purchase of “Taro Sunflower Treasure”, look for the book inside the star currency six card meaning interpretation. Take it personally

Questions and background to answer.

5, this divination after a week to a month, 78 cards are basically drawn by you, but also familiar with the meaning of these cards, know how to interpret, then even if the entry.

This method is not students thinking, learn to solve the problem, but according to the problem to learn, the effect is excellent, you also

It can be used in other areas.

If this method is helpful to you, remember to use your elegant thumb.

After basic entry, you can look at “you are already very Taro” “Taro reverse precise solution”, will have a better complement to your knowledge system.

◆ How to promote drainage, attract customers divination cash?

I combine 20

The trends and attributes of each platform in the past 21 years, and give four promotion channels and methods.

1. Tieba, Douban group

These two properties belong to the forum, the method is to release free divination paste, generally divination 10-20 or so will have 1 want to further pay calculation.


Social networking Sites

Text or divination video

Social networking Sites


It’s going strong, over 100 million active users in 2021, and 90.41% of them are women, which is crazy, and I mean awesome.

In addition, 46% of the female group between 18 and 24, most of whom are not married, do not have the dilemma of austerity, so they naturally spend their youth on shopping.

Social networking Sites


The grass-planting culture itself is born for consumption and shopping choices, and the user group naturally has the awareness of paying.


Social networking Sites

By sending graphic notes and Tarot divination video, to promote drainage.

☞ Note:

Copywriting source: Today’s headlines, Sohu number search: Taro, will find a lot of taro divination text


Photo production: draft design, maker post, picture monster.

☞ Divination video:

Shooting Equipment:

Use a mobile phone or microcamera.

At the beginning, I had no money to shoot with my mobile phone. When I had some money, I had to fish for a Canon M3, about 1500.

Make some more money on the Canon M50 or the Canon G7xmark3.


Gram Feng:

Early BOYA MM1, Second hand goods trading platform authentic about 70. Rich on the wireless microphone, cost-effective domestic SYNCO G1, less than 1000



It doesn’t matter if you are rich, go to Rhodes wireless go, the price is between 2000 and 3000



Set Setting:

Amazon search

: Occult articles, find a special shop, inside all kinds of altar cloth, crystal, candlestick everything, a set of stylish layout less than 300


There you go.

Source of copy:

(1) Refer to Station B, oil pipe,


Peer Taro Division video, in Douming to watermark download website: sucps.com/ into

Line download, download with the format factory extract audio, and then Amazon 10 dollars to buy an audio text software, extract the text.

You’ve got your peers’ copy, you’ve got to edit it, you’ve got to edit it, you’ve got to work with your scenery and your recording, and you’ve got your initial video.

(2) Panning Pavilion, Optimistic search Taro, will find

To many we-media platforms of Tarot divination articles.

(3) wechat search for Tarot divination.

Video clip

(1) Clip on the computer

A novice

You can cut your hands with the Magic, and now it’s the Meow Shadow Factory.

Or a computer version. Professional level is recommended PR, of course.

(2) Editing on mobile phone

A novice

Recommended clip or

The fast shadow, fast hand all say dirt, but his fast shadow is really good. Professional grade recommended Qiao shadow.


Social networking Sites

Suitable for Posting 1-2 minute long videos.

3. Interactive video of Tarot divination was released on B station



Kuaishou is very popular, in fact, it has been popular for several years, so that everyone ignored a very potential video Ping

Station: Station B.

B station has been established for 10 years, but now it is a year of accumulation and rapid growth.

The user base is very solid, stickiness is strong, pay awareness is high.

For copywriting sources and video shooting clips, refer to above

Social networking Sites

It’s in there.

There are just a few differences:

(1) Station B is not suitable for a very short hair

Frequency, the best between 3-10 minutes, if it is not a well-known fan base Taro division, do not make too long, affect the completion rate.

(2) Station B can publish interactive videos, select different options, will give you the corresponding video interpretation. It was made for a Tarot divination video. It was perfect.

(3) B

Station can read more deeply, increase the audience’s sense of immersion, for your personal IP stickiness is naturally stronger.

Additional note: The Tarot divination video made for Station B can be redistributed on YouTube.

◆ How to transact?

Above several channels, all drainage to the micro signal.

Don’t do what public number, will lose fans

Silk, gaudy.

Try to ask a point, you wechat 3000 friends, send a circle of friends can basically see. If you lead to the public account, 3000 fans a push, open rate to you according to the market 10% of the sky, also 300 reading. Which one do you think will get the most exposure?

Update 5 friends on wechat every day

Friends circle

4 are screenshots of customer feedback, which mainly focus on two points: accurate view and good service.

Another friend circle is their own divination set pictures, Tarot photos, or daily life.

If you don’t know what to do, Weibo, public account,


, Kuaishou, Station B,

Social networking Sites

, Douban each platform, add 5 same every day

Okay, that’s 150 people a month.

So many peers, you still lack material? Don’t you know how to close the deal? You don’t know the cash pattern yet?

The project is basically done, and there are a lot of details that you can optimize as you go along.

I’ve seen a lot of people leave comments to me, saying, “How can this make money?

It can be published.

In fact, this is overthinking. I have an article on Quora that has been read by more than 800,000 people. According to the feedback I have received, only less than 10 people have done it. Can I announce it generously, and can you enforce it vigorously?

I mean, most people watch the pull and pull

Pull, and move on to your next side business or project.

Everyone is looking for a good project, in fact, there is no shortage of projects, the lack of execution.

Certify a project and stick to it. At first, it will not have much effect, but as long as the problem is solved, the path will only go smoothly, and eventually usher in exponential growth of income.

All right, thank you for seeing this.

A day of net income of 15000, Master Tarot Divination project 2021 comprehensive analysis [Valuable must read]

A day of net income of 15000, Master Tarot Divination project 2021 comprehensive analysis [Valuable must read]


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