Dismantle the social networking site emotional counseling project, a super long-term, formal, profitmaking, monthly income of more than 10,000 project



Social networking Sites

Emotional counseling project, a super long-term, formal, profiteering, monthly income of more than ten thousand projects

Today I’m going to share with you a relationship counseling program that I’ve written about before, but I haven’t gone into much detail about.

After I did the dating mini program last year, one of my friends in the community thought it had a good future.

Through the love program, I started to do emotional counseling, and now I can make two or three orders every month. The price of each order is 3000 dollars, and the income is quite good.

I invited this friend to share it in the community yesterday

His income does.

And the emotional counseling project itself is a super long term, formal, profiteering item

The eye.

I’ve dissected human nature in three stages.

Stage 1: No money. This is the time when the whole family is focused on making money, so there is no time to think about anything else.

The second stage: rich, this stage people will take the time to look at their feelings, the more attention to the feelings, the easier to find for themselves


Stage 3: It doesn’t matter, people in this stage will think about the universe, Buddhism, etc., because they think the seven deadly SINS of human nature are too vulgar to think about them.

In the current society, the first stage is the most people, then the second stage, and the relationship counseling programs are basically made by the second stage people.


When dismantling the project, the habit of their own when leek, experience the whole process of being attracted to the deal.

I passed

Social networking Sites



Quora, search engine four channels to understand, respectively found that the front-end process of each channel is not exactly the same, the back-end is basically the same.

If all four channels speak, length

It’s longer, so pick it

Social networking Sites

Let’s do it on this platform, and here’s why

Social networking Sites

This platform has a low threshold for small entrepreneurs like us.


Social networking Sites

The drainage

In any platform to do drainage, can not be separated from the following points



Drainage mode

If you think about it, don’t you.


Social networking Sites

I read at least one

I summarized the contents of 100 accounts.

Classification from presentation form:


Real people show up to take selfies

Video mixing clip

Type of Book List

Text and text:

Draw a picture to show

Background image + copy


In terms of content:

Redemption, dating coaching, finding a partner, emotional chicken soup, etc

Among them, the most realized value, the most profiteering is to recover


Once you’ve simply sorted it out, it’s time to see for yourself what’s right for you.

Some people say they look good, the mirror sense is strong, can shoot their own video, then show their face.

Some people say they are good-looking, but don’t want to show their face, want to do mixed cutting, want to do carrying and so on.

Choose the right way to play, yes

A lot of way out, do not know what you are suitable for then one by one to try.

Register an account → edit an account → Find content → publish content → optimize content

Basically register and edit this everybody knows, the most important thing is don’t know where to find the content, how to optimize.

Source of Content:

First, you have to think about the question,

What kind of content will users like?

Because bubble net earn I found that a lot of people when doing content always put others as a fool, casually from the Internet pieced together something sent, the statement is impassable, up and down do not connect, and then ran over to ask why no flow.

You put the platform and the user fool, that also shows yourself

He’s a fool. A fool doesn’t work.

If a user wants to know you and pay you, there are only two possibilities

You speak well, I agree with you, no reason, just want to send you some money, like you, want to contact with you more

The problem you are talking about is exactly the problem I am facing now, and I need your help to solve it

Because I’m in the service business, and the people who pay me are both of those people.

Based on these two points, work backwards to solve the problem for the user.

Users want to recover, so tell how to recover; Users want to learn how to tease girls, then talk about how to tease girls.

You tell him what he wants to hear, he approves of you.

The above

It’s a little bit empty. Let’s get some dry stuff.

Go directly to Quora,


Above search related keywords, such as how to recover

This is what you’re looking for, and you’re done!

What? You don’t even know how to copy?

A change of background, a change of music, a change of font is original.

Why is it original? Because you can’t find anyone original, just a few words, you

How do you find it?

At the beginning of what you don’t understand, never you feel, you think it is wrong, if you are right, you already have money.

The right way to learn a project is to find the best peers and copy them.

After you find the content, you make it. You can’t talk about that. There are too many cases

Come out. Maybe in the future I’ll do a course on that

Social networking Sites

How to do the content out, the article can’t write.

The most important thing is to optimize the content.

Here are some of the problems you’ll encounter once you post your content

No flow

Be delete

Number of title

I couldn’t get my contact information

It was blocked before it was sent

… A million questions

At this point

Wait is an important time to test your ability.

I have said before that the biggest difference between people is to solve problems. Most people can’t do a project and give up when they encounter problems, while those who can succeed no matter what they do solve problems.

Take these questions one by one

No traffic is no referral

The root cause is that your content system feels no one to see, to change the content (someone may have questions, I copied this is high praise ah, why the content is not good? High praise, is the high praise on other platforms, not

Social networking Sites

The reason why I want you to copy the “like” is because he has a higher probability of traffic than no “like” probability)

Content violation, so deleted (you will say that you have no illegal content, others can write why can’t you write? On this point, there is also a bit of luck, sometimes send the same content will appear this situation, the only solution is to change the content test is not the account problem)

Account number violation,

May be left contact information, did not resist the report, the solution is not to leave, or through other ways to stay

Comments, private messages, home page, etc

Something is wrong with the number

There are a lot of questions.

Here, the drainage part is just smoothed again, the specific operation or video course, later

It will come out.

Two, flow conversion

The user is

Social networking Sites

Advertising attracted to add to wechat, I as a user also went to experience a few.

As a user, I care about the following three points

His circle of friends packaging does not attract me

Is he an authority?

I wonder if he can help me out

Circle of friends packaging this problem, if it is I want to look for this

In terms of service, there are cases in his circle of friends, such as transaction, after-sales service and company diagrams, which can convince me.

Circle of friends to create bubble net to earn temporarily also not much, later will be a set of courses to talk about this problem.

Basically speaking, that’s the core, their basic operations are

Add to wechat, and then have a few

Set of fixed words to reply to me, let me spend hundreds of dollars to buy a half hour of telephone consultation, and then in the process of telephone consultation let me buy a month, the price is basically 3000 starting.

Each institution has a different word, but the meaning is the same.

For words, do not recommend that you study, directly

Just move theirs, and if they can connect to the back end, then directly ask the back end organization to provide the skills.

3. Back-end services

After the user pays, it’s the customer service back end’s turn to help him solve the problem.

How to find the back end?

I went straight to Amazon, found a few high-volume ones, asked them if they were willing to cooperate, basically

Are willing to cooperate.

And they provide front-end conversion technology, back-end also signed contracts, the company is also in Guangdong.

If you want to solve the problem for the customer, it is recommended that you go to the exam, but there is a pit, because

So don’t be blind, this little friend he used to do emotional counseling (in the company when

After sale, and later resigned due to unreasonable company share), and then quit.

To conclude:

The project is a good project, quite profitable, quite violent, the market is always there, there are always people enter and exit, any project is the same, blindly follow the wind is not as good as a steady fight to pick a suitable for their own.

It’s gonna be a lot more

Share the project.

If you have questions about the project, please leave them in the comments section.

Dismantle the social networking site emotional counseling project, a super long-term, formal, profitmaking, monthly income of more than 10,000 project

Dismantle the social networking site emotional counseling project, a super long-term, formal, profitmaking, monthly income of more than 10,000 project


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