Novel distribution profiteering money-making projects, the alternative gameplay of millions of fans


With the development of the Internet, there are a lot of money-making projects, especially some popular platforms such as


, large flow, access to many channels, naturally make money very fast, for example, novel distribution is a good project, good operation into the day to attract millions of fans is not difficult.

All we have to do is find a point from which to start

I can understand the context of a project, such as the one I’m going to talk about today, without any difficulty, even if

A novice

They can also start very fast.

The reason why I talk about this project is that I accidentally saw the advertisement information in a wechat group. Although it is an advertisement, the amount of information is very large, which is self-media

Body trading group, this group is mainly to buy and sell some we media accounts.

Such as public accounts, headlines,


The transaction of such “We Media” accounts as “Haohao” and “Kuaishou” is a project in itself, so I pay more attention to these information.

Often see some we media large

, hundreds of thousands of fans said to sell, sometimes also feel very curious, do these accounts are so simple? Or drainage is a small thing.

Recently, I saw a “we media” account. In fact, there was a lot of information in the introduction. The accumulated recharge was 66W, and then the fans came from multiple sources


This is worth studying


Not to mention that this account number sold 20W, only 66W recharge is from


“, indicating that the number has been relied on


Drainage earned 66W, if it is CPS paid, also has nearly half of the income, this is beyond doubt.

Forget the public account novel, lean


How can it be drained

So many fans, but also a novel realization of the public account, just for this recharge amount,


This wave of fans is absolutely of very high quality.

So if we also do such a public number, how to drainage how to make money?

In fact, there is a novel distribution platform, this can build their own

Build can also go to an agent, 100 search novel distribution, do this bid to get customers or a lot of companies, such a platform generally does not exist the problem of novel copyright.

Here’s what we need to be aware of


Drainage, which is the core key of the whole project, because the public number is a closed loop ecosystem, if not

Traffic import, its own is no way to cash, so traffic acquisition is extremely important.

So, based on the analysis of the traffic properties of novels, we know that most of these fans are boring fans, pan fans, watching novels and movies, most of them are like this, so how do we


What about diverting that kind of traffic?

Let’s take a look at this


Account, basically can be sure that this is a novel account, and the number of fans is relatively large, about more than 600,000 fans.

Moreover, there are several videos with very good likes placed at the top, which is also a common method of promotion for short videos, placed in the top advertisement or account

High praise video, used to increase the weight of the account.

Here I think everyone can do, nothing more than to show the content of the novel in the form of pictures and with a piece of music, plus a cover, but such a video, there is no drainage interface.

In other words, the diversion of the video is very hidden. See the image below

Here I am

We can see that there is no diversion copy in the whole video, just @another account in the comment area, and there must be information in the other account to direct the flow to the public number.

Because we mainly do the content of the entire account is large, large drainage method is easy to violate the rules, so to avoid risks,

With large content @ a small, we do drainage copy on the small above, pointing to the public number.

In this way, we not only avoid the risk of novel account, but also direct the flow of users, which is a commonly used drainage method at present.

There is another way, I have seen more hidden, is the color flow of fans drainage

“, the whole short video is ten seconds, a woman is doing all kinds of seductive actions and expressions, there is no word, the title is normal, the label is normal, the personality signature, the account name, and even the comment is ok.

I would like to know how he is to do fan diversion, after careful study of the account, bubble net to earn me

Now, that short video with music, the name of the music is plus V: XXXXX, it has to be said that this is also a very covert method of diversion.

Like this account, it is not difficult for us to do the content, copy the beginning of the novel and paste it directly on the wordboard, and then take a screenshot of the wordboard one by one

Put up, is the content, the most difficult is the drainage is not blocked.

There are even friends who do fiction distribution, in


Drainage by the cover picture of the assembly, from last year we do this kind of film and television clips are like which cover a poster, this way is also used in drainage.

This one up here is a utilization seal

Face, 6 pictures pile together to form the account of drainage words, also do not lose is a good method.



This kind of short video traffic is very exaggerated, as long as we can continue to output content, the traffic is basically no problem, the problem is that this kind of account is particularly easy to be blocked, so we should master the correct citation

Flow mode.

At this point, I think you should have a very clear idea of this project in your heart. To make money is to repeat the way you have found out. If a


I’ll bring you 100 powder a day. Those 10


What about Matrix number? It’s 1,000 followers a day. Can the money be far behind


Novel distribution profiteering money-making projects, the alternative gameplay of millions of fans


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