Share a zero-cost money-making project — Quora Good things recommendation, let you easily achieve a monthly income of more than ten thousand.


Today, I will continue to share with you a zero-cost money-making project — Quora Good Things Recommendation. Although I’ve shared it many times before.

Online project update iteration is relatively fast, we try to find some big platforms when choosing projects. The advantage is that the project is sustainable, long-term, relatively stable profit.

I am

Day to share with you Quora good things play.

Generally, there are several steps as follows:

1. Preparation

2. Open the right to recommend good things

3. Choose the product

4. Recommend tips

5. Precautions

1. Preparation

The early preparation of Quora good things is relatively simple, you only need a mobile phone, mobile phone card can start to do

. Download the Quora software and register the Quora account.

2. Open the right to recommend good things

The official opening permission of Haowu recommendation has been changed many times. We can search Quora Haowu recommendation in the search box of Quora

“Good Stuff recommendation creators open recruitment!” Inside is the official

Fang’s recruitment conditions

This opening rule has also gone through a number of changes, now basically has been finalized

Current application requirements:

1. Creator level ≥ 4;

2. Account registration period ≥ 90 days;

3. No violation of Quora Community Management Regulations in the past 90 days;

4. Application for personal account only

Please, organization number is not supported.

The general difficulty is that the level of the creator is not to level 4, this is generally a day to send the original article, half a month can be to level 4, you can go to apply

3. Choose the product

The selection is divided into two pieces, one is to choose the platform, one is to choose the goods.

Quora good things recommendation can be promoted on the platform: Jingdong

, Amazon, Pinduoduo, Suning, Meituan, Quora itself and other platforms.

The characteristics of each platform are different. Amazon has more groups, and the price of Pinduoduo customers is cheaper, while the price of Jingdong customers is relatively higher. It’s up to you to make your own choices.

Then there is the choice of goods.

Choose goods to bubble

I have several directions to earn money online

1. What you are good at or interested in

Men love cars, women love beauty. Everyone has their own relative interest, or contact more industries and products.

We can choose what we are good at and what we like to do, so that we can get off to a good start and get better at it


2. Seasonal goods

Seasonal goods are very easy to say, hot days to sell air conditioning, fans, cold days to sell down clothing, down comforter, this kind of seasonal line of products, the basic written out after a single rate quickly.

3. Look for high-commission products

High commission products are more profitable, we sell a high commission product earn more money than others

People can make more money selling a dozen products.

4. Find peers with high sales

Really do not know what to recommend, go to the official account to see peers in the push of what products

5. Find hot items

Data analysis platforms such as Xinbang and 5118 can be mined

Let me tell you one of my selection principles, first from the good lead

Domain search, and then find a good field in the commission and unit price are relatively high, and then to get familiar with the product, write good tweets, this effect will be much better, but also relatively easy.

4. Recommend tips

With soft text, this is a piece of cake for students with good writing skills, but for students who will not write, on

It’s a disaster.

I recommend some writing skills to you

1. Write advertorials from everyone’s questions

Select the goods, find the problems of this kind of goods that you are concerned about in Quora, and record them one by one. When writing the article, write the answers according to the corresponding questions into the article. The advantage of this approach is that you can directly hit the users

Pain points, improve the transformation.

2. Write comparison essays

After choosing the product, take out another product to write a comparison, write out the advantages of both products, add some of your own ideas


Plain into the article. Because such user groups are more accurate, they come in for the two goods, article

Here it is. Put in the links for both items. Buy A or B.

3. Learn from your peers

There is no shortcut to writing, just write more. Really will not, see more peer articles, from their articles, combined with their own ideas to write out. I didn’t know how to write articles, but I wanted to get in

The first step is to constantly push yourself.

4. Recommend writing skills

Product description, this general find users roughly understand the parameters of the product, do not focus on writing, also do not write too much, to avoid customer aversion.

Immersive description, this is very important, to have a sense of immersion, let the customer have a sense of personal experience.

What will happen if the customer has this product?

5. Precautions

1. Lightning protection products (medical products, financial products, adult products and government-controlled products should not be touched).

2 try to be original, even if plagiarized, also must not directly handling, serious will be sealed.


Comment section do a good job of interaction, people ask timely answer.

The gameplay is simply introduced to you here, and you can communicate with me if you want to know more about it.

Here are some recommended courses:

Wolf ShuQuora accurate drainage 9.0, Quora Good product realization technology (21 video courses language instruction)

Quora good things push

Recommended sideline course: matrix multi account high commission secret, ordinary people can also sideline into more than ten thousand a month

To sum up

Quora good things play, in fact, and e-commerce, Second hand goods trading platform, Amoy, etc., have in common. Online projects are one-size-fits-all, and the rules may vary a little from platform to platform, as long as we’re good at playing on one platform

Then to do the rest of the platform when you can very quickly get started.

Share a zero-cost money-making project — Quora Good things recommendation, let you easily achieve a monthly income of more than ten thousand.


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