Revealed: a rare project, ota hotel agent into 500,000 a year!


I checked a lot of information about ota agent today, and here I will give you a brief popularization

What is an ota agent?

01. Simply put, through some methods, a certain amount of margin is injected into the OTA platform (Ctrip, Feizhu, Meituan and other platforms are called ota platform), so that the ota platform

They’ll give us a port.

02, port, we can go to the hotel resources in major cities, to talk about cooperation, through certain words and skills to reach an agreement with the hotel, get the hotel agent, the agent price must be cheaper than usual, as for how much cheaper to see the situation of each hotel.


Then we can put these agents to the hotel room rate information to their own port OTA platform (Ctrip, Feizhu, Meituan…) ! As shown in the following figure, the agent is the hotel ota agent, one by one to earn the price difference.

How do ota hotel agents make money?

01, their own agent, such as

Above, 1330


The hotel, through skilful negotiation, got 900


I posted the price of this hotel on my ota platform, and the price is 1147


So the difference is 247


/ single! This is not a one-time deal, as long as the user orders through my message

Hotel, I can get the 247


Is equivalent to pipeline revenue.

There are two difficulties here. One is how to get ota to give us a starting point? It is understood that tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of deposits are required, which is difficult for most people; The second is how to talk with the hotel agency agreement? The words technique

How skills are not available!

02, join, although the franchise is a little more limited, but can solve the above two difficulties. Save a lot of time cost and quick start, through the search keywords I found a lot of ota articles, add again, most of them are to do investment.

I talked to a couple of them,

The first one was cute. I asked ota how to make money. She says it pays to be an agent! I said how do you become an agent? She said 16,800! I was a bit annoyed, and instead of replying, she sent me a “?” Ok, I reluctantly explained that it was too expensive, the result came a “too expensive to find someone else to go”, mutual deletion

! This year is not a good Lord, but this 16800 cut leek is too obvious, I hope the fool can be a little less. But later I met a good, enthusiastic to introduce me ota and patient explanation, than heart!

It only costs 2000


A deposit is enough to support the site visit. I understood through conversation

The essence of this project is actually to attract investment to earn franchise fee order sharing, or like the above pure franchise fee cut leeks, or earn order sharing…

It’s not easy to talk about a hotel, but it’s not easy to talk about a hotel. It’s like when you sell houses in sales, but you get a higher commission

I have done real estate sales, so I understand that the elimination rate is very high, to my understanding of everyone, 77, 78, 80 people are not this urine stick to it!

Therefore, this ota agent only talks about hotels as an agent, without strong execution ability or sales

Ability, it’s hard to make money. Of course, it is still very profitable to do investment and join, on the one hand, you can collect the agency fee, on the other hand, anything big base, the result is different, like the company sales, a company dozens of sales, may not make money, but there are four or five money is enough to feed

One company, it’s a probability event!

As for my view on this project, it is more suitable for the form of the company or the studio to attract investment, because the industry is still relatively cold, no one brings the novice into the door, by reading a few articles basically no chance, so people like new things.

Revealed: a rare project, ota hotel agent into 500,000 a year!


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