The takeaway CPS project earns 100 per day, and the revenue from simple promotion is doubled


Recently, cps is really popular outside, and there are many people in the circle alone making money from this project. However, the cost of customer acquisition of CPS is too high. If we just start now, we still need some input costs.

Takeaway CPS is a red envelope coupon that allows users to place orders

And we can also get a rebate from the platform. This is a win-win project, making money from promotion.

Of course, I have written such a take-out project before. Not long after the take-out red envelope came out, the appropriate push can have a good performance. This friend to some office buildings and universities to do promotion work

Move, the effect is OK, but now there is a new way to play.

Now almost every platform you see has this kind of food delivery information flow advertisement, which is also a trend. I wrote the same food delivery advertisement on the “We media” for a thousand times, but no one scanned the code and placed an order, but I got it


On the information stream advertising, Li

Orders are coming in at the drop of a dime, literally.

I think this project is most suitable for people who do not have a project at present. Why? Because I think this project has no threshold, as long as it is promoted, it can make money, and there is no technology to speak of. Even without any promotion, ordering takeout by oneself can save money.

This is like the former Amoy customer, Amoy customer for so many years, still can do, and can do very well, is because of the expression, Amoy customer to themselves as an example to tell you that I can not only make money but also save money, the outside cps, and I think the current selling point single quantity, this project at least

We’ll see how long it takes to do this with all the delivery guys running around the street.

The popularity of delivery red envelopes is not just a fad, it is in great demand. Meituan and Ele. me, the two giants of the current delivery platform, most office workers in office buildings eat takeout during the day, while those in residential buildings at night do not want to cook

Just order takeout.

It seems that these red envelopes have become the market demand, if anyone has cheap red envelopes, who can seize more market share, this itself is a project with poor information, or relatively little money, many people do not know, and many people do not want to do.

So does this takeaway cps make any money at all?

I give big

Home to calculate an account, take my own, I a single average consumption is about 20, then this single word, to the promotion commission is about 1 dollars, this seems to be not much, but it is not much, I this person lazy, praise return 3 5 pieces of card, I have a set, never exchange

I’m flattered.

If a single order is a commission of 1 dollars, how many people buy through your coupon every day, how much commission, then you promote 100 people, there will be 100 dollars of income and this is a long-term calculation, it does not mean that he won’t eat the next meal.

It’s really simple. This commission

The model said ten thousand times, you do not push it is useless, and at present, I personally think there is no project better than this promotion prospect.

So what we need to do is to build our own automatic red envelope distribution system, and then automatic transaction, waiting for the platform to give us settlement.

So the best platform to build such a system is

Is a public number, pay attention to the automatic pop-up red envelope link, the red envelope link can guide us to use this coupon, more convenient.

So how to build a public number this is no longer detailed, relatively simple, a few hundred dollars to buy a takeout system or directly to pick up an agent, here I suggest you the best is to find

Percentage of the platform, if the platform claims not to earn our money, then it this platform can long, not symbiotic generally hang fast.

Ok, so back to the project, here we have built the platform, we need to do more traffic, promote the core of the platform and I always think we need to do it from several directions, if

Now still staring at the line of the ground to push, not can’t, but the effect will be greatly discounted, online several directions:

Some high flow platforms with automatic reply are good platforms for passive customers, such as Xianyu, it can set automatic reply, here we do not come up is to get coupons to place orders, provincial XXX, so flat

Taiwan will also block our account, to a product map to guide users click consultation is better.

There are many copywriters on Quora, which basically use stories to promote the delivery link. I used to be cheated so much, but suddenly I saw this coupon, and the result was every

Less than five dollars for a meal, you know.

In addition to the number of wechat groups, this requires us to have a lot of groups, just like Tao customers, to build their own groups, every day in the group to promote a variety of coupon information, every day to help you suggest what to eat.

This is only recommended for your own group, and the rest of the groups are basically like this

Second kick, promotion is in grab other people’s resources, do not need to be too concerned about, many people early to do projects hit a wall is much more difficult than this, kick also want to hair, take the opportunity to send a wave.

So far, I’ve found takeaway cps to be a good program, at least for beginners, and current

The company has just entered the dividend period. Our domestic take-out market has not completely broken out, and the lazy consumption of users has not been fully stimulated, so it is worth laying out now.

The takeaway CPS project earns 100  per day, and the revenue from simple promotion is doubled


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