Low cost cash project of old photo restoration, 10 days cash of $100,000


Today, I would like to share with you a relatively good project I have done in recent days — old photo restoration. I can quickly accumulate a batch of private traffic while getting fast money. In 10 days, I realized 9.7w, and my wechat personal account was passive.

And today,

Share it for free.

At that time, I came into contact with this project about ten days ago, which is around March 25. At that time, I first saw the video of old photos and saw the comment section of that video. I immediately thought that this project could definitely make a wave of quick money

Have been cut a few times leek, although nothing to learn, but at least the redrawing software done, software to buy 980, finally give a person cut 680, drawing software is finally to bubble net earn me.

Now let me tell you my operational thinking of doing this model:

Volume – customer conversion – production

Than — steady development — live streaming

When I was researching this mode, I found a problem. The project of restoring old photos has very precise users with very high demand points. Even if it only has a playback volume of 500, people would come to you to restore the photos


Following this line of thinking, there were three straight up that day


Each account updates 3 times, which is no doubt about 500 plays. Then synchronize these 9 contents to a Kuaishou account (one per hour, about five times).

The result is synchronized to the 5 bars above the Kuaishou, each of which is 1

Around 000 plays (5000 plays that day),

In addition to that


A total of 1500 plays were played that day, draining 7 people and converting 3 people (90


), directly take the money invested in, continue to enhance the weight of the account.

The next step is to start the production ratio. The first time I put in two works 50,

About two hours to get 30 customers, convert 5; Without hesitation, I directly put in 300, the flow began to increase, the time should be 11 o ‘clock at night;

After the flow up converted about 200 dollars, directly invested 800 again, the total amount of play that night should be between 10-30w, to the next morning

That’s a total of 700


“, and only converted a few users. (The only thing that dared me to follow up was what a bunch of users told me: “I don’t have the photo, go home and get it in a few days.”)

The next day, the account continued to follow the casting. In the afternoon, the account began to explode, and it played about 1000w within a week (new number 1

It is impossible to test the production ratio after the account is up. I directly invested 1600 into an account that was up yesterday, but the turnover of yesterday was almost the same as that of the previous day. There is no need to do it after the account is up, just do it with the new number.

On the third day, another account was created

It’s the same model that goes through the roof: you take a ton of money, you invest it, you don’t invest a dime if you don’t make a dime,

The second account did not invest much money, only 200 dollars, because according to the data collection and reduplication of old photos on the whole network, the old man’s videos are more likely to explode.

A comparatively vicissitudes of life itself is an old man belongs to a point of view, and then add music copy, plus a dynamic effect, what is the reason not to explode?

Those who do the stars, do the young mom and dad counterparts, in my opinion is stupid, because the bubble network to earn my side of the drainage and the deal,

The pictures that need to be repaired are all old men and women. Even if the flow is better, can the transformation have me this high?

Finally, I will give you a detailed idea of the whole model

1. Start with 3-5 accounts and spend 5-10 cents per day. It takes 5-10 minutes to cut a slide, 5 cents per account per day

You only need 3-5 hours, and you can do it within your capacity.

(Really don’t need a special number of accounts, after I set up three accounts, I immediately set up 20 mobile phones, but 20 accounts to reach 5 more, it is impossible to edit, two people can edit a day to keep 5 more, it is better than less number more

Anyway, the final result is the same. What’s the difference between bubble net earning 1 dollars per day for 20 accounts and 10 dollars per day for 3 accounts?

2, material, material to find some old ladies, do not use some young, star, I have said above, vicissitudes of life old ladies even with a copy with

Sad BGM can explode, not to mention to add an old photo dynamic effect;

Stars such as: Zhang Shaohua, Wu Mengda, the flow is large, but the conversion is poor, users can not associate their grandparents, grandparents; And there is also a point, because the flow is good, do more people, the original

You can’t even get through it, so why bother.

3, production ratio, a one-time 3-5 accounts, in the case of cash, take the money to put the pod, 3-5 accounts inside there will be a good data, staring at the data is good direct investment on the line, similar people put, as long as cast out

Keep in mind that this project has nothing to do with the time period. The first account I opened is all launched in the early morning, which is no different from that in the afternoon. This project is a demand group and a product prone to impulsive consumption, which has nothing to do with the time period

It does.

(In my opinion, an account only needs about 1000, and no more is necessary. I think someone wants to ask where this 1000 comes from. The money made by free flow in the early stage is invested, and then there is transformation, continue to invest, step by step superposition, rather than preparing 1000 dollars directly to put in, rich

, or for those with a hard head try……

Don’t for the early those petty profits have been to do free traffic, with the money to make the account one by one, then you don’t have to invest money, and all are free of large flow, drainage down the mass of selfish traffic is not also can do a second turn


4, the conversion of private domain traffic, many users plus you, are not in the hands of the photos, after a few days to go home to take the photos to find you repair, this itself is an impulse consumption of products, the day can not be converted, behind it is more and more difficult to transform, users are easy to forget, this time you need to use the circle of friends to stimulate

(We are all doing private domain traffic good hands, how to scrunchie don’t need me to teach it)

5. Live streaming

In the case of the flow of the account must be open live, live conversion to outrageous, drainage 100 people, transform 70, because in the process of live broadcast, the user knows your price, he can also look at you in the repair

Figure, more assured, looking for you to repair the figure is holding the psychology of paying. No flow when there is no need to live, although there is a transformation, but no people in the broadcast room, the transformation of a few single, it is better to cut a few pieces of film to send a, more easy.

The above is about the old photo project to share, personally feel this is a

If you want to test a short and fast project, there is no problem, and the monthly income of more than 10,000 dollars is still a chance, but if you want a monthly income of 100,000 plus, it may not be realistic. Generally speaking, the project is quite good, suitable for many people to do a sideline.

Low cost cash project of old photo restoration, 10 days cash of $100,000

Low cost cash project of old photo restoration, 10 days cash of $100,000


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