Information poor small project, novice daily minimum 100


The birth of a project is often accompanied by the exploration of a need. Behind all money-making projects on the Internet are a bunch of problems waiting to be solved. If you can solve these problems, you can make money.

You see the problem, you’re trying to fix it,

This is the process of a project being developed, and if there is still a market for it after it is fully formed, it can be executed in batches.

To make money, we must help others to solve the pain points. A profiteering project must help others to solve the super big pain points for a long time. Otherwise, many times it will be a flash in the pan


These days, I found a profiteer project on the Internet and brought it to talk with you. Actually, it is just a matter of poor information, but it can completely solve people’s pain points. Making money around humanity is naturally very profitable.

For example, we often receive some marketing calls in our daily life, like the bubble net I only made 100 last time

I checked the house prices in Sanya and over the next few months, I was called by almost a dozen real estate sales people.

When we usually answer marketing calls, we often see such as real estate, insurance, express delivery, intermediary, fraud and other similar phone prompts, that is to say, we

You can choose to answer or not to answer these calls.

This kind of word call prompt is also greatly convenient for our life, as long as people mark more, there must be a problem, so we will not pick up, but think about it for a moment, if you are doing telemarketing sales, you would be willing to let their phone number be marked?


Of course, as long as many customers see these calls, they will basically hang up directly, affecting our sales promotion. Therefore, the pain point of this customer came, that is, how to cancel the call was marked.

There is a demand, there will be a market, first from the problem to find the answer, let’s see how to do

Can untag a number like this.

A lot of people do not know how to do, must be to search the answer on the Internet, we searched, found a lot of single page bidding in this project, it must be earned, after all, Google bidding is very need to spend money, a project if bidding is also done, almost that profiteer.


I consulted about the unmarked quotation of the bidding single page, almost all in a word of 100 or so. I randomly found a former harassing phone call to me, and then the customer service told me 100



Online to do this kind of business is very many people, like a treasure inside, I checked, do this kind of service is very

Much, relative to the price of a single page bidding, is very cheap, then why Google’s bidding of a single page is very market?

This is precisely the reason for the poor information, although said in a treasure 10




Can do, but a lot of people still can’t think of finding services from here, more is hoping to search some from Google

Answer out, and most of these answers are Google bidding advertising.

That even if Amazon, in fact, sales are very high, basically in thousands of people, if you want to choose, is willing to believe the single page above the advertising or willing to believe a treasure?

It’s just that there will be some other attachments in the bidding

The addition of items is not allowed in some e-commerce platforms, that is, the scope of bidding is relatively wider, not only to cancel the phone mark, but also may be some map merchants, enterprise number authentication and so on.

So how much does it cost to cancel the tag?

It actually costs almost nothing to de-tag. I

By searching “Code number Service promotion Group” on Google, we can find out exactly what content is marked on our mobile phones. The number marking service of Code number service promotion Group is the number query provided to users. Those information about what is marked on mobile phones can be directly checked on this platform.

Clearly marked flat

There are a lot of channels, such as some anti-virus software, such as 360 mobile phone guard, Tencent mobile phone butler, Google mobile phone butler and so on. In addition, some special apps also provide such services, such as Teddy Bear, phone butler, Ali Money Shield and so on.

These are all platforms where you can appeal, and

The process is not complicated at all, it is a zero cost lying to earn project, many people do not know this information is poor, ask this to find that, in fact, it is very simple, you can do.

Want to do this project, this kind of drainage to find customers is also more, you can find a mobile phone number to register a wechat, this

Wechat circle of friends is packaged as a service to clear the number mark for others, using this mobile phone number to leave some footprints on the Internet, such as registration, consultation, purchase, join and so on a series of activities, and then waiting for those marketing personnel to call you.

Usually you don’t need a guide like this. I’ve seen 10

Pin, almost 10 will take the initiative to add wechat, then they can see my door circle of friends out of the packaging of the project, so that virtually increased the transformation.

This is also the closest, fastest, and most effective way to find potential target users that I have concluded is very effective.

Information poor small project, novice daily minimum 100


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