3 wechat group profiteering projects, traffic acquisition and realization


No matter what project you do, the flow is almost throughout the whole project, so the project is the process of getting the flow, the back-end realization is good, no flow all is useless, useless.

So if we do a project that’s all about traffic, we might as well just do a traffic project, get traffic and then

Resell them to people who need them, so that they can also be monetize by selling fans, and relatively quickly.

Today we are going to talk about the operation of wechat group to monetize, which involves the application of several powder, how to monetize also needs to reasonably connect the resource channel according to the actual situation, but without exception, as long as there are fans, monetize is not difficult.

Distribution of fiction

As long as the novel distribution is mentioned, I think we all know that it is to promote the novel to achieve the user recharge, we earn commission purpose, of course, the novel distribution platform here is wechat group.

Of course, most of the groups we contact are pan-fan groups, so there is no special distribution of novels

Read groups, so we have to constantly expand the number of their wechat groups.

In fact, the promotion of novel distribution is brainless. There is no saying that I will introduce my novel to people properly, and then the users may feel good, and then pay. There is no such time in the information age, and we are basically one-to-many.

As long as the copy is customized

To, will directly send all the wechat group, to ensure the audience rate of the novel copy, the vast majority of people do not like to see it is very normal, as long as a few can pay to read, our purpose has reached.

Before a special wechat group of novel distribution friends said that their own a novel distribution platform, every day

There are hundreds of recharge, of course he has more than a thousand groups, dozens of mobile phones, this cycle can indeed make money.

Considering there are so many groups, I also do some numerology projects, such as palm reading and facial reading, which seems to be better than the novel distribution, and more people pay for this, of course, this also

Not a one-time payment on the end, after reading the palm to see the face, after seeing the object, and then see the family.

At this point, some friends may suddenly react, why used to see people in the group suddenly sent a sentence, saying that this person looks very accurate, and then threw a link, in fact, is big data

It’s a presentation. We’re just promoting it.

Disposal of cargo

This is a recent few days a friend to find bubble net earn I chat about cooperation project extension.

This friend of mine has a few wechat groups, of course, also means a little fans, not many may be thousands of people or some, what he does is to deal with the tail goods

, factory tail goods, e-commerce tail goods and a series of low-cost products.

Tail goods this we should know, is the rest of the products, throw is not, sell is not that kind of products, but most of this product is not edible products, mainly concentrated in the beauty makeup and home, after all, housewives like to find some tail goods.


With these groups, there is a monthly income of 20,000 to 30,000 dollars, and sometimes the supply is in short supply, the factory’s goods are not enough for his family to sell, so he even went to the Fujian factory to look for supplies.

In fact, it is a few groups, can have such a big profit, the front end of this project is wechat group fans, and he is the middle

The role of business, behind the docking is the factory, it can be said that there is no wechat group fan flow, the project will cool.

Sell your fans

We have experienced the realization of fans, and we need to specially manage a certain type of fans. It doesn’t matter whether the platform is used. We just need to attract fans

You get fans.

Of course, if you want to stick to it for a long time, it is better to do subdivision, after all, it is easier to drainage fans vertically.

For example, color powder, we can attract fans on the short video platform through some short videos of seducing beautiful women, and these fans can take it to make adult products and other products to connect

Such as acne powder, such attributes of fans in some female platforms, of course, there are other places.

Women’s platforms like

Social networking Sites

These, we use notes to attract these acne powder to add friends, and then sell cosmetics, moisturizing acne products is a way to cash in.

If you have enough energy and money

In this case, we can completely build up a service industry chain by ourselves, from the operation of the front-end platform to the acquisition of traffic and then to the realization of traffic. We can make money by doing this series by ourselves.

If we don’t have that much energy, then focus on one of those spots, or you do a professional flow, a professional drain, and

Sell fans to people who have products, or you specialize in traffic conversion at the back end, ignore the drainage in the middle, and the traffic depends on payment.

These are two ways, but both can achieve long-term stability, after all, on the Internet you solve the traffic problem is just as important as you solve the problem of product monetization.

No matter

No matter how good the project is, there are two problems, the first is the flow, the second is the realization, we talk about wechat group flow is because the use rate of wechat itself is very large, and in wechat do cash transaction is very easy, no need to build another payment.

Do a good job of wechat group marketing, for a lot of projects on the market at present,

The problem is solved straight away.

3 wechat group profiteering projects, traffic acquisition and realization


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