Do ota hotel agents make money? Some people make 800,000 a year!


Someone asked: Do ota hotel agents make money?

I don’t know much about this industry, but I have to look up a lot of materials to understand the operation rules of the project.

Here also give us popular science, hope to enlighten you.


First, what is ota agent?

Briefly, to find the major group purchase way to talk about cooperation agency, and then borrow

The name of the way to talk with the hotel cooperation commission.

In a word is to do a group buying intermediary, to earn the difference.

The process is as follows:

01) In the OTA channel (Ctrip, Feizhu, Meituan and other channels are called ota channel) inject a certain amount of margin, request to open a proxy port.

02) there are ports after the meaning

Our experience of official authorization, this time we can go to the big city hotel resources to talk about cooperation, after certain skills and the hotel to reach an agreement, get the hotel’s agency, access to cheap housing.

03) The agent to the hotel price information hung to their port OTA channel.

The picture below shows modern times

The reason is the hotel ota acting.


Two, ota hotel agent how to get started?

01) Represent yourself.

For example, in the example above, the original price below the line is 1300


Room, as a hotel agent to 900


After the price of 1147


The price is attached to their ota channel,

Net a difference of 247.

This form of revenue is bundled, as long as the user orders the hotel, can get commission, equivalent to a long time forced income.

But in this form, there are also some problems to consider:

How to find ota channel registration proxy port?

What is the margin for each route?

Registration terminal

Can it be operated in batch after the mouth?

How to talk about cooperation with various hotels to get advantageous prices?

02) Join the brand.

If you’re stuck on a project, the best thing to do is consult your peers.

Try to find a way to discuss the form of the peer, negotiation, the process of transformation.

After searching keywords I found many write ot

a article, most of them are to do investment.

Consulted a few, roughly understand its threshold and gameplay.

Whether the project will make money is unclear.

But as a franchisee, fundamentally are in order to earn franchise fee order commission.

Although the other side will offer to talk about the hotel skills and a variety of ways, but in fact must be difficult.


The logic of a project, in fact, and real estate agents are somewhat similar.

Although the commission on each order is good, the hard part is closing the deal.

A good hotel, fundamentally have their own brand operation team, or is now and the official reached a collaboration.

There are very few hotels out there with profit margins. Convert them

You can’t do without pushing and following.

At the end of the day, whether you make money or not depends on your negotiating skills.

But if you look at it differently, there seems to be an easier way to make money than to do a push.

Copy the same as your superiors, to engage in marketing, do traffic, the crowd into the agent, the collection of acting fees simple and rough.

The same can be said for travel, food, movies, performances and so on.

The road, of course, connects all things.

In fact, project or business, can not be separated from this rule.

To make money, either let a group of people make money for you, or you let a group of people make money.

It takes a lot of work to make this work.

Friends with resources can

Try it.

What you don’t have, you should know.

Do ota hotel agents make money? Some people make 800,000 a year!


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