Virtual resources to make money, 5 years from 0 to 1 million, cool!


In the past two years, the results of the national college entrance examination have been released one after another, and a variety of hot searches have also continued.

A lot of Internet counterparts, are thinking about how to rub traffic nuggets.

One of the most simple and crude is this: volunteer counseling.


Choice is not destiny.

For examinees, there are several turning points in life:

Family counts as one


Sats scores count as one,

Volunteering counts as one.

For most kids, volunteering is too important.

When we got our grades, everyone was confused.

Which school has a high standard, a good environment, good professionalism and a high acceptance rate.

Even if there is a thick volunteer to fill in the reference book, what is the most suitable for their own, still touch

Confused, afraid of one wrong decision, the rest of your life is gone.

Society changes so quickly that a sunrise industry may become a sunset industry in four years, and vice versa.

I chose communication engineering as my major. At that time, mobile phones were still 2G era, and the country would soon start to promote 3G, which required a large number of relevant talents

It’s a sunrise industry.

However, after a few years of college graduation, 4G has been commercialized and 5G is also in the promotion plan. What I learned in college, I had very little knowledge to use. At that time, only hating knowledge did not change my destiny, but on the contrary, it became a burden to my thinking.

Looking back now, it was only a small step.


If you really work hard, there are countless opportunities to adjust the direction.

We just didn’t understand it, and neither did our parents.

If you don’t know enough, you should pay your tuition.


Before filling out the application, the school came to a volunteer reference team.

This team is very good, there are many 985 college students.

They shared their ideas

As well as the feeling of studying in college.

In the most vernacular language, gave us young advice and sketched a bright future.

In addition, they summarized their experience and created a personality testing website.

The content of the website, now can not remember very clearly, is probably according to your personality, judge you suitable

What kind of major you want to pursue and which schools are right for you.

Of course, this software is not free, 398 times.

With the previous value output foundation, the sense of trust is strong and the turnover rate is high.

The class of 60, at least 50 people pay, a grade has 10 classes, the conversion rate is estimated each

Class is not much, the final number of transactions, 500 people are some. As for those who didn’t pay, most of them gave up going to college, no one will care what they think.

A school transaction of 200,000 dollars, a county and how many schools?

This kind of personality analysis website, Amazon thousands of pieces can be done, the basic is

Net profit.

Virtual resources make a lot of money, this is my first lesson about the Internet.


In Quora, there is a person named Lao Yang that I admire very much.

He started playing Quora in 2016 and now has 300,000 followers.

In the past five years, he has answered 15,000 questions on Quora’s platform.

If you average it by days

Answer at least 8 questions a day.

So I’m not surprised he’s at the forefront of the volunteer conversation.

People are after profit, he is no exception.

Spend so much time running an account every day, you must make money.

How much money does Lao Yang make? He didn’t say. We could have guessed seven or eight.


The simplest change

Current mode: It’s worth it.

3,111 inquiries, customer price 149, profit 463,000.

On top of that, all of his consultations get a rare 5-star rating.

Pay for knowledge

All of his answers were embedded with links to his own courses.

Click and see, this is his knowledge paid product.

The price is not high, 10-5



Between, but no after-sales automated transaction.

With his output, at least a few hundred dollars a day for every one in a thousand exposure conversions.

Recommendation of good Things

As an opinion leader in the field, bringing goods is also a common means:

If you look at its home page,


I do it in the window, too.

That’s an unknown profit, but it counts

It’s multiple benefits.

Question Answering Community

599/ person, service time from Grade one to graduate.

Every article has this AD message embedded in it, 1000 articles so far.

Conservative estimates of the community paid more than 1000 people, profit of 500,000 is at least.

Other realizations

As for the rest of the cash,

There are many more, not to be specific, such as

Public number advertisement

Training Course Cooperation

Traffic master revenue

Business text generation


All in all, 50,000 dollars a month is really not high for him.

Virtual resources of profiteering, this is the answer to my peers.


Who the hell is Lao Yang? I don’t know.

How much expertise, I don’t know

The tao.

But, epee sword without a edge, constant dripping wears away a stone.

Five years in a field, 15,000 pieces of content, I know.

Users may pay not for how professional they are, but for what they have done, what products and services they have, and whether they need them. If they meet their expectations, they will pay.

Is Lao Yang’s writing difficult


It doesn’t seem too hard to me, just paste and copy.

What is difficult is his persistence.

Where there are so many talents in life, most people are bubble net earn mediocre, may start a business bankrupt, may be emotional frustrations, may work confused, people in this life, to put it bluntly, are in and out of mediocrity do struggle.

Something called success

Work, just rely on persistence, rely on death knock break through that period of mediocrity.

Most of the time, you can get what you want with a little effort.

But you’re lazy, you’re playful, you’re undisciplined, and then you’re obsessed with the idea of getting rich, and you finally find a good career, and then you give up after two days

Round and round and round again.


There are things that people understand at six and people don’t understand at 60.

So that’s it. I hope you found it helpful.

Virtual resources to make money, 5 years from 0 to 1 million, cool!


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