The annual revenue of male project is 3 million dollars. It is a niche market with no capital and huge profits.


“Don’t swim in this river, little boy. There are water ghosts down there.”

That summer vacation, the white sun, eight years old I, swimming in the river.

Uncle A from the next village came to the river to fish. He saw me swimming and said to me:

“A child drowned here many years ago. He became a water ghost and ate children’s penises.”

I’m pressed

Tightly cover their own penis, chicken cool, quickly changed into the backstroke position.

“Go home and play. The water here is very deep. You can’t hold it.”

Uncle pulled out the fishing rod he had brought and began to worm the hook.

I swam to the shore and told Uncle that I had gone home. Uncle smiled and began to scatter.

Come home

After, I rummaged through the closet, found 5 pairs of underwear, a pair of wear up, tightly wrapped his penis.

I like a small superman, and rushed to the river, in a uncle’s surprised eyes, jumped into the river against the sun.

“Hey, Uncle, no one will ever eat my penis again.”

“Then how can I eat it, ha ha ha!” The bed of Lin Xin, leaning in my arms, listened to laugh, to my chest to give two small powder fist.

“And who am I to eat?” “She asked, blinking her bad, pure eyes with mock curiosity.

This question got me thinking for a long time.

Lin Xin is me

A second girlfriend.

When I first fell in love, I was so nervous that I handed in my homework too soon.

This experience has been a big shadow to me.

Until I met Brother Ji in Quora.

He sells yanshi spray. In his words, he is to help people with their penis, called cock is not no way


Because I bought a lot of stuff from him, and he talked to me about everything.

I asked brother chicken: How is the flow of Quora?

Chicken brother said: the quality of the whole network can be the top three, and the flow is also large.

I said, high-quality LSP.

Brother said: Yes, everyone is LSP, it is just a matter of quality.

I said,

Social networking Sites

The trend is also strong now.

Cock says: Not for me.

Social networking Sites

Women make up 78 percent. Let the boys buy lipstick for the girls, let the girls buy spray for the boys, that does not harm people?

I said: Can you tell me how you play Quora?

Chicken brother said: Quora search: delay, the search box pop out of the keywords see

? So that’s the main keyword, and if you click on it you’ll see all the relevant questions, all collected.

And if you scroll down, you’ll see related searches again. That’s the long tail keywords. Collect them all.

In addition, the right side of each question has related questions, also collected.

There’s a peer under every question. Tap him

To collect all the questions they have answered.

I said: That solves the problem of finding precision.

“This is just a rough screening of questions,” says Cocky. Problems are also divided into rising periods, leveling off periods and falling periods. By monitoring the data with relevant software, you can see the number of page views per issue per day.

I say: First choice

The problem of the upswing is followed by the problem of the plateau.

Chicken brother said: there is another index, called cake index. Some questions get a lot of page views per day, but the number of answers is also large, it is difficult to get the top ranking. Cake Index I have a very simple way to measure it, which is cake index = total page views of a problem

÷ Answer the total.

I said: The total number of page views is equal to the cake, and the total number of answers is equal to the number of people who divide the cake. The larger the ratio is, the larger the traffic is allocated. The larger the cake index, the less competition. The smaller the cake index, the more competition there is.

Cock says: Right, of course every problem traffic

It’s distributed, certainly not evenly, 80% of the traffic goes to the top 10.

I said: if it is a new number, then how to call it.

Chicken brother said: the new number with spiral play method. At the beginning, the weight of the new number is not high, to answer the question of high competition is sure to be cannon fodder, so start from the answer number of fewer questions, such as 1

-20 answered questions. Such as their answers can be stable to the top 3 bubble net to earn. Start with 20-50 answers, and so on, then 50-100 answers, 100-200 answers, 200-500 answers, 500-1000 answers, 100

0+ is the answer.

I said: the novice began to play from the novice village, after the small boss, and then play the big boss.

Chicken brother said: of course, if you are strong, you can directly start to answer the moderately difficult questions. That was a more steady play.

I said: just now you said the main keywords and long tail keywords, these two also

What is it used for?

Chicken brother said: main keywords and long tail keywords can be combined into titles, batch articles and videos, do Quora SEO, occupy keyword traffic.

I said: wechat search SEO interception is also this practice.


Chicken brother said: all ways lead to the same destination, the way is the same. Just said Quora play

Method, learn to do other fields in Quora also have no problem.

I said: How do you do the content?

Chicken brother said: do the content is not simple, looking for material ah. Quora so many peer answers, wechat Sogou search corresponding questions on a bunch of professional articles. Learn more and see more, with their own words to summarize and refine, is very Niu force

The contents of the I also bought a male bible on Amazon for 8 dollars before, and after learning the above things, I have become half an expert.

I said: ha ha so coincidence, this information I also have. I haven’t seen it for years.

Chicken brother said: don’t get up, learn how much knowledge is a waste. You learn something, you use it yourself,

Or sell it to someone else. That is the knowledge to change the fate, the optics do not do, that is stupid.

I said: that I used to be a big idiot, like to learn things, a day does not learn things feel very anxious, always feel what is missing. Now every day I don’t do it, I feel bad. It’s changed so much.

Chicken brother said: Then you finally understand. the

Information, a lot of people learned to package their own courses, do training camps, a year is also big millions. Quora focuses on the topic of men’s health, or, more generally, on the penis.

I said: the subdivision of the field of knowledge under the pay, small profiteering market.

Cock said: I want to do that, but I don’t like the trouble. I single

Just sell the spray. I’ll ship the order.

Alibaba’s purchase price is 2.70 dollars and shipping cost is 2.50 dollars. I sell 298, I make 290.

I say: Fuck, you made me $2900.

Chicken brother said: Forget it, give you a proxy. Generally, I give the threshold of the agent is 3000, and the agent is also the income

Part of the

I said: chicken brother I found the source, give you back what agency fee ha ha ha. But I don’t have time to do it anyway.

Chicken brother said: there are really too many projects, just focus on one point. Men’s health, for example, is a market where there are many ways to play, but few ways to monetize compliance. Like a lot of what do you sell

Men’s health care products, sell maca, sell British sweatpants, are IQ tax, but also easy to go wrong, resolutely do not do.

I said: For now, it’s selling spray, selling sex toys, selling male knowledge.

Chicken brother said: male knowledge pay, you can refer to Quora’s black shield, a year to answer 603 questions

Question: Focusing on the topic of men’s health. Diversion to the public account for courses and training camp cash. Then came a black shark, the same pattern.

I said: I see these two have been team, there is no targeting individual ip cases.

He answered 2,110 questions by referring to Teacher Ma from Quora

. Other personal cases refer to iron eggs, Damingding, Ning let the medicine on the cabinet dust, Bubuge and so on.

I said: There are a lot of success stories. There is already a fixed market recognition, diversion model and cash model.

Chicken brother said: to have standard thinking. Do you have a project or an idea for someone else in the market

, and then benchmarked against peers. Disassemble the promotion channel, drainage mode and cash means. A case is a project, of course, but also pay attention to the standard, to check your target is not a special case, such as you on the standard plum seven, it is difficult to succeed, because she many factors have barriers to earn. You want to cross-reference multiple of these

Successful cases, so that to do this market, with the ability to imitate, replicable.

I said: All the cases that I just mentioned are focused on a vertical field, not going along with the crowd, quietly settling in the fields that people don’t pay much attention to, persisting in output, and subdividing the vertical field into the king. Is this accurate

Flow, but also read the content of the wechat, has cultivated trust, the conversion rate is much higher than pure advertising.

Chicken brother said: do a line of love, what field, to do deep, every day to see a lot of data, not experts are experts. Professionalism also determines conversion rates, as well as word-of-mouth for products and services. tao

Resistance and long, long repair far, line and never stop, the future can be.

The annual revenue of male project is 3 million dollars. It is a niche market with no capital and huge profits.

The annual revenue of male project is 3 million dollars. It is a niche market with no capital and huge profits.


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