Share a CCB Wanqian small project, 5 minutes wanqian $50, pro test effective!


Choose a way to make money and grow steadily,

It’s not that hard. If you understand what you will have to face if you don’t choose this path, it may seem too easy.

Today for the fans on the welfare, not to say more, directly to the point:

Wanjian Bank 50


The phone

To be honest, we’ve done this many times,

Every time I masturbated, on my own and my family’s bugles, it was hundreds


The phone bill. It smells good. Save a lot of money on your phone bill every month.

But still many people do not know, this is poor information!

It’s zero masturbation, nothing! It’s really 0 masturbation, nothing! Hold on to masturbation!

Enter the activity page of CCB, 7 tasks completed, you can take

To more than 5000 cc coins, the minimum guarantee can be exchanged for 50


The above phone charges.

Watch this. Seven missions in all. It has to be done.

1. Read comics

Click on the icon, swipe anywhere, 10 seconds to complete the task.

2. Panorama of wealth

Click on the icon to see the wealth map of the various assets you are building.

3. Smart ledger

Click on the icon,

Make an account as you please.

4. Wish management

Click the icon, like Alipay wish to save money, set a wish at will, at least 300


And return to the above activity homepage to receive cc coins.

After receiving the successful wish, the money will not be deducted. Specific operation:

Search “Wish Management” on CCB APP

– Wish Management – top right – Wish Management – Wish termination.

5. Wealth experience

Click on the icon to see the various wealth charts you’re building and check them out.

6. Asset allocation

Click the icon to jump to the CCB APP. Click “Intelligent Optimization” at the lower left corner. Input 1 USD at least and click “Save Plan”.

You don’t have to buy any money. The money can be transferred.

7. Longzhi Investment

Click the icon, similar to Alipay’s smart fund order can, click in, buy 100


That’s fine. Let’s say I buy 100


“Speed ying ” can complete the task.

After the completion of the task to get cc coins, do not want to buy can use the withdrawal method, specific

Action: Go to “My Holdings” – more in the lower right corner – withdraw and return the money.

The above 7 tasks are completed in 5 minutes. Get more than 5000 cc coins and exchange them for 50


Phone charges.

Easy fix ~ a capital cool word!

Event Announcement

Dear event users: Hello, because this event”

“Open the door of 2021 Wealth” task reward total limited, in order to improve user activity experience.

From now on, this activity will distribute the reward share of “Open the door of 2021 Wealth” task at four times every day at 10:00, 14:00, 18:00 and 22:00. The quantity is limited and the reward share is on a first-come, first-served basis.

I wish you success.

Open the door of wealth, find wealth treasure!

There are plenty of rewards, but if they run out, they can wait for the next one.

The following is the activity page. Look at the quantity prompt at the bottom.

Activity entrance: Click on the left side of the bottom of the article to read the original text to enter the main page of the activity, and then slide down to find the Dragon Wealth branch, click

Just go in and join.

This is shown in the figure below.

Finally: there is no reward for this activity. If you want to do it, don’t look at it

Share a CCB Wanqian small project, 5 minutes wanqian $50, pro test effective!


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