With the help of poor information, build quick channels to do software projects, secretly fishing for gold into more than ten thousand a month


Do networking

We will use some platform tools or software online, because this is a fast channel, save time and effort, but many people on the eye, see the market someone need software, there is this demand, early began to sell members, do software station, a year revenue is very good, most of the software, all need to open

Members, need money, but there are more intelligent, not only can save money, more important also can make money, the demand is particularly large, everywhere business opportunities, just treat people to dig, so what business opportunities?


To make money

All right, let’s cut to the chase and get started on today’s project. If you want to make money, keep reading


Nowadays, people like to have a busy day, then take a bath, make a cup of tea, and sit and watch TV series. The most comfortable time in life is watching TV series and listening to music after work. For example, when we watch movies online, we often buy a membership for one month or half a year in order to watch a movie

Amazon or Second hand goods trading platform, directly buy a short-term member

Therefore, grasp the reality of a lot of demand, often is to get rich

For example, I just talked about watching TV series, then open membership is the demand

Or, for a project, the software is the requirement

Also, playing games is too dish, training is the demand

Playing games is too boring, too lonely, playing with


Don’t want to go out to buy food, take-out becomes a need

There are a lot of things, are based on demand, seize the demand, is your road to wealth, you can walk others have paved, you can also step on a road out, but there must be innovation, in short, demand everywhere, see you can not find.

Members on the Internet

As long as we can find the price difference, and then make use of it, for example, with the help of poor information, we sell 2 dollars of goods is a very basic operation

Take watching TV series online as an example. Basically every video APP requires members, but it does not open members. Basically, it takes advertisements, or it cannot be watched directly

Forced inside taste is not, but what can you do, in fact, not much money, basically 10-30


Around, these video software, the monthly membership fee is basically dozens of, for example, iQiyi official membership is 20 per month


But if you go to Amazon Second hand goods trading platform search, the price will be much lower, why? That’s the message

Bad duck comrades, will be a few dollars cheaper, or some cheap half have, the difference between this is the profit of poor information, a lot of people will go to care about, where they come from the resources, it seems that you do not need to care about, you directly take his, take ready-made incense, but also package after sale



That’s right, my iQiyi

The membership just expired. I bought it for three years and it expired at the end of the month

Then I looked at the prices on iQiyi, and then I looked at the prices on other platforms, and I just found a random platform, as expected!

The price is indeed cheap dozens of pieces, save 33 dollars, buy a breakfast, not sweet?


Three dollars of information difference times 3685 orders is 121,605


I don’t know how much profit he makes, but it’s certainly cheaper than the government, unless there’s an official event

There are a lot of people who do not know the poor information, will directly buy on the platform, of course, it is not to say that everyone does not know,

After all, bad information, against those who don’t know, is to make money from those who don’t know


How about actual combat

We can directly move things from other platforms. If someone places an order, we can directly place an order on the platform, and then provide our customer’s mobile phone number for him to open. First of all, we

Bubble net income still need traffic, right, traffic problem, I have shared a lot before, you combined with my previous courses, the flow of good, when you flow enough, fan stickiness is good enough, your circle of friends selling cloth shoes and straw hats can be more than ten thousand a month, today’s project, may not be suitable for everyone, but the information is poor

The way, I hope you can play, play to understand the information is poor, no matter what you do, is to make money that batch of people.

With the help of poor information, build quick channels to do software projects, secretly fishing for gold into more than ten thousand a month


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