Zero threshold portrait turn hand painting, this side project novice can do


With the increasing quality of life, Internet users’ demand for spiritual level is also gradually increasing, so a number of high-quality projects have been extended, such as emoticons, red envelope covers, cartoon figures and so on.

These cartoon characters, which have been micro-processed by software or designers, are very popular on the Internet

We have talked about a money-making project about emojis. Simply collecting emojis on the Internet or making them by ourselves can also make money by selling them through many channels.

So the portrait cartoon we are talking about today is also a blue Ocean project so far. First of all, it has certain demand, because of various social platforms

Our avatar or image photo can be replaced with this cartoon avatar, both hidden and beautiful.

Secondly, it has a certain threshold, this project is not I told you, you can do it immediately today, just because it has a certain degree of technology in it, like hand painted cartoon style, there is a certain threshold.

Of course, if you know how to design or how to use a digital board to draw in Photoshop, it is more convenient, but currently through certain software technology is possible to achieve portrait to hand painting, but not pure hand painting appears more natural exaggeration.

The current way to monetize this project is by making custom portraits of people

Cartoon drawing money, this you may think it is difficult to get customers, but it is not so, like Photoshop old photos project, name project and so on are realized in this way.

So let’s talk about some of the main cash channels.

First, a treasure store, in a treasure store is really can sell our products, itself this

The platform has a high flow rate, and there is some support for the new store. The cost of opening a store at present is probably the deposit.

In terms of price, we refer to the price of our peers, and basically the price range is between 100 and 500, depending on the quality of finished products.

Second, all kinds of online Weike network, here the Weike network refers to the single

Online to this kind of portrait turn hand-painted single platform, such as pig Bajie network, this, we can take orders in the inside can also open a shop to take orders, all right, the most important thing is that the price of Weike net is higher than a treasure.

Because Weike network to the user’s feeling is a professional platform, for this kind of design content will appear more

Some professional, so the unit price above will be slightly higher than a treasure.

Third, YouTube /


Take the order, which is also the current more promising two traffic sources,


There is no need to emphasize the traffic here, as long as it is to do the Internet project, all want to


To grab some of the traffic.

We can override it with matrix accounts

I put forward the definition of keyword. You should know that as long as there is a search engine, there is a keyword, like


A paper wrapped fish matrix account more than 30, as long as the user search paper wrapped fish, the first dozen are

Is his account, this kind of screen control of traffic is also the largest customer.

YouTube operation and


Basically similar, the only more is that you can use the public number to assist the operation, traditionally we operate this project, is to put fans into the wechat, so we hang some hand-painted knowledge in the public number

Knowledge or some of the portrait made to change hands drawing, can precipitate the user.

In the video platform drainage to the users, guide wechat transaction, this is a consistent way, and this way of customers are basically accurate powder, transaction probability is very high.

So after talking about a few simple ways to cash out, let’s talk about this

How to do the human portrait to hand drawing, or how we novices should operate the project.

The first part of the software, this is relatively simple, suitable for beginners, slightly lower customer unit price of portrait conversion.

First, Meitu Xiuxiu, we open Meitu Xiuxiu, there is a toolbox at the bottom, inside the “anime avatar”,

“Talk back Robot”, “Picture Book Age” and some other functions, many functions in Meitu Xiuxiu can be used to transform the hand-drawn style, which you can study.

Second, cut film, cut film can also turn our photos into hand-painted, we find the same style, and then search in the search bar

Comics, there are group photos and solo photos, so it is very easy to convert our photos into hand-drawn style.

Other on the market some portrait to hand-painted software I do not recommend here, interested friends can download their own test, the following and you talk about how to use pure hand-painted to do this project.


If we use pure hand painting, we need a certain art foundation. The main step is to first import our photos into PS, and then follow the photos to draw out, and then color, repair the details.

Here I will give you a simple step: first in the original photo, then add a new canvas over the original image, and adjust

Lower the opacity of the new canvas, then use the digital board to draw the outline of the underlying photo, then bring the opacity down to 100%, color it from the original photo, and finally correct the details.

This is a pure hand drawing step, if you want to exaggerate the look, have the basic skills of composition, and then use Photoshop filter to add one more

Some caricatures and exaggerations


Element, this can also see some different effects.

In fact, there are many ways to play this project. The output of product content is followed by the acquisition of traffic. As long as a breakthrough can be opened in the front-end traffic expansion, there is no pressure to operate this project.

Zero threshold portrait turn hand painting, this side project novice can do


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