Zero cost cold venture project, annual income of 30W, a person with a mobile phone can do!


Recently, I learned about a lot of occupations I didn’t know before, such as a bad reviewer on Amazon, a clothing buyer, and a porter on Station B (that is, downloading videos from Station B, also known as Bilibili, and Posting them on YouTube to earn a commission on the amount played).

These people are suddenly rich by doing unpopular business, visible, fishing

It’s faster to make money out of a bad business than a big one.

They say starting a business is hard and making money is hard. Most of the time, just because did not find the right way, thinking is not in place.

But, in the end, it all comes down to whether our brains are smart or not, and if they are smart, they can find business opportunities that no one else knows about in the first place, and they can make a lot of money.

See if these two unpopular projects inspire you?

01 Make a micro signal to publish local convenient information

In the past, we used to open for job hunting, used cars, part-time jobs, blind dates, hiring and other needs, but now the effective information in 58.Com is covered by countless advertisements

It’s hard to find the information we want quickly.

For some relatively backward county, township, rural areas, classification information management is even worse. If you can’t find webmaster can’t publish information, and these webmaster local information coverage effect is very poor.

At this point, the one on our friends list

Can timely release local convenient information micro signal

And became instantly popular.

Can direct to the village information of the personal platform, is a lot of information platform incomparable advantages.

There is a nearly two thousand friends of wechat, want to make some money, selling powder can only earn a small amount of money, and can not maximize its advantages.


Take it and do it

Local convenient information release platform

Obviously, it can help us make money in the long run. This is not a living zero-cost entrepreneurial project.

Its revenue model is simple,

Mostly by advertising for local people

. Such as recruitment, hotel activities, new hotel opening activities,

Marriage, second-hand product sales and so on, these ads are the source of profit.

It can be a monthly package to help send, receive 400


A month is not expensive, or you can charge 10 per visit


– 30


Not equal (according to the specific degree of regional popularity), such a month down a micro signal can earn at least three or four thousand



Generally a mobile phone by switching up to 5 micro signals, according to the above the same mode of operation, the monthly income of 30,000 dollars is very easy. Some convenient platforms with a large number of fans have even bigger profits.

(A know-it-all fee)

The premise of this project is

We need at least one wechat that has some popularity

Roughly, roughly

Wechat friends in about 3,000, in a small town, this scale is enough to be used for commercialization.

How can we do that?

Bubble net earn wechat friends also have several of these convenient service platforms, at the beginning of the reason to attract me to add them because I want to find a ride in my hometown, but there is no suitable

I found them through a strange combination of circumstances. After releasing the hitch information for free, I really found a hitch that was very close to me, which has been left undeleted. It really met my needs and the service was very good.

So, we can also use their drainage methods,

Wechat early focus on drainage, only

If you have friends in the same city, you can add them. When you simply attract hundreds of people, you can build the circle of friends into an IP image of “public welfare and convenience”.

Early free to help individuals and businesses advertise, over time, wechat friends will think of convenience for themselves to facilitate others, add friends, and then there will be sharing spread, the number of wechat friends will be

It slowly builds up.

(Post bar can also be publicized)

I’ve also seen a clever promotion called when

Add a friend after passing, he sends you a message, said has helped you to release the news, to pull you pull him into a few local groups, can give you free promotion for 7 days. For those who need to promote

That’s pretty attractive.

Pass every day

Actively friending and passively friending within groups

In ten days and half a month, a wechat platform was built. Leave some room. When we fill up two or three thousand. Then you hit number two, number two is full, plus three, and so on.

In the number of people slowly accumulated

When, the wechat circle of friends has become an information release platform, at this time can release convenient information, can also receive business advertising.

Since it is a convenient service platform, it must be highlighted

For the convenience of

Two words.

It can’t be said that users charge each time they send a message, so that in the future, who will leave you in the wechat friends,


The little things like applying for a job, getting a ride, and finding out are free.

Of course, we can set the number of free times to avoid flooding the circle of friends, such as once a day, free for two days; Or twice a day. More than that.

And things like product promotion, store opening, promotional activities will be charged, if any

Marriage fees can be higher, because the demand is strong, our circle of accurate objects.

Now there are also a lot of wechat public platforms dedicated to the operation of local convenience information, small to eat, drink and play, big to the local policies and regulations are arranged for you clearly.

However, due to the standardization of the platform, in order to ensure the information

Each piece of information needs to be approved before it can be released, which undoubtedly increases a certain degree of difficulty, and the timeliness cannot be guaranteed.

Therefore, compared with the public platform, personal trumpet powder is easier to attract, especially for the novice who has no resources and no traffic

A novice

In terms of.

And the program is at the university

Face to face, also works. For example, there is an alumnus who specializes in part-time intermediary around Bubble Net Income. Sometimes, we need to recruit some college students to do part-time jobs, but what should we do if we don’t have the network resources?

He thought that many college students often have the need to inquire about things, lost and found such information release, but in the school forum, post bar

Release, and can not be timely feedback. He would post it for these students and let people who knew it comment on their moments. He then copied it to people who asked questions. The result was surprisingly good.

Not only schools around the business to find him to advertise, their own work is also done.

In fact,

The key to a good project is exercise

Simple, easy money, less people know, but better.

As this micro signal local information release, almost zero investment, a person a mobile phone can operate, there are fans and friends can rely on advertising to make money.

02 Help wechat business design circle of friends background cover

Everyone’s circle of friends more or less have a few micro

Business friends, right? Their profile pictures and friends background cover often look very tall.

The reason why wechat merchants attach importance to the cover is that everyone who scrolls through the moments will see it. Therefore, a good location must have exquisite content, so as not to waste its existence.

This kind of background picture, in general


A novice

It can’t be done. It needs to be done by a professional. As long as we know a little skills, we can also become this professional people.

You’re like, you know, stop it, I don’t know anything about Photoshop, how do you do it?

Don’t get it? Can’t you learn? There are a lot of zero base PS learning tutorials on the market, it is very easy to learn.

Now I’m going to walk you through the whole procedure of this project.

Step 1: Open a Amazon store

Shop the process of random search, if you are the network

A novice

Then you can search this website:

I want to learn the Internet by myself

, this site is dedicated to teaching

A novice

Technology, there is how to open a shop tutorial, on the operation can be

So, easy, right?

What are you selling? Is to help others make background pictures to make money, a picture quote 15


One shop on Amazon sells about 500 orders a month.

Step 2: Find background image PSD material

What is PSD? This is a layered image in Photoshop, where one image is made up of several images

Layer composition, you can directly modify the layer in Photoshop.

Some friends may ask, Photoshop I can’t ah? Simple, still to B station, PS self-study network these platforms to learn, you don’t have to learn too much, only learn how to modify the PSD layer can, of course, if you have perseverance, learn more also

What’s the harm.

The key question is, where do you find PSD material? Search Google. You search the circle of friends background picture PSD, there will be a lot of websites, you directly download down, to download how many? About 150 should be enough.

Step 3: Get the product on the shelf

Is to list your services on your Amazon store,

If not, continue to learn from Google, and then learn from the copywriting peers, you only need to put on a page.

And then what? We can’t just wait for customers to come in. How can we make money when no one comes in?

Step 4: Drainage outside the station

When the store opens, what if there are no sales? We need to drain it

Looking for a client.

So where to go? Think about who is your customer? By the way, it’s wechat business friends.

How do we find them? Many of them are in the lecture group, generally not on the way to recruit agents is on the way to recruit agents, as long as you reveal the idea of doing wechat business, or directly spend a little money to go into their learning group

Just pretend to listen.

Then be careful not to post ads, or you will immediately see these words: You have been kicked out of this group……

So what should we do? There are two ways to do this:

1. Add them manually.

Verification write: a group, want to learn from you. Remember before adding your friend

The circle should send a background picture of the message, so that before she adds you, she will see your AD, if she needs to find you later.

2. Give red packets in a group.

Write the first “like” in the circle of friends, so that the person who gets the red envelope, will add you.

When they add you, they’ll advertise whenever they have time, and anyone who needs it will

You, a cup of milk tea money, wechat business is still willing to spend this small amount of money to create their own circle of friends.

These four steps, as long as you do well, the execution is strong enough, the monthly income of 10,000 dollars is certainly achievable.

03 at the end

At present, many offline businesses have become a red Sea, especially the clothing industry, catering industry,

Manufacturing and so on, although the demand is extremely strong, but also extremely fierce competition.

Especially financial pressure and a variety of complicated things, are needed to deal with their own.

Therefore, many entrepreneurs are afraid to try this kind of offline entrepreneurship, unless they are in the professional field.

After all, compared to offline

Entrepreneurship, a lot of network projects in the early stage do not need too much capital investment, also do not need to deal with a variety of interpersonal relations and other advantages, can be considered easy.

So, instead of doing some highly competitive offline business, do some less-popular online projects that might make your operation smoother and easier

Make money.

That’s all for today!

Zero cost cold venture project, annual income of 30W, a person with a mobile phone can do!

Zero cost cold venture project, annual income of 30W, a person with a mobile phone can do!


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