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At the age of three, I knew a thousand words, at the age of five, I memorized Tang poetry, at the age of seven, I was familiar with the Four Books and five Classics, and at the age of eight, I was proficient in poetry. These are the classic sayings of Lu Xiucai.

Nine-year compulsory education

Graduated from university, for a long time, can not afford to buy a house, dare not buy a car, dare not send their children to their own city to study, twenty-five years old poor even have enough to eat.

It was bleak.

But it doesn’t stop those parents who want their children to be successful, because parents have dreams, all parents want their children to be successful

I was exposed to a good education at an early age.

But what is a good education? Praise and criticism are mixed, there is no systematic definition, people follow what they say.

Since the thought is not in a height, there is no need to conquer who, who, in this era only screening.

In this thought is not unified environment, the birth of early education, fetal education this birth

Industry chain, the state has now banned K12 off-campus education, but the bubble net to earn in fetal education, early education has always been strongly supported.

My sister is teaching in the early education center, their early education center is 40 minutes a class 300


Money. Two sessions a day, morning and afternoon.

According to my sister, most people in fetal education do

Vanity is in the way, comparison, rich people dare not get together, sometimes their early education center will come to a group of rich people in the same community.

Go together, no one is outdone.

But does fetal education work? Well, according to my sister, it works a little!

I don’t know, and I don’t dare ask.

Their fetal education classes are mainly based on

Music is the main thing, play different for children


Element music to wash the child’s soul, early education is mainly to teach parents, interesting interaction and so on.

Since there is a demand, then there is a market, the demand is the selling point, is a visual project ah.

The rich go to the early education center, the poor

? They certainly have a need in their heart, but the high cost makes them prohibitive.

The rise of fetal education, for mothers in China, seems to see a bright future for their children and sell them dreams, which is irresistible to them.

We’re going to analyze that today

An industrial chain.

I ah, go to Google search fetal education, early education this keyword, found a lot of bidding advertising, this can be real money ah, there is no market, these people will not be stupid to pay to put it.

Then, I went to search Google index.

This daily search keyword tells me it can work


Fetal education, early education has become a rigid need, those mothers are in the fight, fight children’s starting track, and fetal education music viscosity is extremely high.

Then I went again


The above search fetal education this keyword, found that all fetal education videos, are light music, do not have to show your face, the homepage is to hang their own

Wechat, to sell their own fetal education compilation music.

At the end of this article, I will give you the information difference money project.

With the support of the material, basically you are equal to brainless upload.

Modify the MD5 value, modify the audio track, have the ability to find a random AI voice, is the original.

These are soft

As I’ve shared in this post before, if you don’t have one, just ask me for it.

How did you cash it in?


, Kuaishou, B station, Himalaya, iQiyi, Tencent video batch upload drainage.

Home page hang their own wechat, drainage to wechat, packaging to sell fetal education music.

Drainage from the basic is no problem with the Bao Ma powder

What else can a mama fan do? I can do takeaway cps, Amoy customers, continue to operate the circle of friends, and sell a series of peripheral products for babies.

I’ve always said before that making money is against humanity, and you might think to yourself, how the fuck is it possible to make money?

The selling point is formed, is the constant selling, selling, you dare

If you sell, someone will dare to buy. This has been true since ancient times.

Go and see


Check out Kuaishou. Check out the people on station B who post fetal education music videos.

They’re not philanthropists.

All text, video, audio carriers, unified there is a common, is to make money.

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Handling uploaded information poor money project, 0 cost, can immediately start operation [attached detailed project information]


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