Sideline basic small project, novice practical operation daily net income of 200


With the development of the Internet, we are absorbing almost all the knowledge and nutrition from the Internet, Google Wenku is relying on the weight of Google search has been occupying a very important position, you may not know, in Google Wenku do a side business can also easily earn tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Why do I recommend Google Wenku?

Because Google Wenku is very profitable, as long as the documents you upload are used, you can make money, the head of those experts every month income is more than 10 million, very profitful.

Google Library is not only some of their own resources to this platform, as long as the platform is certified experts, can go to this platform

Fill in the knowledge and content, which means you just have to find resources to carry them over, and then someone downloads or reads them and you make money.

The whole process is very simple, the core of whether you can make money or not is whether your resources are attractive, if the resources are good, attract users to download it.

So let’s do this

Google library below the specific operation steps.

First, opening income

This Google library just registered is not any income, only to open advertising revenue can have income, so there is a small threshold, at the beginning of the registration is a level one, need to continue to upload content for users to download free use, so that

Upgrade to the second level, the second level can open advertising revenue, just like the traffic of the public number.

The quality of some documents or contents here is very high, and users need to pay. At this time, you can open a store. There will be some revenue settlement in the personal center, which is also more convenient.

2. Content source

Google Library this

Platform, all content is basically needed, in theory you can upload any knowledge and content, because all content is bound to be looking for, but the content must be good.

I suggest starting with something relatively easy, such as professional materials, such as these examination materials, the content is very extensive, examination

Study the real question, English four six, and then such as rice per mu production manual, intensive pig 81 questions, calf care common problems, or mechanical engineering principles, enterprise electrician work guide and so on more professional knowledge.

This kind of knowledge is generally easy to find, and there is a lot of it on the Internet, such as some large teaching

Websites, such as China Entrance Examination website and so on, authoritative platforms have a lot of content worth us to pull down.

Some resources that need to be integrated by us can also be put into the materials of Google Library. For example, I know that there is an artist named Wu Zongxian before. Many people say that Wu Zongxian is an expert in flirting girls, so it appears on the Internet

If we collect all these quotations of Wu Zongxian, this will be a good knowledge library. In addition, quotations of Hong Shichang deceiving men who play with women’s feelings and so on, these are the materials that need to be collected and sorted out.

Also about some other content sources, if any

Conditions can go outside to find some material, now the browser is more convenient can be a key translation, don’t worry about not understand the foreign language.

A lot of people do not know how to search content, this is actually very simple, Google browser are generally Chinese keywords and Google most of the results are similar, think are domestic

Known content, but if we first translate the keywords into English, and then search for the English word, there will be a lot of content we have never been exposed to, the content can be translated directly.

Iii. Content title

This is based on Google’s search weight and users’ search habits extend out

Gameplay, users want to find a certain type of information, must be the search keyword.

Google library itself is a product of Google, so it has a high weight. If your library data is named with keyword optimization, it will be searched out by users on the home page, and the data will have a very large

Exposure, if you have a lot of material exposure is good, then downloads naturally large.

So this requires us to write the title for the knowledge of the article, such as your content is the college entrance examination, directly in the title with these words, others can search, and if your title is “after learning Tsinghua and Peking University

“This person has no idea what you’re talking about.

Now it looks like Google library is not very simple, we do this kind of platform, the most important thing is to understand the rules of the platform, clear rules are generally faster, after all, backed by Google this tree, library traffic is still very large.

So let’s do this

The project of transferring knowledge documents is not difficult, find a suitable platform for handling, directly handle the content after centralized sorting, and then upload to the platform waiting for review, open download, users click download will have commission to you, very convenient.

Sideline basic small project, novice practical operation daily net income of 200


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