Fight more bargain day to earn 300 to 3000 profiteering money project introduction


During this period of time, wechat continues to be able to receive a variety of fight more bargaining links, it is said to be able to free bargaining 0


Take it home.

Some even send three or four links a day. What is it that makes them so crazy?

So I downloaded it, too.

Click on one of the links and start guiding you through your choices

The product, and fill in the address to tell you that you can get the product for free right away. I randomly chose a product and got this picture.

There is still 1.0% to receive this product for free. Does it seem very attractive?

When I just do something, and jump out of a page, more exciting.


The remaining 0.05 can get this product for free, really more exciting, no wonder so many people crazy to cut the product.

When click on the following star to send benefits, and cut off 0.02 only 0.03. It looks like you can get the product right away.

Before I let go, a page popped up, let

You share group chats. Keep haggling. No wonder so many people keep sharing group chats and asking for help in haggling.

See here, I admire this play is very good, constantly mobilize a person’s contacts, to bargain, and eventually bargain people also become people who want to obtain goods, the formation of infinite fission.

But a lot of people don’t have many friends

What should I do? What if you’ve already done it and haven’t reached your target?

They search for related keywords, or groups.

Directly to search the relevant groups, but found a very lucrative project. Play well. It’s easy to make thousands a day.

Direct search results for relevant keywords:

Many people search for bargains every day,

It seems that the lure of free is very strong indeed.

I directly Google search, unexpectedly found to do bidding, prove that this industry does make money. Start breaking down how they make money.

As far as I can tell, there are basically three categories.

1. Type of pie order

2. Mutual Hack mode

3. Platform mode

Let’s talk about each of them

Mode of operation.

1. Type of pie order

Pie sheets are the easiest way to do it, but they can be extremely profitable. This kind of play, often appear in the Q group, search keywords, you can find a lot of groups, some groups ban, some groups can not help but speak. I can’t help but say that the crowd is full of pie pattern haggling.

The highest price is $3.01

Knife, the cheapest is 0.5


A knife, there is a package cut, dozens of knives down, can also be cut into, this is the package. And there is a requirement that you must have a machete of less than 0.06 before you can buy a set meal. So, it’s not a good deal to buy a single knife. Because there’s a condition called knife swallowing.

Swallowing a knife means you can’t cut down a penny.

The cheaper the knife, the easier it is to swallow the knife, because it is their own operation, resulting in two kinds of reasons to swallow the knife, IP the same place, or help others cut much, are prone to this situation. A little more expensive, are sent single mode, real people use the account to cut.

Their pie lists, they’re all

It is to gather a group of people to do the task through the part-time group, which is mainly college students and housewife.

After receiving the order, distribute it down, for example, it is expected to need 30 dollars to offer 60 or 70 dollars, deduct half of the profit, send the order to the group, many people will accept the order, after cutting, screenshot to send the group, feedback the customer, before

You can do it in the next 10 seconds. So this money is relatively easy to earn, can connect with resources, it is easy to earn one hundred or two hundred a day.

But a little more advanced than that is the hack mode.

2. Mutual Hack mode

When they talk about cutting each other, it means I can help you make more, cut 3, you help me download one

The fast version of Kuaishou. Everyone knows Kuaishou gets paid to invite new users.

Just like that, it’s all very attractive. I found a new price for the fast hand speed version. It’s beyond my imagination, the price is very high.

The unit price of 28 dollars, of course this is not verified, but the quantity is definitely required

I don’t know how many channels this person is in the group, but it is estimated that the price can also be about 10 dollars, every day to add mass advertising, at least can register 30-50, can also earn three hundred dollars.

But more laborious, need to continue to add groups, continue to send advertising. To test the feasibility of this play

Sex. I also posted a hack message in the group, and within 10 minutes, 13 people added me. It worked out pretty well.

Both of these models, while they can make money, unless it’s multiplayer and you can make more money, there’s a ceiling and it’s hard to break through.

But, the last way to play, play it, really lay to earn.

That’s the flat

Table mode.

3. Platform mode

Platform mode, that is, the so-called bargaining artifact. Bubble net to earn my search keywords, found that the traffic is really good, play it must also be very profitable.

I searched the source code, and there are some for sale.

Only 300 dollars, in order to verify whether this kind of play to make money, I downloaded from Q group

A haggling artifact, basically everyone commonly used channels, can find this haggling artifact.

These groups are all gag groups, after you join the group, the robot automatically sends a link, you can download the bargaining artifact. I watched for a while, the number of people in the group is very large, and automatic kick, five minutes later, automatic kick,

Because the group is ranked, the group fills up quickly if you don’t kick it.

After downloading is like this, similar to a part-time platform, inside the gold exchange is 1:1000 want to do no task machete, you need to recharge the gold, the charge is 5000 gold coins, that is, 5 dollars, after the gold coins, your letter

Interest may not be able to show, and bid and top of the relationship, the higher the price, you can be the user of the greater the chance of the machete.

I charged 5000 gold coins, set the price of 1000 gold coins a knife, no one cut, I spent 2 dollars, set a top, the result is still no one cut, but the machete home page, people

Home set the price, basically can understand, is too low. You’re not allowed to modify it. So it has to be voided.

If you want to withdraw money, the minimum must be 10,000 gold coins. This is the realization that allows you to do tasks, which include various CPA download tasks.

It’s 2,000 or 3,000 gold pieces that somebody else is offering

The bar, which is the price of two to three cut a knife. It is also the market level, but also the real users in the chop.

This kind of play, from the drainage to the realization of the process is particularly simple, as long as the flow end is good, basically belongs to lie to earn. Traffic channels, in fact, also very interesting, in addition to the Q group. Post bar, high weight platform key

Word ranking, access to automatic traffic. All good plays. Look at the picture below.

This flow can be said to be particularly rapid, after the whole process through, basically can realize lying to earn.


Behind any high value, low price or even free products, there will be a deep chain of interests, as long as it can meet the general

Through consumer demand, which can produce very high profits.

Fight more bargain day to earn 300 to 3000 profiteering money project introduction

Fight more bargain day to earn 300 to 3000 profiteering money project introduction


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