Use QQ group to earn 300 a day, novice can also play the marketing way


Many people think that fewer and fewer people play QQ group, in fact, it is not true, many people just get some information in the group, but can speak less and less, most people are not wall-to wall advertising is all gag, give a person feel not very active, in fact, do QQ group marketing is still very profitable.

From now on

From the perspective of the whole QQ group ecology, there are a lot of marketing people here, and some of our uncommon resources or software tools can be found for sale in the QQ group.

That a lot of people here have questions, QQ group is all about marketing, what can we get here, if we look at it from another perspective, others do

Marketing, we do community, we do entertainment, it’s very interesting.

First, the gameplay of community

Now there are a lot of people do community marketing, why, because to make money, the community this circle provides is the virtual value of information, in the communication between people to get the knowledge they want, so the community is generally paid more.


The most important thing to do QQ community is to constantly output content in the community, that is, to have a certain backbone, otherwise if the group, it will be difficult to end.

Generally, those who do community realization have their own set of resources in the super-segmented field, and realization depends on this resource, so if they want to operate QQ community

If so, it is necessary to have a set of things that can be taken out of hand. This set of things is a stepping stone for others to pay to enter the group, otherwise your community value will not be reflected.

Generally do community will have something like 9.9 or dozens


Low cost communities. These low cost communities are designed to screen out those who are willing to pay

Users, because to do the community, the early stage is we need to step by step to chat services.

In the QQ group to do community, it is also more convenient to manage, and has a number of advantages, such as can better solve the trust problem, and the filter out of the low-paying users can also be converted to the senior group, the most important is the powder

Silk deposition.

If pure from the point of view of the community, QQ group is very perfect, because after all, now can accommodate so many fans, can also see the previous content output, summed up, there are only three on the market is relatively good, QQ group, knowledge planet, forum.

But Knowledge Planet charges a fee,

First of all, the second is the forum, now a lot of people are not used to forum habits, and the forum in the bubble net to earn I think in the management and mutual communication are not too convenient, the biggest problem is that they do not bring traffic, so I think the bubble net QQ group is the best choice.

Two, entertainment group play

Everybody knows that

QQ group is a gathering place of fans, so if we change a kind of entertainment drainage play, in fact, it can also be, here is a bit of the meaning of screen play.

For example, city friends group, city friends will not be outdated in any period, although there are a lot of software like Soul, but still

There will be a certain market, because compared with these software, QQ group is relatively more hidden, more not easy to be suspected by others.

This is from the psychological behavior to figure out a project, so the city of friends QQ group is still very market.

And then there’s the celebrity fan base, which is pretty much the same thing, both

People with special interests and hobbies get together, pursue stars or make friends, in fact, they are relatively young and energetic groups.

In particular, this kind of star fan base is very convenient for the marketing of star peripheral products, and the fans are relatively accurate, just like the Zheng Shuang incident which was revealed in the previous stage, although it has been banned now

“, but many fans have come together privately to complain about her on certain niche platforms.

The insanely fanatical celebrity fan base is often obsessive, so marketing is effortless.

At present, another direction of QQ group is the part-time job field of students. This kind of field generally covers a wide range of offline part-time jobs

There are online, these we can in college students part-time and so on a series of surrounding communities to drainage over, QQ group more people, even if every day in the group to release some part-time information, light commission are soft.

Do QQ group marketing the biggest benefit is that there is no type, there is almost no threshold, if you can do QQ

Group key word screen, basically do not worry about the flow, if not, simple drainage of other platforms can also do big.

Flow conversion is a need for a certain accumulation, once the number of people do more, the follow-up want to do what the link of the realization is easy.

Use QQ group to earn 300  a day, novice can also play the marketing way


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