Share a birthday wishes of a short video money project, easy day revenue in 100+


Today I would like to share with you a birthday blessing project, the content of vertical subdivision, birthday blessing subdivision content is Pai big star video blessing

The details can be found in


If you go to “Patrick’s birthday wishes”, you can see all kinds of Patrick’s videos, and then the voice is recorded by yourself, with the best Patrick’s material,

Then drainage to wechat, private traffic transaction, because the content is vertical, user precision, conversion rate is good oh, if you want to work every day to find a simple, no cost, easy to use, and can produce accumulation and compound interest projects, bubble net to earn my personal feeling, send big star birthday wishes or very good,

You don’t have to lose too much if you fail, and use the time you spend playing games, and the time you usually waste by idling, to implement with goals and results. This project is recommended and suitable

A novice

Execution idea: Video production + multi-platform release + diversion to wechat + endorsement of good friend circle = automatic transaction

Copy of the video

It is generally a birthday blessing for children and lovers. If my daughter and my wife celebrate their birthday, I am very willing to make one, which is simple and meaningful

Example copywriting: Hey! Hello, XXX child, I am Patrick big star, I wish you a happy birthday, don’t ask me why I am Patrick big Star, because I am you

Friend XXX sent to protect your stars, the New Year you want to be healthy, happy, know you are really lucky

More copy copying peers can be modified twice!

First, the underlying logic of birthday wishes:

1, needs: girlfriend birthday, children’s birthday, and some children’s day, Tanabata Festival, these blessings

Is necessary, so the demand is there for a long time

2, solution: send big star blessing content, the core is in the voice, need to contact the dub, general broadcasting professional college students are willing to dub, a business a few dollars a, can be controlled within 10 dollars, or even lower, need to have enough volume support, each

The customer’s voice is different, because the name is different, each one needs to be re-recorded, and the copywriting customer may also modify some, this needs to be connected with the dub, the price is 5 dollars a piece, if you do not have enough, 5 dollars is not done, generally 8-10 dollars

3. Revenue

Composition: Videos can sell 30-50 a day


The cost is 10 dollars and the profit is 20-40


Docking 5 customers a day, also beat the office workers in the fifth tier cities, no money time, a little more hard work, big money does not earn, small money or some

Ii. Specific implementation

The whole video is very simple to make, right

For the new students, it takes some time to learn, the following bubble net earn I briefly talk about the production process of the video, with text and text instead, not prepared in advance to record the tutorial video, you make do with learning

Video Production

Materials needed:

Patrick Star animation material
Pie Star animation

Sound material
Contact the voice actor for voice configuration
With subtitles

The animation background music is lower, and the customer’s dubbing voice is higher. In this way, the effect of the video production is more input, and the content will not appear discordant feeling, giving the customer a more real feeling


The screen should be correctly matched according to the progress of sound, and the clip can be generated with one key and then adjusted manually. The PR used for the above picture demonstration is opened, and the operation logic of the clip is the same. The video material, background music, dubbing and subtitles can be exported together

Complete, there is no threshold in the technology, the core is the difference between dubbing, in essence or poor information business

Send big star birthday wishes material have the need of friends, get directly at the end of the text! Contains background music, big star animation raw material, can be used to practice, feel suitable for their own, can be long-term deep cultivation, I wish you well


About Dubbing resources:

Now college students are basically after 00, after 00 play QQ or a lot, go to QQ group to find, and post it, leave your personal micro signal, oneself commonly used, and then there will be a lot of people add you, you are paying, do things or a lot of personal commonly used micro signal, the other side saw you

The circle of friends are real, feel more reliable, convenient for long-term cooperation

Circle of friends

The core of the update of the content of the circle of friends is to match the screenshots of customers’ transactions, videos of good cases and some of their own life photos. It is also ok to send some copywriting sentences that are suitable for lovers and children, a stranger

The biggest concern is the quality and trust. The video you make is what he wants, and you are more reliable. The following is a batch transaction

Generally, do not give too fast to the customer, the customer will feel that it is not worth it, you tell him that the production needs 30-60, wait half an hour to send him, so that it is valuable, the customer is also comfortable

There are a lot of low quality customers, want you to make one for free, Big Brothers Big Sisters shouted, please do it for free, these customers can not

Ignore, the wechat nickname or personality signature pay attention to the production of paid, the hand party white piao pass off, so that the communication of the customer conversion rate will improve a lot

Special reminder: drainage account to real-name authentication and binding bank card, the account is sealed, affect the income, if it is a new number registration, more raise number, the details are decided


Multi-platform publishing


, Kuaishou, Volcano, YouTube,

Social networking Sites

Watermelon, as long as it is able to send video platform, to register, vertical hair, works burst a, can bring good customers, if the video did not burst, only a few hundred playback can also bring customers, some people see, there will be demand, to every one

A customer is careful to maintain good content vertical insist on hair, don’t be lazy

Iii. Project Evaluation

1, suitable for people: students, office workers looking for side projects, simple and easy to operate, fast cash

2. Cost: The account number and equipment are daily, and the cost is 0. The cost of dubbing is also to deal with the customer with the customer’s money

The thing is, the whole project belongs to empty gloves

3, risk and control: Refuse white piao party, some people will be angry to report your account, contact more customers, what people have, it is good to get used to, as far as possible to avoid early

4, revenue: a day of revenue in about 100, transaction of 3-5 customers

5. Project extension

: Virtual product projects can be continuously deep, such as Tanabata lonely frog

Iv. Conclusion:

You look at the humble things, behind are completed business logic, and other people’s income is good, birthday wishes overall does not take too much time, the video updates normally, customers automatically add you, voice actors can be more than a few

If the other party is busy, you can also find someone else to substitute, to effectively avoid risks, hard to execute, guard against arrogance and impetuous, money will come naturally, today’s sharing is here, about the material needs, direct access to the end of the article!

The above items are shared for reference only, the project is changing, the idea remains the same

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Happy birthday

Fu Pai Big star project dub video material

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Share a birthday wishes of a short video money project, easy day revenue in 100+

Share a birthday wishes of a short video money project, easy day revenue in 100+


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