Wechat status material number to make money project analysis: daily 2w practical operation!


Before the Chinese New Year, wechat was updated to version 8.0.2, which introduced the “custom status” function to support uploading pictures or videos.

After the release of wechat status, it will display the status icon in the chat list, friends list, personal information page and circle of friends. This function has been teased by many users to learn QQ.

Talk to talk, the net

Friends in the side of joking about wechat gradually become Q Li Q gas at the same time, while constantly updating the status, playing a lot of fun.

Although wechat status seems difficult to relate to and cash, but you may not think that someone has already relied on this to achieve a monthly income of one hundred thousand.

After all, now wechat state is really hot, demand is not

Always big —

The hashtag # wechat status background picture # and # wechat status can also be played like this # have been read more than 630 million and 450 million respectively.

Where there is a demand, there is a market. Many Internet gold diggers have found the “business opportunity” behind the cash.

Social networking Sites



, Weibo, public accounts and other social media

The stage has also appeared a large number of material class accounts, and even some

Claims to make $10 in a few days


What are the plays and routines? Today we’re going to have a chop!


Wechat status material number project operation disassemble

If you still use wechat status as a pure entertainment tool, then you may miss a billion, in addition

“Watching the fun” outside, we can also enter the bureau to do wechat status material number, the use of this hot drainage cash.

The core point of the project is actually to use the novelty and scarcity of various state videos, copywriting and background pictures as bait to attract users to the account, and then divert these traffic to the private traffic pool for cash.

At present

The gameplay is still hot, the content is extremely easy to make, and there are no technical barriers.

After understanding the core operation points of the project, I will tell you the specific operation process as follows:

1, there is a normal use


/ Kuaishou/video account/public account/Weibo or

Social networking Sites

, Douban and other platforms can account, have

A certain fan base is preferred, such as about 5000 fans;

2, the name of the account does not need to be too strong marketing nature, just like normal users;

3. There are two main forms of content:

The release of wechat status video material is the scene video applied on wechat status to attract prospective people

Group, guide users to like, comment after the private message to obtain watermarking video (video type can follow hot, such as the recent popular TV series, movies, animation, stars and so on can, as well as some funny, funny, interesting video);
Dedicated to the release of wechat status copy, hot B

GM dynamic picture can be;

* A sound on the peer operation case reference

4. Release and display the status video material on the video account, hang the link of the article on the public account below the video, divert to the public account, wechat group or personal account, and guide users in the comment area;

5. Do


Platform friends can go to # wechat 8 more.

Comments are diverted in the video comment section under the topic of wechat Dynamic video #, which attracts the attention of some intended users and accumulates the initial traffic and attention;


Social networking Sites

The operation of the platform is much the same as above, except that

Pay attention to drainage and avoid illegal wechat messages


7. The game is mainly short

Video platform, social platform diversion way back to wechat;

In fact, the flow logic behind the wechat status video or background picture has been popular for a long time. If you think about the previous wallpaper number, the background picture of moments, the cover of red envelopes, and the Qixi Festival toad and so on, it is the same truth.

And because of that, a lot of people

I’m making a fortune off this project.


How to monetize?

This kind of wechat status material number realization way is also relatively single, bubble net earn I summarized the following methods, hope to be helpful to you:

1, guide the public number

Put personal micro signal and public number together to make a small matrix, to achieve the purpose of drainage

At the same time to the public number of fans.

Using interesting wechat status background videos with matching copy,

Leave relevant contact information in the profile or comments section to attract people to get watermarked footage

And set up an automatic reply on the public account to guide users to add personal wechat to obtain watermarking videos.

Used to divert the flow of water

Public number also do material number, content can be released some profile picture and wallpaper, wechat status background picture, open traffic main take advertising revenue.

2. Sell video package

The collected background videos of wechat status will be divided into different categories according to different video styles and made into material packages for sale, most of which are priced at 10


The following is the money making space

It’s not big.

3. Sell tutorials

Can stay in the introduction of wechat, drainage to the personal number to do Amoy customer or sell material number tutorial, pricing depends on your tutorial dry content, or is cut leek.



At present, wechat status material number is still in the early breakout stage, with a large audience and a large number of content videos

The exposure is guaranteed. The sooner you get in, the better your chances.

Well, this is about the content of this project, I hope to bring you some new ideas of gold mining!

* Warm tip: in terms of drainage and realization, no matter what platform should be operated through the formal way, the formal way realization, the content of this article is only for

For reference, do not use in illegal ways, harm harm yourself!

Wechat status material number to make money project analysis: daily 2w practical operation!


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