Synthesize watermelon small game customization project, a month easy monthly income of 6000+


I’ve shared a little bit about games before


Video guide project and small game distribution project, as well as the mobile game guide to the CPA project. Today, I’m going to talk to you about another project whose advantages are beyond what we already know. It is a true answer to the saying “people can’t make money beyond their own cognition.” The front

Time hot synthetic watermelon, should be played by many people. in


Small game publisher plan, there are many people rely on this video, just earn tens of thousands of revenue. A lot of people play, can’t stop, really very high playability. But what some people might not have thought about is that the little game of synthesizing a big watermelon,

In addition to the research and development of the same small game, in fact, there is such a derivative project – the synthesis of big watermelon small game customization, to open up the idea of the project!

I. Underlying logic of the project:

1. Requirements:

With the unexpected popularity of the Big watermelon game, there are a lot of big watermelon gameplay games, some people synthesize big

Watermelon, some people synthesize oatman. A lot of people play these games and can’t stop playing.

Due to the high playability of the game, if the cost is not high, many people will also need to add their own brand characteristics or family characteristics into the game to make a highly entertaining promotional game


2. Solution:

Synthetic watermelon game, there are mature source code on the market, you can get free. Just need to set up the source code to their own server, you can normally experience this game.

You can find the demand on the market, only need to provide 11 pictures and a background image, can be replaced according to the size

The picture in the game, to provide customers with a very own characteristics of the synthetic watermelon.

3. Revenue Composition:

Service fee

Ii. Specific implementation

1. Find the source code

In fact, there are a lot of source code online, here will not say how to find the source code, a little understand the technical principles, their own exploration can.

Note: Download online

In fact, there will be some holes in the code, there will be very few completely pure source. The reason is very simple, why they will share the source code, is also to bring some revenue to themselves. So these source code, it is likely that there will be some hidden jump links, have been embedded in some advertising SDK and so on. So in making

Before use, to purify, because the source itself is relatively simple, so the purification is not difficult.

2. Make new games

Source code is ready, you need to replace the feature picture, you can test a wave, the difficulty is not big.

Just name the 11 pictures from smallest to largest, starting with 0, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4,

5,6,7,8,9,10, that’s 11 pictures. Then cut the 11 images into circles according to the corresponding size and replace them in the corresponding directory of the source code.

After the replacement, a new synthetic watermelon can be packaged and generated in the danangua directory.

Of course, the synthesis is large

Watermelon this game in the name, background figure, can be replaced, find the corresponding directory, replace the keywords and pictures can be.

3. Find customers

Second hand goods trading platform: Second hand goods trading platform is very suitable for ordinary people to release commodities on it because of its natural trading properties, huge flow rate and low threshold. I am the

Previously shared a lot of Second hand goods trading platform project and from the Second hand goods trading platform drainage project, here will not elaborate on the specific operation, in fact, the principle is similar.

To give you a rough idea of the process: you can release three babies, 9.9 (just change the picture, no server), 19.9 (change the picture and provide the server), 29.9 (full set

Service, change the picture + change the sound + provide server + change the background map + code optimization + a free change map). When publishing an item, you can also post an extra 0.01


Because this price will attract a lot of people to consult, then we will give our three levels of service to customers to choose.


Have customer consultation, put prepared in advance to push the art in the past, the user drainage to wechat transaction. Basically, most customers will choose 19.9 and 29.9 services. The reason is simple, because most people don’t understand how to assume the code on the server, and buy a separate server

It’s not cheap either.



Social networking Sites

, YouTube:


Due to its strong transmission attributes, and small game recording screen will be very interesting, so it has a strong drainage transmission attributes. I’ve already gone into detail about how to share memes before, leaving contacts in the comments section and on the homepage

, can be drained. Can give


All the stars of the video, all the schools, all the


Hot topics hot people, do relevant games out, and then send out, there is a certain probability of the video can be exploded. As long as the game exploded, there will be a steady stream of people, added to wechat to consult business.

Social networking Sites


The same goes for YouTubes.

Comment section blocked: In

Social networking Sites

Quora, Quora,


We can use our account to intercept the stream and let users see their homepage. This method, I have said in detail before the network red hotel drainage, we can operate according to that.

Fission drainage: Communities are inherently social and very conducive to spread. You can develop your own free games, set a fission threshold, as long as you share once to the community or circle of friends, you can get a chance to play for free. This routine in the small game play has been very mature, is the setting

Physical strength, set experience after sharing screen recording and other functions. This will break the game apart. Then at the end of the game, pop up a drainage entrance, jump to the public number or micro signal can produce drainage effect.

4. Precautions:

Server: Since all games are assumed to be on the server, just start

The use of a small number of users, the server pressure is not big, buy a one hundred or two hundred dollars a year is enough to use. But when the game starts to explode and users start to come from multiple sources, you need to increase the cost of the server. You can add code, monitor the flow of each game, and then figure out how to monetize it in various ways

I’m going to liquidate.

Overall order receiving process (take Xianyu as an example) : Xianyu receives consultation — send price table — place an order — guide to add wechat — add wechat remarks and labels — send customized process — complete production — delivery — individual orders need partial rework — customer confirmation of receipt

Links to delivery: e.g

If the delivery is a series of network links, the experience is very bad. However, if you use the browser on the mobile terminal to forward the link of the game to wechat, it will be a card with a small icon attached, which will appear more safe and reliable.

Game background: Made in the background

Since the floor of the game itself is also a picture that can be replaced, it can be replaced with a picture that matches the background, so that the experience will be better.

Iii. Project Evaluation

1. Suitable for people:

This is a good project for people who have a little bit of a code base.

As long as you can read a little bit, know how to find the corresponding directory and replace the image is also OK)

2. Cost

The cost of this project is mainly the cost of the server. In addition, in terms of drainage, some accounts need to be prepared. Other labor costs are OK, and the cost is not high.

3. Risk and Control:

This project is the largest

Risk, should be the flow outlet in the past, fewer and fewer people pay attention to, resulting in fewer and fewer customers, but this is sooner or later, as soon as possible profit is the key. ,

The second is the drainage platform account blocking, as long as a little attention, the problem is not big. Whenever drainage, are assessed income

And the proportion of losses, as long as the income is greater than the loss, this thing can continue.

4. Revenue

The project is a small one, but the benefits are real. One order at 19.9, a day of service 30 orders, can also have a 597. You do this project for 10 days, you get 5,000 or 6,000. Same thing

A month’s salary. If it can form an assembly line and serve 100 orders a day, it can have 29,850 as long as it works for 15 days, which is also a large amount of sideline income. So even though it’s small money, it’s not to be sniffed at.

5. Project extension

Small game professional customization: there are a variety of small game source code on the market, can be

In order to find some more magic games, suitable for magic change, this routine can be continued, to each brand business games, to customers to do a special one-stop brand customization. For example, at the entrance of each restaurant, there are often customers waiting and waiting for the food to be served. During this time, you can customize the game,

To pass the users’ time, deepen the users’ brand awareness of the restaurant, and can also organize activities for the restaurant, as long as you can synthesize a large watermelon, you can get a side dish and so on. This will attract more people to share and experience. This kind of custom service is still very welcome to businesses. If a custom is not expensive, it only needs to be at 100



Within, businesses are more than happy to try. If you think about your city, how many of these businesses are there?

Small game development and distribution: all kinds of small games on the market more magic free source collection, and then a variety of magic changes, access advertising SDK, and then bulk on the shelf. After you do one

Station, recruit all the talent to come and get their own link. People just need to bring the link of the game when the video is released, how many users come in, how much revenue, give them a big profit, the platform takes a small head. This section can be referred to in


Push very wide test class small program play, there is mature

The routine. Then use the network to earn the third level invitation, as long as they invite the users to the platform to do the game, they earn the revenue commission, and can share a part of the revenue. So you get a good fission. Because the research and development cost of the small game itself is very low, as long as the distribution is good, or can play.

Iv. Conclusion:


The project is just an introduction for you to explore your ideas. If you want to do similar projects, it is suggested to try the professional customization of small games and the development and release of small games I mentioned later. They are all projects with high feasibility and good ductility.

The above items are shared for reference only

Change, the idea remains the same

Synthesize watermelon small game customization project, a month easy monthly income of 6000+

Synthesize watermelon small game customization project, a month easy monthly income of 6000+


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