Pinduoduo Amazon 0 masturbation project dismantling, outside charges a few hundred dollars


Project introduction: First of all, let’s talk about the profit point, but also where everyone pays attention

1. Express point to discuss cooperation, share express commission, although a single order is only a few cents, but can not support the daily volume

2. Physical realization: the realization is carried out in various ways such as ground push, stall and so on

3. The advantage of this project is that you can masturbate a number without limit, without using I

P and other problems, only need a device that can be connected to the Internet

Project dismantling process:

All you need is one for a large number (the more the better, of course)

Go straight to categories below or equal to 1


In fact, there are even cheaper, online merchants to ask “Do you get cash back on good reviews?”

Business reply has cash back, back

1. Place an order immediately, and then place a real order

[Received goods, praise 15 words ➕ figure can get the corresponding red envelope reward] generally 1-2


A red envelope

Pictures directly from the business inside to save a few pieces.

The picture in the back is a random shop that I have time for you to find now, you can see, wash

Hairspray special 1


And you can cash back another 1


That’s equivalent to zero masturbation

The charging point of this project lies in the search for these stores. Most of the charging stores provide you with links to some stores that you have found by yourself or with members of your group, and then you can place an order, but I agree with bubble online

For this we can complete, there is no need to be cut leek, this is the same as the gift money red envelope

And finally how do I increase the order?

According to the Pinduoduo data algorithm in my Order to be Received, it will push you products similar to the products you recently bought.

Look, I just asked for ginger shampoo. Here it is

I did, so there was a snowball effect, and the lists got easier and easier to find, and eventually we just had to ask if there was cash back, and the whole gameplay process was very detailed

Ps: There must also be software that sells similar to Tao gift money to grab a lot of low-price products. You can choose by yourself

Choose, I do not recommend here!! But the constant is that manual operation is definitely more stable than software

Channel to find their own intentions will play a snowball effect, express point to talk about it.

Pinduoduo Amazon 0 masturbation project dismantling, outside charges a few hundred dollars


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