Zero threshold zero cost project – selling insomnia audio, a single profit 99, making money is so simple


I wrote an article yesterday to introduce several small projects to you. Unfortunately, the document was not saved and I was busy with other things yesterday, so I didn’t rewrite it again. I will make up this article next time.

Today I would like to recommend to you a very good project, completely zero cost, no door

Sill, haven’t seen others to write, but also brush today


I found out about it.

This project sells hypnotic music.

We all know that there are a lot of insomnia people now, partly because the pace of modern life is too fast, the pressure is very big, live in an anxious environment all day, and partly because

Many people like to stay up late, have the habit of staying up late, less than a certain time every day will not be sleepy, but the next day to get up early to go to work, very headache, so, this is definitely a very rigid market.

Many people know that the market for insomnia is large, and now there are a lot of products on the market about insomnia, most of them

Are some physical products, do the realization of products need to stock, warehousing, but also consider inventory and other aspects of the problem, do physical products for many novices the threshold is relatively high.

We do this kind of hypnotic music, can not only very good to help insomnia people to solve the problem of sleep, but also very good to avoid the physical products

Brings a series of tests.

This hypnotic music is not really able to help you solve the problem of insomnia, I think there is a certain effect, sometimes I want to fall asleep as soon as possible, will also go to the Himalayas to listen to some hypnotic music, listening to will bring yourself into the environment, slowly fall asleep


Having said all this, how should we do it?

1. Video production

I don’t know if you remember the very popular time ago to turn the picture into dynamic video, in fact, the production method of hypnosis video is the same as this, we make the video, and then match a short hypnotic audio can be

There you go.

The specific production method, we can go to the Internet to find; I remember someone in the headlines made a tutorial about it.

2. Audio sales

When we release a lot of short hypnotic videos, where are we going to find those full videos to sell to users? The most direct way is to buy one from our peers

A member. Whatever he sells, you sell.

Audio pricing can also directly imitate peers, how much they sell, you sell how much money on the line.

In my opinion, all links of this project are very simple, from the production of video and the sale of audio. Basically, people who know the Internet can operate it and are interested in it

Just go for it before a lot of people start doing it.

Zero threshold zero cost project – selling insomnia audio, a single profit 99, making money is so simple


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