Simple brainless small project, novice combat 3 months profit 5W


A few days ago, after I told you about several small projects in the direction of US dollars, we were always enthusiastic. Many students followed my introduction to practice together, some of them earned pocket money, and some of them were still confused. In fact, most of them were just confused about VPN.

First of all, I have this thing

Automatic hanging up the project has also given you part of the tips, the rest can’t and you specifically, but also hope you understand, because there are a lot of people in the wechat consultation, have been rejected by me.

This thing it is just a small threshold, so if this can not be done for the time being, do not worry, in fact, the domestic

Some of the projects are not necessarily bad, today I will introduce you to a simple small project, as long as you do can make money.

Ok, so the little project that I’m going to introduce to you today is the short video project, so don’t worry about it, if you still don’t think you can operate short video

Wrong, very wrong.

I’m going to show you a very simple way to make money. You can make tens of thousands of dollars a month without a problem, and you can do it over the long term.

Okay, so let’s start with this short video, Tetris.

Yes, I believe you are familiar with this little game, this kind of Tetris before I

When we were young, we often played the game console. When we saw this kind of game console, there was a special childhood plot in it. How could this video be realized?

We can make related videos with childhood or nostalgia as the entry point on short videos and sell related products to make cash.

Let me show you an example,

This man updates some videos of himself playing this kind of Tetris every day. This kind of video is usually taken the route of feelings. We don’t need high likes, only need accurate users.

Have common feelings, can be a single, this truth bubble net earn I think we all know, drainage 100 pan powder value is not as good as 1

Zero precision powder.

Ok, so let’s open one of its merchandise Windows to see what kind of products he sells. He mainly sells the same game console in his video. Here we can see that a game console has also sold 1689 units.

The unit price of this product is 39.8


With the price of 39.8, we all know that the profit is very big. It shows that the nostalgia marketing is very good that he can sell so much.

Let’s go to 1688 and see if we can find one, and if we search for Tetris, we can find a lot of products like this

Product, the price is only 5.2


About, if the batch, the price will be even lower.

The other delivery price is 5 dollars for express delivery. In this way, we will calculate that the cost of one delivery is 10 dollars, so as long as he sells one, he will have a profit of almost 30 dollars


So let’s look at his total sales of 1,689 orders, with a profit of 30, so the profit of so many orders is almost more than 50,000 dollars, a profit of more than 50,000 dollars, probably many friends here think this profit is not very high, we need to see how long he has been in operation.

We found his first work. We see it today

It has been about 3 months since January, January 3, 2017, right? Calculated down, the profit of a month has exceeded 15,000. Of course, we haven’t counted a reward from his broadcast room here.

This project doesn’t seem very simple, basically we just have to do it

It is sure to make money. Besides, this project has no technical content. As long as you record such a video of playing the game, we will take a look at one of his promotion methods.

The first is video, of course. To do “we media” is to output content every day. He relies on such game videos every day to get exposure

Is the most direct and vertical approach.

The second one is the most popular live broadcast. Maybe he has opened a live broadcast, but I am not sure, because I have not seen one of his live broadcasts. Of course, the transformation of live broadcast will be more direct.

I can’t think of any difficulties in such a simple project

Perhaps the most difficult point is that he needs to play games, at least to be able to play this kind of Tetris, even to play games this, I think there is no difficulty, we have nothing to contact often.

Since we are through this nostalgic way, with emotion to let others pay for the project, like the little bully learning machine is a good

There are so many game cards that I could play Super Mario Bros for a day without eating a meal, and there are thousands of games that you could use to make video material.

Just because the video of playing the game is interesting, it will attract more people to watch it, and then filter out the users who are willing to pay.


If you really don’t know how to play games, let’s think about other ways to change that. In theory, as long as your video is interesting, you can sound good, you can tell some funny jokes, etc., it doesn’t have to be limited to the technical field.

Just find an entry point, and

Dig a little deeper and there are particularly lucrative projects in each of these obscure niche areas.

Simple brainless small project, novice combat 3 months profit 5W


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